The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All - C.901 - : Construction


Chapter 901: Construction

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Madam Liu explained, “Although it isn’t winter and people don’t use much charcoal now, there are more people with businesses. Everyone uses charcoal to cook, so there are still plenty of people who buy charcoal. Wenlin and Wenchi are responsible for the factory.”

The two brothers had opened a charcoal factory and were busy working hard together. However, they later promoted one of their trustworthy staff members to a manager so that they could relax on weekdays.

If the brothers had to work in the fields, they would do so on their days off.

“Tongtong went to her parents! house, so it feels empty here. I told her she could stay with her parents as long as she wanted. She was about to take Su Xuerui home, but he studied at the academy. That’s why he can only go back with her during the holidays.”

Lin Tongtong was Madam Liu’s daughter-in-law and Su Xuerui’s mother.

When Su Fengzhi lost his sense of taste and could no longer cook, his family’s living conditions worsened. Lin Tongtongs parents were understanding and still allowed Su Fengzhi to marry Lin Tongtong.

However, the family’s conditions had improved. When they had nothing to do, Madam Lin would prepare some things for Lin Tongtong to bring to her parents’ house.

“Thanks to Binglan, my family and I are living better lives now. Tongtong can bring some local cuisines and specialties to her mother now. Tongtong is always happy whenever she returns to her parents.

“She says people envy her parents because Tongtong is a member of the Su family. Almost everyone, including those in the capital, knows about you and your family.

“Also, the paper the mill produces makes things convenient for many poor students. Tongtong says the students are always praising your family. Her parents are knowledgeable and can stand tall when they go out.

“They tell everyone that their daughter married into the Su family. Those who used to gossip about them can only be envious now. I’ll get Tongtong to bring the fruit juices to her parents. Qiuhua, 1 no longer fear others laughing at me.

I’m happy and proud now.”

Shen Qiuhua took Madam Liu’s hand and patted it, saying, “l understand, Sister-in-law. It’s all in the past now, so just focus on the future.”

Madam Liu nodded enthusiastically. “Even my parents say that others respect them because of me. Fengzhi has expanded his business in various parts of the prefecture.

“My two older brothers have helped him manage several shops. His life has improved so much. My two brothers are earning well, so my nephews always visit me and bring snacks.

They’ve also opened their own shops on the food street. Their business is booming, and it’s all thanks to Binglan’s guidance. My nephews opened a chicken chop restaurant. Although it isn’t big, business is going well.

“Everyone loves their chicken chops and roasted sausages because of how good they taste,” Madam Liu continued to speak highly of her family.

Shen Qiuhua listened attentively and felt warm inside. “Even I feel the same way, Sister-in-law. I wanted to help everyone in the past but could never afford to. I was so anxious back then. I couldn’t even care for myself, let alone my family.

“l felt terrible and could only keep my worries to myself. Now that my family is doing very well, I can help so many people. It’s not about giving money or food, but it’s better to teach others how to fish than to give it to them. 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝓮𝓌𝑒𝒷𝘯ℴ𝑣𝓮𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝘮

“Now, everyone is capable enough to make their own living. People will naturally become generous once they have money. People used to be stingy and calculative, but they’ve become more generous.

“Whenever we prepare food at home, we’ll send some to our relatives. Walking around with each other gives me a sense of warmth and kinship.” Madam Liu said, “You’re right, Qiuhua. I feel so much happier now.”

“Yeah, 1 feel the same way.”

Shen Qiuhua and Madam Liu talked for a long while.

Later, Shen Qiuhua packed some melons and watermelons into boxes. She then wrote a letter to Su Binglan and sent it to the courier station to deliver it to the capital.

Meanwhile, Su Binglan was busy with construction in the capital. Within half a month, the construction team had completed the supermarket, inn, office buildings, and food street.

Since she had hired many contractors, they finished the projects quickly. They had even built a cement factory in the village beside the capital, including a milk farm and ice cream factory.

There were even milk tea shops in the capital’s bustling streets. Ever since the shop opened, many rushed to buy some. There was a perpetual queue at the shop as business boomed every day.

Moreover, people enjoyed drinking milk tea while watching the plays at the theater. They had developed a habit of it.

“This milk tea is simply too delicious.”

“Yeah, there are so many flavors, too. I like the pearls that are inside.”

“My favorite is the mango pudding milk tea.”

“The shop even makes buckwheat milk tea. Everyone has different tastes, but everything tastes good.”

“The only troublesome thing about it is having to wait in line.”

“There’s nothing much we can do about that. After all, Princess Binglan created the milk tea, and there’s only one shop like it in the entire continent. We wouldn’t have access to milk tea if we didn’t live in the capital.”

“When I was in the queue, I heard someone say they were envious of us. Those who visit the capital can’t even buy milk tea. They wouldn’t come all the way here just for milk tea, right?”

“Now that the cement factory is complete, contractors are building and rebuilding roads everywhere. The roads are wider now, making transportation much more convenient.’

“l heard Her Highness will turn the former Princess Liuwu’s manor into an inn. Apparently, the inn will be well-built and massive. By then, people from all over will have a place to stay when they visit the capital.”

“Xiao Zhen, you work at an ice cream factory, right? Can you buy some?” Xiao Zhen shook her head and said, “Unfortunately, I can’t. Too many people want to buy our products now. Not even ordinary folks can buy them. Of course, we have staff benefits, but we can’t resell what we get.

“No one dares to violate the factory’s rules. Everyone cherishes their jobs and does them seriously. We can’t do anything that violates the rules.”

Since Xiao Zhen lived in a village near the capital, she received priority when applying for a job at the ice cream factory. The factory paid her well, too. She was in disbelief when she heard about how much she could earn.

Without this job opportunity, she would not have been willing to buy herself milk tea. Her family also had a farm and a cow, which Su Binglan had purchased.

The family received plenty of monthly bonuses and salaries, and they loved what they did for a living. They also had plenty of rest time, which allowed them to continue their harvesting. The family was most grateful to Su