This Witch Transmigrated into the Romantic Novel's Supporting Role - C.172: The Reasons for Amnesia


Chu Yang rested for a while, then tried again. This time, however, the scene in the crystal ball was shocking.

In the crystal ball, Chi Yan rushed over and shielded her. Then a man stabbed Chi Yan in the chest, and he fell to the ground. Afterwards, she performed witchcraft, and everything returned to normal. Chi Yan did not die, and the man was killed by her. Then the two of them lay on the ground.

The scene disappeared.

Chu Yang opened her eyes, her legs went weak, and she collapsed to the ground. Her heart was pounding hard, her face slightly pale, and she was overcome with sadness, anguish, and fear. Chu Yang suddenly remembered what Chi Xin, Chi Yan's uncle, had said before - when he arrived, he saw the two lying on the ground, and Zhu Ying had already died.

So, that man was Zhu Ying, and the reason she had amnesia was because Chi Yan had died for him. She had performed the witchcraft of time regression for Chi Yan, causing them both to lose their memories.

Chu Yang's deductions were correct, but she still did not remember. However, she knew everything was true.

Chu Yang suddenly felt guilty, guilty towards Chi Yan. Thinking of how tired he must have been to fall asleep earlier, she felt pained. She should treat him better in the future.

The next day, Chu Yang sent Chi Yan another batch of food. Upon receiving it, Chi Yan was very delighted, "Why did you send me more things?"

Chu Yang: "To reward you for your hard work."

Chi Yan: "[Happy] Thank you, my dear Chu Yang."

The two had been apart for almost a month. As Chi Yan looked at Chu Yang on the video call, he missed her so much. Although these days had been busy, every time he thought of Chu Yang, he was filled with tremendous energy. He had to become more mature and stronger to protect his beloved Chu Yang.

At home, Chu Yang was not idle either, helping with chores. Even with her amnesia, after starting, she quickly became familiar with everything.

Chu Yang, wearing a straw hat, looked up at the sky, "Time to harvest the rice."

On the other side, Chu Luo hurried to get to work, having learned his lesson from the previous year. However, when he returned home for vacation, he was puzzled - why didn't that lackey Chi Yan come over this summer?

At first, he was puzzled and asked his sister about it. But Chu Yang's expression was strange, and he thought the two had quarreled.

So he immediately went back to his room and messaged Chi Yan, who replied after over an hour: "What quarrel and breakup? We're still good. I'm working to earn money now. Once I get my salary, I'll buy food and drinks for your sister. If you want anything, I can buy it for you too."

It was good that they hadn't quarreled. He didn't want anything, so he didn't ask Chi Yan further.

Chu Yang did farm work, fed the chickens and ducks. The family's three-wheeled vehicle allowed her driver's license to be put to use - at least she could drive the three-wheeler to transport the farm produce.

The only issue was that whenever her aunt by marriage, Wang Aunt, came over, Chu Yang's impression of her was not good, even though she did not remember the previous incidents.

Wang Aunt didn't even greet them and just took away a large sack of fruit from the house, cursing at Chu's Mom: "Yi Jiao, do you even remember you have a mother? Don't you know to be filial and give your mother some gifts? I have to come and take things myself. Truly, you country bumpkins are useless."

Chu's Mom didn't like Wang Aunt either, especially since they had already had a falling out before. But upon hearing Wang Aunt mention her own mother, and remembering that she hadn't even returned home for the New Year and had only sent some money, she did feel somewhat unfilial. Oh well, let Wang Aunt take the fruit.

After taking the fruit, Wang Aunt left. As she was leaving, she glared at Chu Yang, but didn't dare say anything, perhaps because she still remembered that Chu Yang had a wealthy boyfriend, and that boyfriend didn't even dare offend Elder Brother Li.

After Wang Aunt left, the house returned to normal, and even the air felt fresher.

On the other side, in the conference room, Chi Yan was currently wearing only a white long-sleeved shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, revealing his strong and powerful arms. He wore a black watch on his wrist, and the topmost button of his shirt was undone. Holding a pen in one hand, he was occasionally writing on the whiteboard and discussing aspects of the game with the people below.

Everyone was listening attentively, occasionally taking notes.

After about two hours, it was lunchtime, and the meeting ended. Everyone left the conference room to go to the cafeteria for lunch, leaving Chi Yan still in the conference room, typing rapidly on the computer.

In the cafeteria, several colleagues sat together, eating and chatting.

"At first, when Deputy General Manager Chi first came, I thought: 'Here comes a spoiled rich kid who got in through connections, I hope he won't hold us back with his incompetent orders!' But now: 'Ah, Deputy General Manager Chi is really handsome! And he truly understands games. His aesthetics are also super good, and he's so capable!'"

"I heard Deputy General Manager Chi will be a junior in college next semester."

"The young master of the Chi family, eh? Their education is different from ours, they get elite education bought with money."

"Heard that our company previously acquired a small game, and when it came time for the signing, everyone realized it was actually made by Deputy General Manager Chi himself. So Deputy General Manager Chi really understands games - that game of his is still constantly being updated and has quite a fan following."

"I heard Deputy General Manager Chi had interned at our company before."

"Seems he was in the R&D and marketing departments, though not for long."

"Not only is he capable, he's also very hardworking. Last night when I was leaving work, Deputy General Manager Chi was still working hard in the office. If it were me, I would have left on time. He's already so wealthy, why does he still need to grind so hard?"

"Shh, keep it down! What if Deputy General Manager Chi comes to eat?"

"Wonder who the lucky girl will be in the future. Deputy General Manager Chi is super handsome!"

"I heard from Xin Jiu in R&D that he has a girlfriend."

"Ah! Tell us more?"

Everyone started gossiping, but Chi Yan was oblivious as he got up from his seat. It was almost lunchtime, so he should go eat first.

That night, as usual, Chi Yan returned home and video called Chu Yang. In the video, Chu Yang saw that he was wearing almost the same outfit as the day he had sent her gifts. Suddenly, Chi Yan became thirsty in the video and picked up a cup, tilting his head back to drink water. Chu Yang then saw his slender neck, his protruding Adam's apple moving as he swallowed, and his collarbones...

Chu Yang suddenly recalled that frenzied moment in the car, and her face instantly flushed red, from her neck all the way up to her head.

After finishing his water, Chi Yan looked at the camera, puzzled, and asked, "Chu Yang, what's wrong? Are you okay? Your face is so red."

Chu Yang lowered the air conditioning by two degrees. "Ah? Oh, it's just a bit hot."

Chi Yan looked at the person on the other side of the camera without blinking, "When are you coming to Jing City?"

Chu Yang glanced at the calendar, "I'll be there on the 20th. Come pick me up then." September 1st was the start of the semester, so she was going ten days early to spend time with him, after all, she owed him.

Upon hearing her say that, Chi Yan excitedly asked, "Really? Can I really go there?"

Chu Yang nodded, "Yes, you can."

Chi Yan let out a cheer, "I'll be there on time, you wait for me."