This Witch Transmigrated into the Romantic Novel's Supporting Role - C.178: Little Devil


Having finished the interview, Chi Yan and Chu Yang left. The host took another glance at them as they walked away. She saw the young man gently whispering something into the girl's ear. Chu Yang playfully tapped him, their hands tightly interlocked. It was a sight that incited envy.

After a stroll, they returned home. The next day was a weekend, so there was no work. Yet, Old Master Chi had to return home for rest, so the next morning Chi Yan left early for the hospital, then followed Chi Bai back to the old house.

As everyone was at home during this time, they decided to have a meal together. So, Chi Yan spent the entire Saturday at the old house, not leaving until after nine in the evening when Chi Bai retired for the night. Everyone else also returned to their respective homes, and Chi Yan hurriedly drove back to find Chu Yang.

However, when he arrived, Chu Yang was already asleep. He carefully washed up, gave Chu Yang a gentle kiss on her forehead, and then cuddled her to sleep.

When Chu Yang woke up the next day, she saw Chi Yan still in bed and asked, "Aren't you going out today?"

With his eyes still closed, Chi Yan pulled her into his arms and replied, "Hmm, I will accompany you well today." They remained in bed for another half hour, not getting up until around nine. After breakfast, Chu Yang began to study the book "Dark Magic". The spells in this book were quite ominous, involving witchcraft, curses, secret rituals, and the kind that could silently eliminate a person. It even had the power to summon evil spirits or demons for control.

Chu Yang wasn't interested in witchcraft or curses, but she was somewhat intrigued by the concept of controlling evil spirits and demons. The word "control" was also curious to her; besides hitting people, it should be able to do other things, right?

Chu Yang decided to give it a try.

Chu Yang took out her crystal ball and wand, readying herself. Chi Yan, who was typing on his keyboard, suddenly said, "I found another Witch Robe. Do you want to try it on, Yang Yang?"

Chu Yang also thought about it, so she decided to give it a try.

Chi Yan quickly went to the room to get the robe. Because it had been stored in the closet for a while, it had some creases. Only after Chi Yan ironed it flat with a steam iron did he give it to Chu Yang.

"Here, give it a try."

Chu Yang put on the Witch Robe and also wore the matching hat. Her entire figure was hidden under the black robe, her face barely visible underneath. In her hand she held a crystal ball and wand, looking exactly like a witch.

The sight immediately reminded Chi Yan of the Dark Witch character in his game. He immediately took out his phone to take a picture of Chu Yang. He even got some paper and a pencil to sketch the person before him.

Chu Yang didn't notice his actions. Her face was hidden under the hat. The worst part about using dark magic is that it requires one's own blood. She bit her finger with her sharp teeth until it bled. Chu Yang used her blood to draw a symbol in the air and then muttered a few spells, driving the wand. The ruby on the wand lit up.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew in from the window! The curtains flew about, and the hem of Chu Yang's robe fluttered. The symbol Chu Yang drew in the air suddenly distorted, creating a black hole from which a small demon fell.

A tiny, black, "plop"-sounding demon fell onto the carpet. He had three large eyes on his head and two bovine horns, with long, slender limbs. His long, slender fingers and toes were particularly noticeable. He walked like a duck, appearing adorably ugly.

He knelt before Chu Yang, "Master."

"Plop" — this time it was a pencil falling from Chi Yan's hand. He was stunned to see Chu Yang using witch skills for the first time since his memory loss. The sight of the little demon shocked his world views, leaving him in a daze.

The little demon heard the noise, turned to Chi Yan, and snarled at him in a threatening manner. His teeth were long and sharp, his head was small but his mouth was exceptionally big, making Chi Yan step back.

Chu Yang was also a bit stunned, seeing the little demon make a move towards Chi Yan, she immediately pointed her wand at it, "Halt."

The little demon dared not move, lowering his head.

The spell said she could summon and command the demon, but there were no villains around at the moment... Chu Yang's eyes scanned the room and landed on a broom in the corner. Her eyes lit up, "Clean the room for me!"

The little demon was taken aback. Clean the house? Wasn't the master supposed to order him to kill?

Seeing it didn't move, Chu Yang frowned and pointed at it, "What are you doing? Get moving."

The little demon quickly snapped back to reality, hurried to the corner to pick up the mop, and started mopping the floor. His movements were super fast, and in no time, he had cleaned more than half the room, even finding a strand of hair that had fallen into the corner.

Not only that, he easily lifted the sofa, and all the dust and debris under it were cleaned up. He could even climb walls, the light fixtures on the ceiling were polished till they shone.

Half an hour later, the entire living room was spotless, even the broom was clean.

Chu Yang and Chi Yan: Wow!!!

After the little demon finished cleaning, he looked at Chu Yang with an expression that seemed to be seeking praise.

"Cough. Very good." Chu Yang praised.

The three eyes of the little demon were glistening. Chu Yang didn't recognize this little demon, so she said, "Wait here for a moment."

Then she went to the study to look for a book, leaving Chi Yan and the little demon in the living room. Once Chu Yang entered the study, the little demon turned to Chi Yan and snarled, making strange noises from its mouth. Chi Yan didn't know what it was trying to express, but he felt like he was being warned.

Chi Yan didn't dare to move, he was quite shocked by what he had just witnessed.

Meanwhile, Chu Yang finally found information about the little demon from a book: Three-Eyed Demon, fast, sharp teeth, good at killing, likes to eat chicken.

Chu Yang: ... Good at killing? She felt it was quite good at cleaning.

Chu Yang quickly came out and said to Chi Yan, "Chi Yan, isn't there a chicken in the fridge? Give it to him."

Upon hearing Chu Yang's instructions, Chi Yan immediately complied. There was indeed a chicken in the refrigerator. He took it out only to see a little demon fixated on the chicken, its mouth watering. Chi Yan instantly threw the chicken towards it. The little demon caught it swiftly and put the whole chicken into its mouth. Crunching sounds were heard as the entire chicken was quickly masticated and swallowed down into its belly, causing its small stomach to bulge.

After finishing the meal, it even licked its fingernails.

Chu Yang immediately recited the recall spell: "....Go back."

The black hole reappeared and the little demon crawled in. All traces vanished, except for the sparkling clean living room and a missing chicken in the refrigerator.

Chi Yan finally approached Chu Yang and spoke, "What was that just now..."

Chu Yang explained, "That was a demon summoned through black magic. I was just trying it out, but it's quite dangerous. I won't summon it again in the future." She had underestimated the situation. What if the demon had attacked Chi Yan?

However, Chi Yan seemed interested, "I recently participated in a game that also has a dark witch as a boss. Can I incorporate the setting of the little demon that was just summoned?"

Chu Yang didn't mind, "Sure, feel free to."

Chi Yan was delighted and immediately started sketching.