There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System - C.573 - : Flesh and Blood Like a Fertile Field (2)

There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System

C.573 - : Flesh and Blood Like a Fertile Field (2)

Chapter 573: Flesh and Blood Like a Fertile Field (2)

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His father came to a conclusion in his heart.

However, at the next moment…

The intense light in the television suddenly dissipated. The broken belt of the main character, Ji Ruo, had already transformed into a strange looking stick due to the intense light.

Ji Ruo grinned and said,””l’ve received your kind intentions! Then, let’s fight side by side!”

Hearing this, the child turned around and excitedly held his father’s hand and jumped up and down.”Dad, Dad, did you hear that? The Armored Warrior has received my light! He even invited me to fight alongside him!” At this moment, the child felt that he had been summoned.

Yes, the Armored Warrior Jiruo was summoning him.

“You can really fight alongside him?” His father shook his head and laughed. I already said that this was already filmed a long time ago…”

Halfway through his sentence, the father looked at the stubborn expression on his son’s face and helplessly changed his words.”Alright, alright. I’ll fight alongside the Armored Warriors.”

“Yes, yes!”

The child nodded vigorously and turned to face the television.”Then, Daddy, I’m going!”

“Alright, alright, alright.” His father said half-jokingly, “Then remember to go early and come back early.’”‘


As he spoke, the child took the flashlight as if it was Ji Ruo’s divine light stick and began to transform like Ji Ruo on the television.

On the TV, Ji Ruo’s transformation was filmed from three different directions, which made his father even more certain that it was filmed in advance.

Such an obvious scene would only fool a child. He, an experienced adult, would not be fooled.

However, there was nothing to hide.

This scene is inexplicably a little sensual

Of course, the reason why Ji Ruo repeated the transformation three times was not to make the scene look more ‘sense’, but to let the audience in front of the TV learn better.

His transformation was just like Diga’s standard transformation, and it was not very difficult.

During the first time, the son was still talking to his father. During the second time, the son had already begun to learn and master it. By the third time, the son could already complete the transformation.


The boy and Ji Ruo shouted at the same time, their expressions unprecedentedly solemn.

The intense light shone again, and a huge pillar of light descended from the sky.

Seeing this, his father curled his lips slightly.

To be honest, this light was really a little dazzling. If one looked at it for too long, it would hurt their eyes.

Just as he was about to ask his son to stay away from the television, he suddenly saw a light that was even more dazzling than the television.

Those lights were actually coming from his son!

His father was slightly stunned and wanted to say something.

On the television, Ji Ruo shouted, “Fusion!”

The boy also shouted excitedly,”Fusion!!”

Then, the father saw his son turn into a dazzling ray of light and crash into the television, disappearing.

His father was dumbfounded, and he finally came back to his senses after a while.”F * ck! A son? Son?”

When he thought of the child’s mother coming back from work, the father was extremely anxious.

His son had suddenly disappeared right under his nose. How could he explain this?

Tell the truth?

‘What the f * ck? Our son was too excited when he was watching TV, so he turned into a beam of light and went into the TV…’ Who would believe such words!!

He searched the entire house but could not find any trace of his son. He was extremely anxious.

Almost subconsciously, his father took out his phone and planned to go online to ask for help.

Then, he saw a strange piece of news rush to the top of the trending searches in just a few seconds.

My child was watching TV and suddenly turned into light. What should I do? I’m waiting online. I’m in a hurry!

He clicked on the post and saw that the number of replies had exceeded 100,000, and the number was still rising rapidly.

He saw a bunch of ‘F * ck! Mine too! My boyfriend went with her!’ ,’And my grandfather! You might not believe it, but my dad just rushed out of the tablet and went with him…”

He didn’t know why, but his father suddenly felt relieved.

It turns out that everyone is like this. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about how to explain it to my wife…

His father calmed down a little and began to watch the ending of Armored Warrior seriously.

The transformation on the television was still ongoing, and the pillar of light was still falling. Vaguely, the father seemed to see his son’s excited face in the almost endless dazzling light… And the other children’s…

His father suddenly realized a very serious problem.

“It seems like this drama is really f * cking live!”

He was having a toothache.

Then, he rummaged through the closet and found another flashlight. He recalled his son’s actions just now and childishly repeated Ji Ruo’s transformation in front of the television over and over again.

In any case, his son had already crawled into the television. Although he was still complaining that the enemies in this episode were a little too ridiculous, he could not sit still after realizing that the content in this drama was very likely to be real.

After all, his son was inside!

He felt despair when he saw such a powerful enemy. If anything happened to his son, wouldn’t his wife fight him to the death when she came back?

Moreover, the most important thing was…

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