What to Do When Someone Steals Your Destiny? I'll Just Kill Her - C.68: The Result of the race is out


The noise grew louder and louder.

"Quiet, quiet!"

"Let's start the exam."

The previous year's provincial math olympiad champion smiled and projected the exam questions onto the big screen.

Right after, another national champion projected his questions onto the screen as well.

Finally it was Shen Shuyuan's turn. He calmly displayed his questions on the screen.

Upon seeing Shen Shuyuan's questions, Ren Ran was shocked, because in her previous life she had seen them before when she was rummaging through the trash can. She had found a math workbook and thought it strange that someone would throw it away.

While Ren Ran was astonished by the questions, the others were screaming internally because the questions were so difficult.

Even the other two champion winners almost knelt before Shen Shuyuan when they saw his questions.

After the questions were displayed, the three champions casually left the exam hall.

"Wasn't Shen Shuyuan a bit too harsh?"

Yan Kailang chimed in, "Harsh? He didn't even leave a way out for my juniors."

Faced with the teasing of his two friends, Shen Shuyuan expressionlessly said, "Since this is a talent recruitment exam, if they can't even solve these problems, it's better for them to leave early. This will also save them from wasting more time on it in the future."

The two others looked at each other and stopped talking.

After the exam ended, Ren Ran felt pretty good. But when she walked out and looked towards Kong Lian, she saw the other looking extremely pale. Upon seeing her, Kong Lian didn't chat with her as usual. Instead, she immediately turned and left.

In the grading room, the teachers were scoring one paper after another. Many students got full marks on the basic questions in the beginning. For the last three difficult questions, quite a few managed to solve two of them. But for Shen Shuyuan's question, not a single person had solved it so far.

"This kid's pretty good, too bad they just missed the last question," one teacher regretfully said.

The other grading teachers felt similarly.

As the person appointed by the authorities to oversee this, Shen Shuyuan naturally heard the teachers' laments. But he was indifferent to it.

Suddenly, a teacher let out a small exclamation.

"Wow! Someone solved Teacher Shen's question!"

Everyone curiously crowded over to see.

While the others were still excited that someone had solved the question, one grading teacher noticed something off.

He looked to the calm Shen Shuyuan and said, "Teacher Shen, this student's thought process in solving the question is exactly the same as yours."

Only then did Shen Shuyuan react, showing a bit of interest as he got up and walked over.

The other teachers immediately made way for him.

He picked up the exam paper. The corners of his lips tilted up slightly, and his ink-black eyes finally showed some emotion. He looked at the signature on the paper which neatly read two words—Ren Ran.

"Ren Ran," the low voice softly savored the two words.

Today, the students of Class 1 Senior Year 3 at Hai City No.1 Middle School were especially excited, or rather the whole grade was looking forward to something. That was the release of the results for the provincial math olympiad.

"I just want to know if Kong Lian will be the math olympiad champion again this time."

"If it's her, then the cheater from last time definitely wasn't her."

"There's no need to say it. I heard the overseer and creator of the exam questions this time was the math god Shen Shuyuan."

Anyone who cared about studying or math had heard of his famous name. After all, many math teachers would use him to motivate students.

He was simply a legendary figure.

When Teacher Zhao entered the classroom, all the students looked at him eagerly.

Teacher Zhao's gaze swept past Ren Ran and Kong Lian.

"Teacher Zhao, the math olympiad results are out, right? What are the results?" Ding Chong asked eagerly from below.

Teacher Zhao pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "They're out."