This Witch Transmigrated into the Romantic Novel's Supporting Role - C.165: Drunk


Chu Yang: "Then why don't you just send him back?"

Wei Feng: "Oh dear, oh dear, Zheng Qing is also drunk, I need to send him back to the dorm, and Yan-ge said he won't go back to the dorm. I'm at my wit's end, and the others won't pick up their phones. Oh dear, I can't do this anymore, I'll hang up first, they're about to get rowdy."

After hanging up the phone, Wei Feng gave the others a look, and then they all hurriedly left. Wei Feng patted Chi Yan on the shoulder, "Yan-ge, I can only help you this much, good luck!"

Chi Yan, his face flushed red, was sitting in the seat. He had really drunk alcohol and was a bit drunk. Even if he had to act, he had to do it properly. However, he still had some awareness.

Chu Yang looked at the hung-up phone and still decided to go over. She arrived at the location Wei Feng had sent her, and when she entered the private room, she saw that only Chi Yan was there, the rest had disappeared.

When Chi Yan saw her, he gave her a big smile, looking almost like a silly dog, "Central Central~hic~".

Chu Yang wrinkled her brow at the smell of alcohol on him, but still went over to support him, "Can you stand up?"

Chi Yan stood up unsteadily, leaning on Chu Yang, "Yes, hic~".

Chu Yang supported him and walked out of the restaurant, then directly called a taxi, "I'll send you back to the dorm."

Chi Yan waved his hand, "No, not the dorm, back to my place, it's closer here."

Chu Yang knew where he was talking about, but she refused.

"No, back to the dorm, let Wei Feng and the others take care of you." Chu Yang didn't want to take care of a drunkard.

Chi Yan looked aggrieved, his eyes glistening, "Back to my place, you accompany me."

Chi Yan buried his head in Chu Yang's neck, nuzzling back and forth.

"Slap!" Chu Yang directly gave him a slap on the shoulder, "Behave. Listen to me."

Chi Yan didn't dare to speak anymore, his expression only becoming more aggrieved.

Chu Yang didn't look at him, and when the car arrived, she shoved the person into it, and then got in herself, telling the driver, "Go to A University."

"Okay... Ah, it's you two?" The driver seemed to recognize them, "Wow, we have such a fate. Little sister, do you still remember me, that time I caught the drug dealers?" 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝖊𝔴𝖊𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝔬𝔪

Of course Chu Yang didn't remember, but she heard that it must have been something she did before, so Chu Yang gave a slight smile.

The uncle driver kept chatting as he started the car, not caring whether Chu Yang responded or not, "Last time was really thrilling, but no pain, no gain, haha. Is this your boyfriend? He's drunk?" Last time, I was puzzled why you went to such a remote place, and later you even brought your boyfriend out, luckily I drove fast and shook off those people, haha, it was really heart-pounding at the time..."

The uncle driver was still immersed in the most glorious and climactic moments of his life. Meanwhile, Chi Yan had snuggled back into Chu Yang's embrace, his arms wrapped around Chu Yang, his head buried in her shoulder, then slowly sniffing back and forth. He suddenly raised his head and smiled at Chu Yang, then cupped her face with both hands, trying to kiss her.

Chu Yang directly used her hand to block his mouth, "Sit still!"

Chi Yan directly kissed the palm of her hand, but he was still smiling foolishly, directly taking her hand and kissing it twice. Chu Yang disgustedly retracted her hand, pushing the person to the side, "Chi Yan, sit properly, if you don't behave, you're not allowed to find me again."

Chi Yan immediately sat properly, sitting upright, his eyes never leaving Chu Yang, and whenever she looked over, he would smile.

Chu Yang: ...

The driver saw this scene: "Ah, your boyfriend is so obedient. Not like the couples I've picked up before, some drunk boyfriends not only vomit all over, but also talk nonsense and act up. Little sister, I see your boyfriend listens to you, this kind of boyfriend is rare, you should cherish him well..."

The uncle driver started babbling about the cruelties of the world, other people's love and hate stories. Chu Yang felt this uncle driver was a chatterbox.

They soon arrived at the entrance of the male dormitory of A University. Chu Yang supported the person down, and was about to call Wei Feng, when suddenly someone nearby looked over, "Yan-ge? How did you get back?"

Chu Yang immediately told the person, "Since you know him, then you send him up. I'm going back to school."

Chu Yang threw the person to that guy, then waved her hand and left.

The guy: ...

Chi Yan: ...

After Chu Yang left, the guy only then said, "Yan-ge, do you still need me to support you?"

Chi Yan glanced at him and walked up by himself, but his footsteps were a bit unsteady, the guy hurriedly followed. When Chi Yan entered the dorm, Wei Feng, who was playing games, saw him, "Damn! Yan-ge, how did you get back?"

Chi Yan glanced at him, the meaning very clear, it didn't work.

Wei Feng patted his shoulder, "Brother, it's okay. Next time we'll call the big boss right before curfew, that way you won't be able to come back, and can only go to your place, and then hehe hehe."

Chi Yan: "So why didn't you do that today?"

Wei Feng was stuck, "...Forgot."

Who would have thought the big boss would be so heartless? Sigh.

Chu Yang had already passed her driving test, and was now preparing for the next test. Today was the day she had scheduled with the instructor to practice driving. Over there, Chi Yan had brought a warm cup, inside was the medicinal soup he had boiled, he also brought sour plums and sugar, afraid that Chu Yang would find the medicine bitter, but every time Chu Yang blinked her eyes without saying a word and directly drank it, not even saying it was bitter.

Chu Yang had just got off the practice car and was resting on a chair to the side, Chi Yan immediately came over, "Central Central, you forgot to take your medicine today."

Chu Yang glanced at him and took it, directly gulping it down. After she finished drinking, Chi Yan took out the plums, "Here, the medicine is bitter, eat one."

Chu Yang took it, but didn't eat it, "Thank you."

Chi Yan sat next to her, and the two didn't say anything. Soon, Chu Yang went to practice again, and then it was almost time to leave, and she left with Chi Yan.

Chu Yang felt that her spiritual power had recovered somewhat, but she didn't know how much. She thought about it and held Chi Yan's hand, Chi Yan was delighted that she was finally getting close to him, but then he saw Chu Yang's serious expression, "What...what's wrong?"

Chu Yang frowned at him, "Where are you going later?"

Chi Yan: "Ah, I'm going back to the apartment." If Chu Yang went to the library, he would follow her, but if Chu Yang went back to the dorm, he could only go back to the apartment.

"I'll go with you. I'm going to get my books."

Chi Yan immediately became very happy, just getting books, but he had her books and more at his place, "Okay, let's go."

Chi Yan didn't drive today, the two of them walked out of the A University gate and went to the nearby bus stop to take the bus, but the bus didn't come. Suddenly, a van stopped in front of the two of them, and three men got out and rushed towards Chi Yan, trying to grab him and drag him into the van.

Chi Yan saw something was wrong, and directly kicked out with one foot, then wanted to pull Chu Yang and leave, but Chu Yang suddenly muttered a few spells, and the three men in front were immediately frozen in place.

Chu Yang: "Knock them out!"

The driver saw something was wrong and quickly drove away.

Chi Yan quickly knocked out one by one, then called the police.