1/2 Prince

1/2 Prince
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    二分之一王子 ; ½ 王子 ; ½ Prince ; 1/2 王子 ; 1/2 Hoàng Tử ; 1/2 Wang zi ; 1|2 Prince ; Half Prince ; نصف أمير ; 1/2 أمير ; Kalahating Prinsipe (Filipino) ; Medio Príncipe (Español) ; Наполовина Принц (Bulgarian) ; 1/2 Príncipe (Portuguese) ; 1/2 Prens (Türkçe) ; Halv Prins (Danish) ; En halv Prins (Swedish) ; 1/2 Książę (Polish) ; Jumătate Prinţ (Romanian) ; 1/2 Herceg (Hungarian) ; Halber Prinz (Deutsch) ; 1/2 Princo, Pusiau princas (Lithuanian) ; חצי נסיך (Hebrew); read 1/2 Prince manga
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Feng Lan is A - 19-year old woman who's challenged by her twin brother to perform with a virtual-reality game called Second Life. Being the primary player to log on the sport, she's permitted to recognize her actual existence seems from her avatar; so she creates a good-looking male elf named Prince. In sport, she types a-team known as the Odd Squads which consists of: Lolidragon, women concealed game moderator; Ugly Wolf, a creature race Priest character; Doll, a necromancer; Guilastes, a bard with the appeal to Prince; and Yu Lian, a lady mage. The Odd Squads contend in a championship emerging successful as the narrative advances and therefore are given a big city that they identify as Infinity City which Prince is voted to direct. Ahead of the town is open to people, Prince drifts onto another continent and leaves in search of companions to serve under her. There, she befriends Yun Fei, Lu Jing and her actual life buddies and becomes concerned in a concealed quest which gives her with two NPCs with self-awareness Sunshine, Kenshin and.As the storyline advances, Prince learns that the self-conscious NPC named Lord of Life is commanding an army of NPCs to delete the people that may keep them from returning to the match. Through the sport, players are gathered by Prince in reaction so that you can fight the menace. It's disclosed Long Dian is the reason behind the AI rebellion and wants to obtain eternal existence through Second Life. Long Dian's NPCs powers the planet greatest researchers to give him a new body and consider charge of the planet 's superweapons. Her fellow travelers and Prince get the better of Long Dian's new super-anatomy, stopping his reign of terror. During the conflict, Feng Lan's lifestyle is saved by Guilastes and Guilastes is finally chosen and weds by Feng Lan.

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