1St Kiss Was Intentional

1St Kiss Was Intentional


When I opened my eyes after a fire, I became a side character in a novel. What am I to do now?Get closer to the heroine? No.Get closer to the male lead? No.I'm going to live a long and simple life!I've lived peacefully outside the Emperor's castle for 3 years. I thought I would be free as long as the novel ended happily as it should.“Who's th-…”“Servant.”Huh?“I'll listen to your every command.”“H-Huh?”“If I listen to whatever you say, can we live together?”The servant who came into my easy life.I live a happy life with him. Sometimes he's a kind servant, and other times, a dear friend…The problem is, I can't seem to take my eyes off him when he smiles saucily and flirtatiously with those red eyes….Is it because of my feelings?The 30th concubine, Lydia, whose goal is to live a long and simple life and the suspicious servant begin a strange relationship as they start living together.첫 키스는 계획적으로 / The Planned First Kiss

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