This Witch Transmigrated into the Romantic Novel's Supporting Role - C.182: Roommates


The new school year began, and new junior and senior students entered the university, while Chu Yang and the others moved up a grade.

Course selection, club activities, and various events marking the start of the semester were coming in full force...

Chi Yan was discharged from the hospital after staying for three days. He returned to the university, and Wei Feng and the others showed concern: "Yan-ge, why did you take a leave of absence?"

Chi Yan replied, "Something came up. By the way, I won't be staying in the dorm this semester. I might come back occasionally though."

Previously, Chi Yan would go back and forth between home and the dorm, so the others weren't surprised.

"Yan-ge, did things go well with the lady over the summer?" Zheng Qing asked.

Chi Yan smiled, "Not bad."

Seeing his delighted expression, everyone knew the relationship between the two was good, which was great.

"Oh, I just remembered, thanks for everything before. You guys can go eat wherever, just put it on my tab."

"Hooray! Thank you Yan-ge, you really remembered? How did you remember?" Wei Feng and the others were puzzled.

Chi Yan pointed to his head, "I got my memory back after hitting my head."

"Yan-ge, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, since I'm standing here."

"That's true. Congratulations Yan-ge."


"What about the lady?" Zheng Qing asked. The lady's amnesia was far more severe than Chi Yan's. At least Yan-ge still remembered them, but the lady didn't remember them at all.

Chi Yan pondered for a moment, "She might have some memories, but not many. However, I think she'll eventually remember."

"Even a little bit is good news. As long as you two are doing well, that's what matters."


Chi Yan's main purpose for returning to the university was to pack up his things. True to his word, he didn't come around much after that, and even stopped going to the club. Some people messaged him, "Yan-ge, why aren't you coming to play basketball at the club anymore? There's a competition this year too."

Chi Yan replied, "I won't be going this year. I need to help out with the family business."

Everyone suddenly remembered the incident with the Chi Corporation's chairman over the summer and expressed their understanding.

Then everyone knew that Chi Yan started helping out at the company in his third year of university.

"As expected of Yan-ge, the future tycoon!"

"Woman, you've caught my attention! Saying that while picturing Yan-ge's face is quite amusing."


Some time later, Chi Yan suddenly recalled that before losing his memory, he had asked Chu Yang about moving out and living together. However, this plan was canceled due to their amnesia. Now that he remembered, he wanted to follow through with the agreement.

So when he came over to have dinner with Chu Yang, he brought up the topic.

"You said back then that you would move in with me in our third year," Chi Yan served Chu Yang a piece of pork ribs.

Chu Yang didn't recall that memory, "Really? What did I say at the time?"

Chi Yan immediately said, "Yes! I remember it clearly. You said to wait until our third year." Chi Yan blinked his big eyes, looking like he could burst into tears if Chu Yang refused.

Chu Yang took a sip of water, "Well, if I promised you, then okay. But I still need to pack my things, so how about this weekend?"

"Sure, I'll come help you then." Chi Yan grabbed her hand, not hiding his excitement.

When Chu Yang returned to the dorm, she told Jin Yang and the others about it. They didn't object but did have some things to say.

"Close proximity breeds contempt. If any conflicts arise, remember to call us. We're your family!"

"Yes, yes, I've heard that couples who live together often end up fighting a lot. And some disgusting guys even kick the girl out. Of course, I don't think Chi Yan the campus heartthrob would be like that."

"Although Chi Yan the campus heartthrob is great, you're even better, Yang-yang. If he bullies you, don't hold back. Give him a good beating, and we'll support you."

Chu Yang said, "Don't worry, if he bullies me, I'll give him a good thrashing."

"Exactly, that's how it should be." 𝑓𝓇𝘦𝘦𝔀𝓮𝒷𝘯𝓸𝓋𝓮𝘭.𝓬𝓸𝘮


"Oh, do you need to bring all your stuff over? I'm worried you won't have anything to use if you come back to the dorm."

Chu Yang understood, "No, I'll just bring some clothes. I have everything there." Chi Yan had everything, and she already had many belongings there.

Early Saturday morning, Chi Yan drove to the female dorms at A University and messaged Chu Yang, "Yang-yang, I'm downstairs."

Chu Yang, who was still sleeping, woke up to the message...

She got up, washed up, and went downstairs in her slippers. She had breakfast in Chi Yan's car. "Why did you come so early?"

Chi Yan smiled, revealing his bright white teeth, "Didn't I say I'd come help you move today?"

Chu Yang: ...

After breakfast, Chu Yang returned to her dorm room, packed her belongings, and then brought them downstairs.

Chi Yan drove them back to the residential area. When Chu Yang entered the apartment, she found it had been cleaned spotlessly. She had lived there for a while before the semester started, so she was familiar with it, but now she noticed many couple-related items. The shoes and towels were new, and there were many other additional items. Chi Yan had even moved her belongings there and changed the bedding to a new set.

Everything smelled of sunshine, likely having been washed and dried in the sun. It was clear how excited and eager Chi Yan was.

Chu Yang emerged from the bedroom and saw Chi Yan carefully unpacking and folding each item of clothing she had brought, separating them, apparently planning to put them in the wardrobe together.

Then, the next second, she saw Chi Yan taking out her undergarments... Chu Yang's face instantly turned red, and she rushed over, "I'll do that myself."

Chu Yang hastily gathered all her undergarments and put them aside to handle herself.

Chi Yan unpacked the rest of her clothes. One after the other, Chu Yang opened the drawers and found that the left side contained Chi Yan's underwear, while the right side was reserved for her.

After finishing the unpacking, it was almost noon, so Chi Yan went to cook. Chu Yang felt awkward just sitting there, so she went to help. The two of them cooked three dishes and a soup together.

...In the afternoon, Chu Yang started "working," and Chi Yan studied too, neither disturbing the other. Sometimes, Chi Yan would look up and see Chu Yang sitting nearby, propping her chin and watching her for a moment before returning to his studies. The curtains on the balcony fluttered in the breeze, the sun shone brightly outside, and it was a beautiful and joyful scene.

That evening, Chu Yang and Chi Yan naturally fell asleep together. Chi Yan did not make a move on her; he had regained his memories, and he was thinking of waiting until Chu Yang had fully recovered...

Previously, a relationship column had released a video interviewing several couples, including Chu Yang and Chi Yan. The comments on the video praised them, and Qian Xin, an internet celebrity, quickly noticed it.

She immediately shared it with everyone.

"Aww, it looks like Chu Yang and the school heartthrob Chi Yan's relationship is finally worry-free!"

"I feel like they're perfect for each other in every way."

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, indeed."


This relationship column didn't have a huge following, so not that many people would see it.