There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System - C.569 - : 358, 300 Million People


Chapter 569: 358, 300 Million People

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Yun Cheng, Liang Shixian’s home.

Mrs. Liang was already in tears. After the broadcast of the first half of the finale, she had been blaming Mr. Liang.

“It’s all your fault. You insisted on instilling the idea of ‘class monitor protecting classmates’ in your son. Now, our son… If anything happens to Shixian, Liang Yong, I won’t let you off!”

No matter how great their children’s achievements were, no matter how strong or outstanding their children became, parents would always only hope for their children to be safe and sound.

Liang Yong frowned. Shixian did the right thing. I’m proud of him! He was good! It’s just a Star Jade. If it explodes, so be it…”

Although he said that, Liang Yong kept pacing back and forth in the living room, holding his phone in his hand and constantly dialing.

‘ Pick up the phone, why isn’t Shixian picking up the phone…”

Liang Shixian was still on the Mother Earth Continent, so he naturally couldn’t answer the call.

“What do we do now? What do we do now?””lf anything happens to Shixian, then I don’t want to live anymore! ‘”‘

“Don’t cry. Shixian will be fine. He’s my son. I believe in Liang Yong said this, he suddenly said subconsciously,” I’ll look for my connections and see if I can go to the Mother Earth Continent to help. I…”

A childish roar came from outside the door, ‘”‘The Armored Warrior will never lose!”

“I won’t lose, I won’t lose…No, don’t shout at Uncle Liang’s door. Let’s go back first, okay?”

“I won’t! I want to see Brother Xian!”

” Your Brother Shixian isn’t home right now…”

Father Liang was stunned for a moment before he turned around and opened the door.

Outside the door was his neighbor across the street. The little boy’s eyes were red and his fists were clenched tightly.

“Uncle Liang, is Shixian at home? Did the Armored Warrior lose?” The boy asked seriously, his voice carrying a sobbing tone.

Father Liang had a complicated look in his eyes.

He used to be a Star Jade Realm martial artist and had also been stationed at the border. Later, in order to protect his teammates, he self-destructed his Star Jade, leaving behind internal injuries. He had no choice but to retreat from the front line. It had always been his regret that he had not been able to sanctify.

Therefore, he knew very well what it meant when he self-detonated his Star Jade.

Although he said that, he was actually just as worried about Liang Shixian as Mother Liang.

At this moment, in the face of the neighbor’s child’s questioning, logic told him that Liang Shixian had lost, but emotionally, he still said seriously,”The Armored Warriors will never lose!”

“Look, look!”

The boy became excited. Daddy, Uncle Liang, I want to help Shixian!” “How?” Liang Yong asked subconsciously.

“The source of the Armored Warriors ‘power is light. As long as we give the Armored Warriors enough light, they will be invincible!” the boy said seriously.

The neighbor smiled helplessly.” Old Liang, this… this child is not sensible. Let’s…”

“Good! We give the Armored Warrior light!”

“Uncle, come and help too!” said Father Liang seriously.”

The boy was very happy.”

After that, Father Liang and the boy’s family went from house to house, knocking on the doors of their neighbors to seek their help.

The mature Father Liang was as childish as a child at this moment.

However, he had no other choice. Although he said that he needed to use his connections to go to the Mother Earth Continent, the Mother Earth Continent had yet to completely descend and was still classified as a top secret by the General Affairs Department. He had no way to go.

He really had no other choice. This was the only thing he could do for his child now.

His son was fighting for humanity at the front line, while he was at the rear. He couldn’t just sit back and do nothing.

Fortunately, Mr. Liang was a good person and everyone was willing to help him.

At 7:30 pm, most of the people in the neighborhood responded to the call. In the garden of the neighborhood, in front of the huge curtain that was temporarily set up, they were ready to watch the finale of ” Armored Warrior.”

8 PM.

Ji Xiaoxiao played the short clip that she had edited.

The plot continued from the previous episode.

The countless viewers who had been waiting in front of the television were relieved to see that Ji Ruo was not dead.

Although he was still alive, Ji Ruo’s transformation belt had used up all its power to save him. Ji Ruo could no longer transform.

Not only that, but Ji Ruo also lost his own star,” Armored Warrior.” For the children of Great Xia, in a sense, it could be regarded as a popular science type of battle drama.

Not only did it explain the basic theories of various martial arts, but it also introduced some basic rules that were common to all the mystic realms. In addition, there were the first three realms of martial arts: Martial Apprentice, Qi Meridian, and Star Jade Realm.

Therefore, regardless of whether it was the big or small audience, they all knew what losing Xing Xuan meant to Ji Ruo.

Some adults in the audience even sighed.” These two kids ‘acting skills are too good, especially that Vajra Armor Summoner. When he self-destructed his Star Whirlpool, it was so realistic. It made my Star Whirlpool ache.”‘

His friend beside him glanced at him.” Where did you get Xing Xuan? Aren’t you only at the realm of four meridians?’”‘

“I, I, Fantasy Pain! Can’t I?”

Yes, most of the adults in the audience felt that it was just an act.

After all, Liang Shixian and Ji Ruo were too young.

In the knowledge of most adults, a person who could condense a Star Jade at this age was worthy of the name of a martial arts genius.. However, how could two actors who were filming be martial arts geniuses?

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