100% Gokuama Kareshi!

100% Gokuama Kareshi!


From Midnight Scans:A sweet love story that will melt your heart!A gathering of the sweetest boyfriends.“No matter where you are or the time of day, I will protect you.”Story 1 Kodomo Jya, Naino (Yoshioka Ririko)Nono and Ryou are childhood friends. When they were younger, Nono always saved Ryou, but...?!Story 2 Natsu ga Chikai (Kimura Ayako)I like Tsuji Hideto, and in order to be able to speak with him every day, I purposely violate school regulations.Story 3 HOLE - Kirameku Sekai (Takahashi Rie)I never confessed my feelings to my unrequited love. In order to change a life of regret now, she goes through the opening!Story 4 BURNIN' VALENTINE (Higurashi Kinoko)Kazuki and Souma have been "friends" for three years. Kazuki has finally decided to make a love confession and she tries to give him handmade chocolates, but...?!Story 5 Koizaki (Higuchi Megumi)Destiny put us in the same class!! It is extremely dangerous to be in the same class as the one I like!! Will my love blossom like a cherry blossom?!Story 6 Mame to Kurasu (Okinoko)The extremely sweet, lovey-dovey (?) relationship of the mysterious rabbit that shape shifts, Mame, and and the male high school student, Makoto, who live together, drawn in 4 frames!!

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