There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System - C.559 - : The Sound of Death (1)


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“Whoa! Self-destructing Star Jade?”

In the Heavenly Mystical Court of Great Xia, a group of cultivators were lying on the ground, looking into the palm-sized door.

“This kid is tough enough. Not bad, he’s to my liking!”

“Not bad, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a hot-blooded junior. Xing Xuan exploded without even frowning.”

An expert rolled his eyes and said, “”Have you never seen something like self-destructing the Star Whirlpool? What do you mean we haven’t seen each other for a long time?”

“How can that be the same?” That expert said unhappily,” The ones I’ve seen are either of the same generation or seniors. How can there be any juniors?” After I condensed the Star Jade, I went to guard the border. Then, I went straight to the starry sky. How could I have the chance to see the younger generation detonate the Star Jade?”

“Alright, alright, let’s get down to business. Can you tell what kind of martial arts that child is using now? It looks a little strange to me.”

“What’s so interesting about the martial arts of the Star Jade Realm…Eh? This is a strange and unique mood. Is it a martial art divine power?”

“It’s true! It’s just that the concept is still a little immature. Hiss, this is the initial stage of divine power, right? This child has such high aptitude!”

“What a pity, what a pity. He self-destructed his Star Jade at such a young age.

His future was clearly boundless, but it was ruined early on. Sigh…”

“What’s a pity?” ” The damage caused by the self-destructing Star Whirlpool can be healed by the Life Fruit, right?” Tang Dong was baffled.” As long as it doesn’t drag on for too long, I can recover by taking the Life Fruit within a week! ‘”‘

“Easy for you to say. Is the Life Fruit something that ordinary people can have? Although the Life Fruit was no longer a non-regenerative resource, the control over it was still rather strict. This child was only at the Star Jade Realm, where would he get the merit points to exchange for the Life Fruit?”As this expert spoke, he began to cherish talent and said,

“I’ve accumulated quite a lot of merit points, and I don’t usually have much use for them. Lil Tang, use my merit points to exchange for a Life Fruit for this child…Such a good child couldn’t be crippled just like that.’

“Old Liu, you don’t know them?” Tang Dong asked with a strange expression.”

“What do you mean?” Old Liu was puzzled. Could these two children be famous? Oh right, you mentioned before that they filmed a TV series called Warrior or something. It seems to be quite good…

“No.” Tang Dong pointed at Liang Shixian and said,” Mountain of Ten Thousand Beasts. He and the white-haired young man over there fought it down during the martial examination. They were also the ones who negotiated the cooperation with the Heavenly Creation Wood.”

The Life Fruit is limited to us, but to them, there’s no limit. They can eat it whenever they want…

“Ah, this…” Old Liu was stunned. How could they destroy the examination hall just for an examination?”

“You’ve lived in the starry skies for a long time, so it’s normal that you don’t know anything about the things on the ground. Not only are you guys in trouble, when I first found out about this, I was also stunned…

Old Liu smacked his lips and thought, ‘Continue reading, continue reading!’”

“As expected! This was the true ‘Life Training’! ”

Charles, who had absorbed half of the Life Divinity, was overjoyed to get the authority he wanted.

Many years ago, he had studied alchemy and even created a sect to study alchemy. He had achieved great results.

One of them was the organic combination of matter and magic, also known as magic tools.

Yes, all the magic tools on the Mother Earth Continent were developed by Charles in the beginning.

Although this research result could be said to be of great merit, and if it continued to develop in this direction, it was very likely that the Mother Earth Continent would develop an extremely advanced magic civilization, and it might even be comparable to Great Xia…Unfortunately, Charles did not care about this.

When he first studied alchemy, it was mainly because his human body was too weak. Even if he ignited the divine fire and condensed the divine persona, he was still very weak. That was why he thought of ways to improve this.

Later, because the Alchemy Church was too cruel, it was jointly destroyed by the gods and mortals.

At that time, Charles’s research on Life Cultivation had also fallen into a bottleneck. There was no need for the Alchemy Church to continue to exist, so Charles did not care. Instead, he directly launched his plan to steal the authority of other gods. He split himself and fell into a deep sleep, waiting for the right time.

It was only now that he, who had obtained half of the Life Godhead, had finally completed the last piece of the puzzle of Life Training!

Such a huge surprise, even if he could carry out a life simulation, the future was no longer mysterious to Charles, but he still couldn’t help but be happy.

He even wanted to thank Rosie for that bite!

“I’m sorry I only got half of it. I don’t know if it will affect anything. Sister, you can make do with it first. I’ll go get the other half for you!”

Ji Ruo returned half of the Godhead of Life to the Goddess of Life. Because he had lost his Godhead, his body was gradually becoming illusory, and his divinity had decreased by a lot.

After saying that, Ji Ruo turned around and took out the quilt, rushing to Charles again. Now all the damage caused to Charles would be transmitted to Liang Shixian. Although Liang Shixian said that he could withstand it, Ji Ruo couldn’t just do anything.

After all, Charles was a god and could regenerate indefinitely. Liang Shixian definitely couldn’t beat Charles, so Ji Ruo planned to seal him first and then think of a countermeasure..

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