There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System - C.561 - : The Sound of Death (3)


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“Super Spell, Magic Stealing Hand!”

“Life Manipulation!”


The gene fragments in Ji Ruo’s blood were extracted by Charles and refined into his own body through alchemy. In an instant, he turned into Ji Ruo’s appearance.

“I see, I see. Martial arts, hahahaha! What a powerful force! The human body could actually be developed to such an extent!”

Through the ” Magic Stealing Hand “, he had seen the martial arts of Great Xia from Ji Ruo’s Star Jade. With his current body that was exactly the same as Ji

Ruo’s, he used the experience of Ji Ruo’s body to instantly break through the Qi Meridians and make it pass through his entire body. The Star Jade Dantian had been formed in an instant.

After that, the Brain of Truth operated at a high speed and analyzed continuously. Muffled sounds rang out continuously as Star Whirlpools were rapidly opened up by Charles!

A large number of time lines appeared, and Charles in different time lines were involuntarily captured and integrated into the large number of star whirlpools that Charles had just opened up.

“And you!”

Charles reached out his Magic Stealing Hand at the Ox Horse Demonic Dragon, who was unable to control himself.” Trash, I’ve let you evolve freely for so many years, but you’re still so weak!

However, it was still part of the plan. Give it to me!”

The ox, horse, and demonic dragon wailed as the man-made bloodline source was forcefully stripped away.

All the Mystic Dragons on the entire continent were instantly extracted from their origin by Charles, and their levels fell.

For the first time, the inherited memories hidden in the deepest part of his bloodline revealed their true appearance.

It turned out that the dragons were not born naturally, but were the products of the Archmage Charles ‘life. That was why their bloodline had all kinds of defects…

The so-called Demon Dragon of Annihilation was actually just an experimental subject that ran out after a failed alchemy experiment.

A large number of memories appeared, but the Demonic Bull Dragon was not in the mood to feel sad about his past.

It looked at Ji Ruo who was seriously injured and on the verge of death, its eyes filled with guilt and self-blame.

“And then-eh? Time to go!”

Charles ‘expression suddenly changed, and all his actions came to a halt. In an instant, he disappeared from where he was, and no one knew where he went. At the same time, an old and heavy voice filled with anger resounded between heaven and earth.

“Hang yourself for a hundred years! Don’t change!”

An indescribably large divine tree pierced through time and space. Countless branches danced and green leaves flew. Just by appearing, it directly suppressed the chaotic earth vein elemental energy in this area.

“Little trick! What happened to you? Who did this? Don’t be afraid. Grandpa will help you vent your anger!”

A branch fell from the sky and lifted up the ox, horse, and demon dragon, who had lost their origin and was filled with guilt and self-blame.”You’re the one who broke the agreement with Xiao Jiruo?!”

The strong sense of suffocation made the Ox Horse Demonic Dragon unable to say a word.


The Heavenspan Creation Wood was furious.

Because of the appearance of the Heavenly Creation Wood, the earth vein essence energy here was instantly suppressed, and Liang Shixian was able to escape.

He hurriedly ran to Ji Ruo’s side and said,””Ji Ruo, quickly eat the Life

Fruit…Grandpa Heavenspan Creation Wood, please give Ji Ruo a Life Fruit!”

Luo Qian forcefully shared her life state with Ji Ruo and was so weak that she could not speak. The white cat had no healing methods and could only continuously release all kinds of divine blessings for Ji Ruo.

Ji Ruo clutched his lower back as he lay in a pool of blood, his eyes looking at the sky with a dull and empty gaze.

“Cough cough, class monitor, Grandpa Jianmu, there’s no hurry for the Life Fruit…l’ll talk to these little guys first…”

“What little guy? Where is the little guy?” “Ji Ruo, your Star Jade has been stolen!” Liang Shixian’s heart ached.”

“Shh…Class monitor, your voice is too loud. I can’t hear you clearly. Don’t speak yet…” “Xingxuan, just keep practicing…” Ji Ruo said weakly.

As he was on the verge of death, some of Ji Ruo’s senses became stronger. He heard some ‘voices’ that he had never heard before.

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