The Ugly Girl Gained a Beauty Purchase System - C.33: West End to East End


After Yan Xi paid the hospital fees on behalf of Qi Yili's parents, she brought Qi Yili back home directly from the hospital in her car.

"You're really kind, Lu Manman. Do you want to reform him?" Pandora said after bringing them back home and returning to the sea of consciousness, clamoring.

"Thanks for the compliment."

"Go take a shower, Qi Yili. Your room is next to the study on the second floor." The girl had just opened the door and kicked off her shoes before sinking entirely into the sofa.

"What's the matter? Stunned?" The girl looked at the boy's absent-minded appearance after she brought him back home, standing motionless at the door and not coming in.

The villa was not small in floor area, extremely simple in style. That beautiful person was lying on the sofa like she had no bones, having brought him to her own home. She didn't seem to care at all what kind of person she had brought back.

The paintings and decorations in the house were mainly cold colors, contrasting with her glamorous skin.

"Am I staying here tonight?"

"You'll be staying here from now on." The girl's tone was not negotiating, but announcing.

"There's a medicine kit in the room, treat yourself."

Qi Yili looked at her. He thought she would be like those other "young ladies" who called him just to insult him, give him some money, and have some fun.

Although she said she would help him, who knew if it was just a spur of the moment thing? Having him treat his wounds was just to play with him better?

"Shouldn't you also maintain your belongings before they wear out, right?" At this time, the girl smiled like a ruthless employer, but she accurately read his thoughts.

"Why did you appear there with a baseball bat?"

Although there was the police's explanation, he asked the most doubtful thing that happened tonight.

The girl didn't answer, just smiled at him. Her smile was not kind, but had a kind of beautiful aloofness.

Qi Yili's heart sank to the bottom. He had some guesses.

No bad things happened?

Since they didn't, he should be grateful, no matter the purpose, right?

Even if he was a scumbag, what more did he have left to lose now?

She did intend to ruin him, but uh...some accidents happened, and the current result wasn't too bad.

[Can we directly put him in our class?]

[Of course, 30 points.]

[How many points have I spent?]

[According to the statistics, the Merchant has spent 290 points, with 1,110 points left.]

"Try this on." Yan Xi stood outside the dressing room and handed over a shirt she hadn't worn.

She didn't expect to get it done tonight, it was an unexpected joy.

So clothes hadn't been bought yet, she could only pick a more gender-neutral style shirt from her wardrobe.

"The glasses might need to be re-fitted later."

The boy was silent, allowing the girl to dress him up.

The boy still had some foundation. The previous times she had seen him, he was dressed shabbily, which aggravated her no matter how she looked at him. But after washing clean, his complexion looked a bit ruddier.

Although sallow and thin, his features were neat and elegant when looked at closely. He was just too thin, making her shirt look a bit empty on him.

"Lift your head, you're very good looking."

"Just your hair still needs more conditioning, and your skin too."

Qi Yili was stared at closely by the girl. His face seemed a little embarrassed.

"Tell me, what exactly do you want me to do?" Qi Yili had been tossed around by her all night, and finally couldn't help but ask.

"Do you want to transfer school districts?" Yan Xi.


"Reporting, Principal."

The principal nodded at her.

"I've brought all the documents you asked me to bring, Principal. Can we process the enrollment today?"

Early in the morning, Yan Xi had brought Qi Yili to rush to the school. It was just past 6 am now.

The principal seemed to have been waiting early in the office for Yan Xi.

"I'd like to ask what is the relationship between you two?"

What agreement?

The boy stood silently to the side, using his eyes to ask the girl what she meant.

The girl didn't look at him, just sat there signing her name, smiling and answering.

"He's my brother."

The principal was somewhat skeptical. Wasn't she an only daughter based on her file? And their looks were quite far apart too.

"Just recognized." Yan Xi seemed to answer the principal's question mischievously.

Qi Yili stood to the side, although he had near 200 degree myopia, he could still vaguely see part of the terms and conditions.

His pupils shrank slightly. Qi Yili watched Yan Xi's casual manner, and forcibly suppressed the shock in his heart.

Yan Xi noticed his small movement.

As for the agreement?

It was just a scrap of paper.

But...her newly recognized little brother seemed to be quite emotionally disturbed.

[Not bad, Lu Manman.]

Yesterday she had found the principal's number on the enrollment notice, and the principal had indeed called her once before, just because she scored first place in the grade, surpassing Qishao.

Why didn't she ask the head teacher for his number?

She would laugh to death, after all the principal was her "nominal" uncle! If that relationship was punctured, she might not be so comfortable anymore.

If the lies were exposed, her school life would probably be over.

What she signed was not actually a big deal. It was just that old fox of a principal making her promise to maintain the first place ranking with high standards, while also representing Qingteng to participate in multiple competitions... If there was one time she didn't reach the first place standard, she and her "brother" would be expelled together.

This was the condition she had discussed with the principal on the phone yesterday. Of course the premise for negotiation was having that confidence. She just had Pandora pull out all her previous awards and certificates to prove it, and made some modifications, changing the honors to Yan Xi's identity.

Although the terms looked scary, even if she slipped up and didn't test into first place one time, she figured that old fox wouldn't let her leave either, at most kicking out her dear "little brother".

"Don't be nervous, Qi Yili." The girl smiled beautifully, and pulled his hand along on her own.

Qi Yili's limbs were beginning to stiffen. His shadows about school were considerable.

"Let's go, little brother." The girl's smile didn't change, causing discussions all around.

It was almost time for morning reading now, and students were gradually arriving at school. He could clearly feel the eyes around him, more or less sizing him up.

The West District's nightmare seemed to replay before his eyes. The fear emotions all surged up at once now.

Ever since she brought him back home yesterday, he had this absent-minded feeling the whole time. She treated him very well. It was matter of fact, like the giving between siblings, but they were clearly just strangers who had met twice!

His mother's unknown life or death in the hospital room caused him to only be able to cling tightly to the girl before him who was beautiful to a fault, begging her to grant him life.

He wanted to escape. The fear of being bullied piled up, he felt the stabbing gazes piercing him like needles about to stab through him.

He admitted, he shrank back a little.

She had the confidence to be the East District's leader, that didn't mean he had the confidence!

"Qi Yili."

He heard her soft call, only to find that he had grabbed the girl's hand so tightly for a time.

"Little brother, don't be nervous. I'm always by your side."

The girl smiled gently at him, as if gently comforting her own little brother.

Little brother...

It was just a joke, but under these looks, Qi Yili for a moment felt like he really was this girl's little brother.

The girl coaxed softly by his ear, her beautiful brows and eyes very alluring.

Switching identities, West District becomes East District.

She was most happy to see this kind of scene, overturning all opposing things, it was quite exciting, wasn't it?

The girl calmly pulled Qi Yili's hand and walked to the door of senior year 2 class 3.

Ignoring all the attention on the way, Yan Xi.

She could clearly feel the boy's stiffness from the time yesterday she proposed he transfer to the East District school.

"It's time for you to freely perform now." Yan Xi felt still needing to give some reassurance.

"Qi Yili, I paid such a big price because I feel you're worth the price." The girl pressed on his still trembling shoulders.

"You promised what you would do for me, so I believe in you."

Yet again...

Giving unconditional help, but still unable to see any sincerity. She pointed out his badness unambiguously, yet witnessed his helplessness time and again, each time stretching out those beautiful hands.

He couldn't understand her, only subconsciously relied on her.

He came back to his senses, but realized the girl had already let go of his hand and gone to her seat in the classroom, while Peng Haiyang stood at the podium.

The gazes of everyone in the class accumulated on him, one after another.

She didn't do much, just sitting in her seat.

But in his heart he felt like he was being soothed by some kind of power, with a strange emotion breeding inside.

He stepped forward and walked towards the podium.

Now it was time for him to introduce himself.

"Fuck! Big news! Who's the new school belle holding onto?"

"This guy, could he be her boyfriend?"

"To be honest, looking so sallow and thin, standing next to the school belle he's just a country bumpkin!"

"No way! No way! I even bought Zhou Zhou stock that he could pursue the school belle!"

"What the hell? You know the new school belle and Zhou Zhou don't get along, if you ask me, Tuozi still has the greatest chance."

"Yao Sister, what do you think?"

No one responded.

"Yao Sister?"

It was the first time Ji Yao had been so rude. She stared fixedly at the ground looking out the window at the passing girl, and the boy she was holding hands with.

The pen tip in her hand was about to poke through the draft paper she had just been calculating on.