This Witch Transmigrated into the Romantic Novel's Supporting Role - C.170: On the Train


Chu Yang stroked Chi Yan's other areas, his neck and back were covered in sweat. "This won't do, you'll catch a cold easily," she said gently pushing him. "You go take a hot shower first, then come back."

Chu Yang got off the bed and went to his closet to fetch his clothes for him. "Hurry up." 𝘧𝘳ℯ𝓮𝘸𝓮𝑏𝓷𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝘤ℴ𝘮


About ten minutes later, Chi Yan came out, his hair still dripping wet. Chu Yang helped dry him with a towel. Chi Yan lowered his head, silently watching her focused expression, her lips tightly pursed. He said in a low voice, "I dreamed that you went missing, and I couldn't find you no matter how hard I looked."

Chu Yang's hand paused for a moment before continuing to dry his hair. "It was just a dream. I'm right here."

"But you wanted to break up with me before," Chi Yan said, growing sad at the thought, hunching over like a dejected puppy.

Chu Yang walked over to grab the hairdryer and dried his hair. "But we didn't end up breaking up in the end, did we?" It was mainly because of Chi Yan's persistent clinging.

Chi Yan's hair was short, so it dried quickly after a brief blow-dry. Chu Yang put the hairdryer away. "Alright. Time to sleep now."

Chi Yan glanced at her, then suddenly scooped her up and plopped her onto the bed before immediately following and holding her tightly, using his other hand to pull the covers over them.

Chu Yang struggled but couldn't break free. "What are you doing?"

"I'm scared, so I want to sleep while hugging you. I won't do anything, I just want to hold you. If you don't let me, I'll cry," Chi Yan said.

"Chi Yan... you're so childish."

"I'm going to hug you while sleeping no matter what. You're leaving tomorrow, and you won't even let me see you off home."

Chu Yang sighed. "Whatever, whatever. After all this fuss, sleep is the most important thing. I'll just ignore him."

She settled down. It was already past 2 AM, and she was exhausted.

Chi Yan finally loosened his grip and poked Chu Yang's cheek. When she didn't react, he leaned over and planted a kiss on her lips, resulting in a "smack" from Chu Yang hitting his body. "Behave yourself."


Not daring to move again, Chi Yan soon fell asleep too.

The next morning when Chi Yan woke up, Chu Yang was no longer in bed. Hearing noises outside, he went barefoot to the living room and saw Chu Yang making breakfast in the kitchen. Spotting him, she immediately said, "You're up? Let's eat breakfast first."

Still in a daze, Chi Yan replied, "Okay."

After washing his face, Chi Yan felt more awake. They ate breakfast, then he drove Chu Yang back to her dorm and later to the train station.

It was still early when Chi Yan parked, but he didn't open the car door. Chu Yang tried pushing it but couldn't, then looked at Chi Yan, who gazed back at her reluctantly.

Finally, Chu Yang sighed. "Come here."

Chi Yan leaned over, and Chu Yang kissed him on the lips. Chi Yan immediately pulled her closer, deepening the kiss... Gradually losing control, Chu Yang was trapped in the seat as Chi Yan's advances became overwhelming. After briefly parting for air, Chi Yan covered her lips again before she could catch her breath...

Chi Yan wore a white shirt today, the top buttons initially fastened but now with the top two undone, exposing his sensual adam's apple and collarbones. His slender hands gently caressed Chu Yang's waist as he held her tightly...

The confined car filled with heated, breathless sounds...

But time waits for no one, and eventually Chu Yang entered the train station with her luggage. However, she wore a face mask, certain that without it, anyone who saw her would think something must have happened.

Entering the station, getting her ticket checked, boarding the train... Seated by the window, Chu Yang touched the area around her collarbone where Chi Yan had bitten her, leaving a mark.

The journey was an hour. Chu Yang closed her eyes to rest when someone nudged her awake. "Miss? Miss?"

Chu Yang opened her eyes to see a woman holding a large child, asking her, "Miss, can you give up your seat? Show some respect for elders and children."

Chu Yang was stunned by the woman's thick skin before quickly responding, "No, I paid for this seat. If you want to sit, go ask the attendant if there are any seats left to buy a ticket for."

The woman scoffed, "Ugh, you have no manners! You look like a college student, tsk." As she clicked her tongue, Chu Yang saw the man next to her wipe his face.

Chu Yang scooted closer to the window and nodded. "Yes, I have no manners. So don't disturb me. After all, I have no manners, so who knows what I might do."

The woman continued ranting and raving, "How dare you talk like that, you little bitch! You're dressed so nicely but have no shame. Which school are you from? I'll report you to your school."

At that moment, the bear-like child in her arms threw a half-eaten lychee at Chu Yang, who dodged it. The fruit hit the window before falling, nearly rolling onto Chu Yang's lap had she not moved her feet.

The attendant soon arrived. "What's going on here? What's all this racket?"

Chu Yang explained the situation. The attendant immediately understood that the woman was just trying to take advantage of the situation and bully a young girl who likely wouldn't stand up for herself. But unexpectedly, this girl refused to be bullied.

"Enough, enough, what do you want? Your ticket is for a non-reserved seat, so it's a non-reserved seat. And you still want someone to give up their seat for you? How is that any different from robbery when they refuse?" The attendant scolded her.

Seeing the tall, imposing attendant, the woman didn't dare shout insults anymore, but her expression suggested she would make Chu Yang pay once the attendant left.

The attendant consoled Chu Yang before leaving to patrol other areas.

Once the attendant was gone, the woman began making snide remarks, implying that someone dressed like Chu Yang in a skirt was likely a prostitute and so on. Other passengers frowned upon hearing this but didn't speak up.

Chu Yang cleaned up the litter before calmly stating, "Some people are about to have a bad day."

"What do you mean? Are you cursing me?" the woman retorted.

Chu Yang ignored her and closed her eyes again... 3, 2, 1!

Suddenly, the child in the woman's arms started choking, unable to vomit...

"My grandson!!" the woman cried hysterically. "My poor grandson, what's wrong? What's wrong? Help, someone help!"

No one on the train dared to move. One person tried to stand and help but was immediately pulled back down. "Don't go."

Amidst the frantic wailing, the attendant rushed over and performed the Heimlich maneuver, finally dislodging the obstruction and saving the child.

The woman collapsed on the floor, cradling her grandson and insisting they get off at the next stop to go to the hospital.

Then, a small voice spoke up, "This is karma."

The woman immediately snapped at the voice, "What did you say?" She suddenly remembered Chu Yang and approached her. "This is all your fault for what you said earlier. If not for you, my grandson wouldn't be like this. You'll pay for this."

Chu Yang opened her eyes and looked at the woman. "You'll have bad luck."

Enraged, the woman tried to strike Chu Yang with an object, but the attendant barely held her back. In the next moment, however, the woman slipped on something and fell hard, her teeth knocked out... The bear-child wailed loudly beside her.

Chu Yang said ominously, "I told you so."

No one in the entire train car dared speak up. This girl had twice stated someone would have bad luck, and both times, that person suffered misfortune immediately after...