This Witch Transmigrated into the Romantic Novel's Supporting Role - C.167: The Bodyguard


On the other side, the people who wanted to capture Chi Yan quickly investigated and found out that it was the Zuoyou Group. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to brazenly kidnap someone. It should be related to the previous incident. Anyway, the Zuoyou Group felt that because of Chi Xin, several of their operations in the city had been destroyed by the police, and a large number of their people had been arrested, so they set their sights on him.

Chi Xin is always surrounded by bodyguards, and he is also very capable himself, so they cannot retaliate against him directly. But his family members are still possible targets. They heard that his nephew is the most important person in the family, and it was because of his nephew that their people were previously arrested, so they decided to start with his nephew.

But what they didn't expect was that they couldn't even catch a young man, and instead, they ended up being sent to the police station. Moreover, they encountered something like a ghost on the way, and they couldn't move. Could it be that they have been punished for killing too many people?

The fleeing driver said.

"Screw you." The driver was thrown aside, as they didn't believe in any retribution.

"What exactly happened at the time? Explain clearly."

The driver recalled, "It was that young man and a girl waiting for the bus, and we just went over..."

"A girl? Was he with a girl? What was that girl like?"

"She seemed to be from the same school, and she looked gentle and weak."

"Go, find out about that girl's situation."


... 𝐟𝗿ee𝘄𝗲𝗯𝐧o𝘃el.𝐜o𝚖

Qiaoqiao asked Old Crow, but Old Crow didn't know either. Chu Yang was a little upset, but she quickly regained her composure. She still went to look at the books, to see if there was any way to deal with this.

As for Chi Yan's side, there were a few more bodyguards. Unlike before, when they only followed him from a distance and didn't go into the school, only staying outside, and didn't disturb Chi Yan and Chu Yang's dates, this time the bodyguards were always closely following Chi Yan.

Even when Chi Yan was in class, they were in plain clothes, standing in the corridor.

Then there was this strange scene. Chi Yan was sitting outside the practice field waiting for Chu Yang, and a few burly men in black clothes were sitting around him. The classmates who were practicing with Chu Yang were shivering.

When Chu Yang got out of the car, she saw this scene and directly called out, "Chi Yan, let's go."

Chi Yan hurriedly stood up. "Have you finished practicing?"

Chu Yang nodded. Even if they hadn't finished, they would have to end it today. The coach was looking at those few burly men, and his voice had become much gentler.

"Oh, then let's go eat."

Then in the school cafeteria, Chu Yang and Chi Yan sat on one side, and a few burly men were also sitting around them, eating.

None of the surrounding classmates dared to go over.

When Chu Yang was reading in the library, Chi Yan was also typing on the computer next to her, and a few burly men were sitting behind them, each reading a book, and one of them was even holding the book upside down.

One of the burly men whispered, "Boss, I can't understand it."

Then the one called the boss hit him, "I told you to read more books before, but you insisted on raising pigs. Look what you're holding."

The bald burly man next to him looked at the cover of the book, which clearly showed the words "University Physics Textbook".

"Pfft!" The bald burly man laughed, and then he was also hit by the one called the boss, "Keep it down."

Afterwards, the one called the boss handed out a book to each of them, "Postpartum Nursing of Mother Pigs".

The three of them: ...

Chu Yang glanced over and asked Chi Yan, "How long will they follow you?"

Chi Yan thought for a while, "Uncle said it might be for a very long time, at least until the threat is completely removed. Previously, several of Zuoyou Group's operations in Jing City were dismantled, but later the police found that they had come back, so..."

Chu Yang sighed, "Can't we just destroy the entire group?"

Chi Yan scratched his head, "We can, but the group seems to be overseas. In our country, they are only in the development stage. But it's very difficult to completely destroy them. Even if we destroy them, they will come back again. As long as there is profit, it's just a matter of changing people. And this kind of transnational crime probably also requires a relatively long deployment time. From what I know, Zuoyou Group has already been hit many times in our country. They are now just cleaning up some of the aftermath."

Chu Yang: "Is there any difficulty?"

Chi Yan also didn't know, "Probably just that the clues are a bit difficult to find. After all, they are in the dark while we are in the light."

Chu Yang nodded, "I see."

Chu Yang has been taking the medicine for a while, and her body has already recovered quite well. The prescription from the Ming Wu Master is indeed very effective. Then, in the dorm at night, Chu Yang's crystal ball lit up several times. The next day, Chu Yang handed Chi Yan a note, "Give this to your uncle."

Chi Yan wanted to open it, "What is it?"

Chu Yang stopped him, "Don't open it. The more you know, the worse it will be for you. Give it to your uncle, he'll know."

Chi Yan immediately stopped, "Oh, okay."

Chi Yan directly had someone give it to his uncle, Chi Xin. As soon as Chi Xin opened it, he immediately became serious and went to find Li Yong. "Here you are."

Li Yong was still puzzled as to why this busy man had come. "Huh, what is this?"

But as soon as he opened it, his expression became serious, and he immediately started gathering people. "Have everyone come to the meeting immediately!"

Chi Xin, "You're busy, I'll leave first."

"Okay, thank you. Oh, you can tell me about this information later."

Chi Xin gave him a thumbs up and then left.

Then, the Jing City news reported several cases of drug dealers being arrested. Not only that, but high-ranking officials were also arrested with solid evidence. Later, it was cross-border cooperation, and even Zuoyou Group's overseas bases were implicated.

Chu Yang passed by the school newsstand and bought a copy.

Chi Yan finally realized what Chu Yang had done. He admired her while also feeling happy. "Did you do this for me?"

It's not exactly for him, but she can't tell him that, or he would get ahead of himself.

So Chu Yang shook her head, "No, it's for myself."

Chi Yan was also very happy, "Then it's for me, because what's for you is for me."

Chu Yang: ...

After observing for a while, they knew that the other side would no longer come to retaliate against Chi Yan. And Chi Yan also complained to Chi Xin that when he and Chu Yang were together, there were four big "light bulbs" around them, and they couldn't do any intimate things at all. It was too difficult.

"Uncle, please withdraw the people."

Chi Xin refused: "No. Let's change it, they will follow you from a distance, in places you don't know about. Anyway, they won't appear in front of you."

Chi Yan compromised: "Alright then."

Then Chu Yang noticed that the four burly men were gone. When she asked Chi Yan, he only knew that the people were still there, just not as close.

After all, they were there to protect Chi Yan, so Chu Yang didn't say anything.

A lot of things happened this semester. Chu Yang has already passed her driving test, but she doesn't have a car yet. As for her relationship with Chi Yan, they are just taking it slowly, not too intimate, but in the eyes of others, the two of them are still together. At least Jin Yang and the others heaved a sigh of relief, because it's not like they became strangers.

The two of them were originally not from the same school, and now with their memory loss, they were really afraid that if one day they remembered, the other would have someone else by their side. That would be a bad ending, and that's absolutely not allowed.

Now they can have meals together, and sometimes Chu Yang can even see Chi Yan holding her hand, though not as romantic as before, but it's still pretty good.