This Girl Forced to Become an Entertainment Company Boss - C.8: 0


A new entertainment company is born, new trainees emerge, and new artists make their debut. These things happen every day in the entertainment industry, like a passing breeze that doesn't even stir the roadside flowers and plants, let alone make a splash in the constantly exploding world of entertainment news.

While both sisters are striving in the entertainment industry, together they can't compare to their younger sister.

"Jiang Tang is bound to be popular next year: @Liuxing is Crape Myrtle, our Taopu new drama needs promotion. Do you want media tickets?"

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: Yes!"

"Jiang Tang is bound to be popular next year: Then I'll share our company's official WeChat account for external publicity with you. I won't mention any connection between us, just say you're a media friend I know."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: Okk! Thanks, sister!"

In the past, Jiang Juyou would have simply skipped over such messages because they had nothing to do with her, and she couldn't understand them either. But now, things were different. Her identity had changed.

Jiang Juyou, holding her phone, leaned back in her chair and read these messages carefully, then pondered for a moment.

"Juyou grocery store: [Raising hand emoji] I've always been curious about how these media outlets make money. Can someone explain?"

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: They make money in various ways."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: Our studio finally opened this month, and it's been crazy busy lately. I wish I could divide myself into eight pieces."

"Jiang Tang is bound to be popular next year: For some TV and film works, they would invite media to participate in activities, and then the publicity team of the TV and film production would contact some media outlets for online promotion. So, most of what you see on those marketing accounts about TV and film works are basically paid promotions."

"Jiang Tang is bound to be popular next year: Or when artists attend events, the program team will contact the media, or the artists' own company will contact the media to create some articles or videos."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: Right."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: This opening we're doing is for the promotion of a TV drama. There are so many flaws, I don't even know where to start criticizing."

"Jiang Tang is bound to be popular next year: [Ear emoji] If you say that, I'm not leaving!"

"Juyou grocery store: The grocery store is open, selling melon seeds, cola, popcorn!"

Jiang Juyou isn't a fan, so she's usually not very interested in the entertainment industry life that her sisters talk about. But if there's juicy gossip, regardless of whether she knows the people involved or not, she'll devour it on her phone.

Seeing Jiang Liuxing's posture, she knew she would be sitting on the chair for a long time, so Jiang Juyou adjusted to a more comfortable position, slumped in the chair, still holding her phone.

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: We partnered with the male party's company, I thought it was for drama promotion, but it turned out to be a CP (couple pairing) hype. Let them hype if they want, I thought it was agreed upon with the female party, but it turns out they didn't even know, and they didn't agree to the CP hype. But during the drama broadcast period, they couldn't say anything either."

"Jiang Tang is bound to be popular next year: That's not much of a gossip."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: Just wait for me to finish."

"Jiang Tang is bound to be popular next year: Okay, okay, boss!" 𝓯𝓇𝘦𝘦𝑤ℯ𝓫𝑛𝓸𝑣𝓮𝓁.𝒸𝘰𝓶

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: A few days ago, we attended a media event where both of them were on stage answering questions from the media. The male lead consistently displayed a close relationship with the female lead, standing very close to her and intentionally keeping his distance from other actresses. I started to think they were dating, and when they were filming, I was nervous and wondered if they were being too obvious about their relationship."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: During a game, he chose the female lead, and when handing out cakes, he offered one to her first. I also noticed that the female lead was wearing a short skirt, so he quietly told the staff to bring a blanket. Meanwhile, the other two actresses were either wearing long skirts or pants. He even specifically requested three blankets just to show his concern for the female lead."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: Up to this point, I thought it was too good to be true. I had plenty of material to work with, and I thought I could easily make several videos out of it."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: Once the event ended, the male lead's company immediately sent instructions on how to edit the video, which parts to include, how to write the script, and how to subtly hint at the male lead's hidden feelings."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: ...So he was just acting on stage."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: Up to this point, I thought it was still acceptable because nowadays idol dramas won't get popular without a CP (couple pairing). I could understand that. But as soon as the video was released, someone sent me a screenshot. The female lead's manager took a screenshot of a corner of the promotional video and posted it on her social media, with the caption flipping her eyes."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: Others might not know what that screenshot means, but did I not recognize it?"

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: Later, I found out that the female lead and the production team had agreed not to promote the CP (couple pairing), and even the male lead's side had agreed."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: Who says female actors have more acting skills? I think male actors are full of tricks. Not only can they act, but they can also write scripts. On stage, he took care of the female lead in various ways, including physical contact. When he laughed, he even hid behind the female lead. I really want to... spit on his face."

While Jiang Juyou was enjoying the juicy gossip, Jiang Tang switched to Weibo and wanted to search for the protagonist of the story.

"Jiang Tang will be popular next year: Found it! I didn't expect... he doesn't seem like that kind of person."

"Juyou grocery store: [Shocked]"

"Jiang Tang will be popular next year: Wow, you're amazing! The topic even made it to the trending list."

"Jiang Tang will be popular next year: Enough about me, when was the last time your sister made it to the trending list?"

At this moment, Jiang Juyou felt like an elementary school student who had received a calculus exam paper—they could read the words but couldn't understand the meaning.

"Juyou grocery store: Ouch..."

"Juyou grocery store: Can you really buy a spot on the trending list? How? Is there a way?"

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: From now on, you can buy it from me. I'll give you a 20% discount."

"Jiang Tang will be popular next year: That's enough! Let me experience it first, feel the air at the top, and see if there's a hint of gunpowder."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: You need material first, start with a popular drama."

"Jiang Tang will be popular next year: You're really hurting your sister's heart."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: @Juyou grocery store, it's not the kind of ordering process, it's more like finding a marketing account to make videos or graphics for you, and then having the marketing account incorporate the topics you want. "

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: Of course, not all topics require money. Marketing accounts have their own daily KPIs to maintain activity. Sometimes, even if they casually create a topic and it attracts a lot of discussion, it can trend."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: If you want to buy a trend, my method is to have multiple marketing accounts simultaneously post content with the same theme but different copywriting. Then, I would purchase some artificial engagement such as likes and comments for those accounts. That way, it's possible to squeeze onto the tail end of the trending list."

"Liuxing is Crape Myrtle: After that, I don't need to worry anymore because the haters will come in and ignite the discussion, pushing the topic to the forefront. It's best to make a celebrity's trend because as soon as those haters catch a whiff, they'll start criticizing, unknowingly prolonging the trend. When they join in, it can reach great heights."

"Jiang Tang will definitely be popular next year: ... I didn't know it was like this before."

"Jiang Tang will definitely be popular next year: I really thought it was the company buying the trends."

"Jiang Tang will definitely be popular next year: No wonder when I click on some trends, apart from marketing accounts, there are hardly any real people."

Jiang Juyou gained some knowledge from this. She also thought that companies negotiated with platforms to buy trends, but it turns out it's done this way.

Jiang Juyou, who doesn't have much money left, started contemplating whether she should also maintain a few accounts.