There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System - C.576 - : That day, we became light!(Final C.of Volume)

There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System

C.576 - : That day, we became light!(Final C.of Volume)

Chapter 576: That day, we became light!(Final Chapter of Volume)

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Countless meteorites fell from the sky, dragging long flaming tails as they crashed into the giant of light.

The meteorites were not small, even when compared to the giant of light. They were bigger than the giant of light’s head!

Such a huge meteorite could create a huge crater on the ground, raising dust and strong air currents.

In the past, the fall of any meteorite would definitely lead to a mass extinction.

To be honest…lt didn’t hurt at all!

Because the damage from the meteorite’s impact had been split.

But even so, Ji Ruo couldn’t continue to be beaten up like this.

The time that the giant of light could exist was limited.

Thus, Ji Ruo led the children and began to play Tai Chi.

The giant of light, who was three thousand miles tall, was slowly practicing Taiji Fist, but it did not make people feel bloated or clumsy.

Taiji Fist was one of the Armored Warrior’s signature martial arts. The children had already imitated it countless times, and every movement was already memorized by heart.

Moreover, because there were some ‘smuggled goods’ in Armored Warrior, these children knew some internal breathing techniques that were compatible with Taiji Fist.

For a moment, a unique concept and rhythm of Taiji rose. The falling meteorites were affected by this concept and gradually slowed down.

It stopped beside the giant of light and slowly rotated.

“Taiji Flying Meteor!”

The giant of light’s fist turned and threw the burning meteorites back. Borrowing strength to fight strength, this strength was even stronger!


Charles, who had an indescribable appearance, cried out in pain. His divine body now had the characteristics of almost all kinds of monsters on the Mother Earth Continent. In addition to the martial arts star jade that he had snatched from Ji Ruo and the artificial dragon scales that he had developed, his defense was extremely shocking.

Therefore, it was only painful, but it didn’t hurt the root.

“Damn it…Super Spirit!”

The angry Charles roared in a reverberating voice, like countless creatures ‘voices stacking together, which sounded extremely terrifying.

His ugly divine body began to evolve again, rapidly evolving in an even more indescribable direction. A strange divine persona condensed and took shape.

However, the transformation of his physical body was far from reaching his psychological expectations.

After all, he had already been able to create such a haphazard body when the Church of Alchemy still existed.

At the same time, it had the advantages of a large number of living creatures, but it also had the shortcomings of those living creatures. This form was actually not perfect.

True perfection should only have advantages and no shortcomings!

This was the divine persona he had constructed for himself-the God of Oversouls, a god that surpassed all living beings!

An indescribable, powerful, and evil spiritual will was emitted from his indescribably ugly divine body.

The giant of light shook his head. Even with the powerful mental strength of 300 million people, he was still affected.

A large number of evil and terrifying images appeared in the children’s hearts. They bloomed like flowers and grew like grass.

“Children, don’t be afraid. It’s just an illusion!”

The ghosts and adults who were maintaining order in the giant of light said hurriedly.

Even so, there were still some children who could not bear it and cried.

Laughter was contagious, and so was crying.

But would Ji Ruo let the crying spread?

Of course not!

“Everyone!” “Let’s rub our hands together!” Ji Ruo shouted.”

Those who were in charge of delivering the news were slightly stunned. What did he mean?

However, out of their trust in Ji Ruo, they still gave the order immediately.

The children did not understand either, but they had absolute trust in the Armored Warrior, so they subconsciously began to rub their hands together.

“Ah! What is this!”

The children exclaimed.

As they rubbed their hands together, fine electric sparks danced between their palms.

Under Ji Ruo’s guidance, the lightning gathered in a certain direction.

From the outside, it looked like the giant of light rubbed its palms together, and lightning appeared between its palms.

Then, the giant of light raised his hand and slapped down. “Using my lightning technique to cleanse the world of evil!!”

The dazzling lightning hit Charles ‘body and instantly shattered into countless lightning snakes, which swam and jumped crazily on Charles’ divine body.

Charles screamed again, and the evil spirit seemed to have met its natural enemy, melting like ice and snow in an instant.

When the children saw this situation, they were not afraid anymore. They looked at Charles ‘sorry state and laughed.

“Rubbing again ! ”

Seeing this, Ji Ruo spoke again.

‘ Rub your hands! Rub your hands!”

The 300 million people rubbed their hands together again and even shouted slogans. The giant of light was instantly filled with joy.


Lightning Palm after Lightning Palm was shot out by the giant of light, causing Charles ‘body to stiffen and hurt.

But soon, his body of the Oversoul had adapted to the damage of the lightning.

However, he could no longer display that evil spiritual will.

“Why are you guys so stupid! Let’s rub our hands together!”

Suddenly, an arrogant voice sounded from within the giant of light. It was a little girl with a bun on her head. She was holding her waist and criticizing a blonde local who did not keep up with the rhythm. The ‘local’ looked at the little girl in a daze..

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