The Ugly Girl Gained a Beauty Purchase System - C.38: Go Home


Those who were pressing Yan Xi came to their senses at this moment.

"Tu, young master, we....." Zhao Fangdian wanted to explain when she heard this.


Tu Qingluan went straight to give Zhao Fangdian a big slap.

Zhao Fangdian was stunned by the slap, hadn't he asked them to discipline Yan Xi a little?

No?! The person wasn't hit by her either?

At this moment, Tu Qingluan's face was gloomy, and when he swept past the little sisters next to Zhao Fangdian, it was even more terrifying. Zhao Fangdian immediately knew that she hadn't taken good care of the people around her.

"What do you want to do to her? Huh?"

Tu Qingluan kicked out with anger, kicking a man who had been groping Yan Xi directly to the ground. His body smashed directly onto the table, overturning a large pile of glass.

The man's head was bleeding non-stop, and Tu Qingluan's hand was also cut by the flying glass shards.

The people around were almost scared by Tu Qingluan's loss of control. The boy was usually playing with them, how could he be fucking around for real today?

It’s fine to play around usually, but if Tu Qingluan is really offended, after this period of time, they will be played to death.

"Young Tu! It wasn't you who asked us to come...." The little sister couldn't hold back and was about to spill the beans!

"Slap!" This time it was Zhao Fangdian who gave her a slap.

"Shut up! I'm sorry, Young Tu, we were wrong today. I'll take him to the hospital first!"

"All of you apologize!"

Zhao Fangdian was also speechless, she had no eye for the situation! Zhao Fangdian pinched the little sister viciously!

Hadn't she seen that Tu Qingluan cared a lot about the girl? If they keep talking nonsense, there will be no good fruit for them to eat!

Under Zhao Fangdian's scolding, a group of people with colorful hair apologized in unison.

Tu Qingluan's eyes swept over this group of devils, he saw the girl curled up in the corner.

Yan Xi's clothes were wrinkled at this time, her tied up long hair was messily draped on both sides of her face, curled up tightly on the sofa, covering her throat and coughing.

Like a beast that had been oppressed to the extreme, her eyes were full of tears.

It was only then that Tu Qingluan woke up somewhat from that out-of-control emotion.

"Xi Xi, don't be afraid, I'm here." Tu Qingluan deliberately softened his voice and picked up the miserable girl.

Tu Qingluan looked full of heartache and panic, completely at a loss.

The girl struggled violently when she was suddenly picked up, realizing it was Tu Qingluan after finding out who it was.

"Tu...Qing...Luan..." Yan Xi said his name in a hoarse voice, with some hatred in her voice.

You finally came.

"I'm sorry, I really didn't know they would do this. I shouldn't have left you alone here. Xi Xi, scold me, hit me, do whatever you want..."

Tears surged up when she heard him say sorry. She was obviously scared and trembling, but she couldn't help feeling a little relieved when she saw Tu Qingluan.

"" Tu Qingluan felt a pain in his shoulder, and the girl was cursing and crying at the same time. The girl bit his shoulder, but her hands were tightly grasping Tu Qingluan's clothes, obviously very frightened.

Tears streamed down her face, her body kept trembling. The beauty was now lying in Tu Qingluan's arms.

That kind of dependent emotion was fully fermented, and the girl was carried out by Tu Qingluan like this.


It really is...successful...

Tu Qingluan smelled the girl's orange scent with some fascination.

The prey is hooked...

The two hugged each other, their heartbeats rarely so synchronized for the first time.

It really is playing house, huh, the clichéd plot of hero saving beauty made her almost fall asleep.

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After taking Yan Xi out, he called a taxi and sent Yan Xi home.

Yan Xi didn't say anything all the way, she just held Tu Qingluan's hand.

"Xi Xi, we're home, should I take you upstairs?" Tu Qingluan gently asked her.

"...Yes." Yan Xi subconsciously held his hand tightly, looking very flustered.

Seeing this, Tu Qingluan comforted her.

"Don't be afraid, Xi Xi... I'm here, I'm always by your side..."

Hearing this sentence, a wire seemed to suddenly snap in Yan Xi's mind. The anger of being scared tonight erupted in an instant.

She was tipsy, and the words she uttered were even more unscrupulous.

"You said you've always been here..."

"How dare you talk about tonight! Tonight, you were clearly not there! When they forced me to drink, where were you! When they harassed me, where were you!"

"Don't say you like me anymore! Don't come looking for me in the future either! I feel disgusted when I see you!"

Yan Xi directly opened the car door, shook off Tu Qingluan's hand, disregarding the driver's and Tu Qingluan's surprised looks, and ran out.

Seeing this, Tu Qingluan was stunned for a moment, then directly chased after her.

While Yan Xi was running, she suddenly felt her waist being held tightly, and a gentle kiss pressed down, gently landing on her lips.

The girl seemed to be drunk, and did not resist for a moment.

"Xi Xi, I was wrong... I really didn't deliberately leave you alone there. I really like you..."

Tu Qingluan raised his hand to wipe Yan Xi's tears.

Yan Xi saw that the wound on Tu Qingluan's hand hadn't healed yet, it was just injured.

"Xi Xi, be my girlfriend."

"I will definitely protect you, this kind of thing will never happen again..."

After all, isn't it natural to protect his prey?

Yan Xi went upstairs alone and opened the door.

"You're back? Did you drink?" Qi Yili stood at the door, not knowing how long he had waited. Smelling the alcohol on her, he asked.

"Did you see it?" Yan Xi kicked off her shoes and went inside.

Yan Xi was not at all surprised that Qi Yili was standing at the door.

"Don't you dislike him?"

"Do I look like I like him?"

"It looked like just now, not anymore now." Qi Yili was referring to when she was downstairs at the community gate with Tu Qingluan earlier.

"Any thoughts? Little brother. Please share your insights." The girl smiled, and the shock and fear she had just displayed seemed to vanish into thin air.

Yan Xi didn't seem drunk at all.

"How did it feel being in the East District these past few days?" Yan Xi asked him.

Qi Yili still wasn't used to being called little brother, but didn't refute it either.

"I think... Tu Qingluan is not a good person."

"Oh? What else?"

"Yesterday in class, you?"

Especially those two, before Yan Xi said he was her "little brother", they seemed to want to torture him with their eyes.

That's not all. Qi Yili saw too many gazes falling on Yan Xi, this kind of terrifying stare and super high level of attention was brought by Yan Xi's unimaginably beautiful face.

A beautiful appearance naturally attracts liking, but Qi Yili didn't think it was a good thing, especially the people surrounding Yan Xi, they all looked at her greedily.

If it was only beauty, it would simply be a nightmare.

Yan Xi didn't answer his doubts, she just smiled.

"Are you hungry? Should I cook some snacks?"