27-Ji No Cinderella

27-Ji No Cinderella


One bright day, illustrator Murasame receives an unexpected commission from Minami, an attractive and unpredictable Japanese language teacher who wants him to create a character for her future YouTube channel. During the work process, Murasame realizes that he is falling in love with Minami but is unsure how to proceed as she becomes more and more popular as a VTuber. What will happen with the love of Murasame and his client? This mysterious and romantic plot is filled with incredible events that will leave no one indifferent!---"I'm thinking of becoming a VTuber, and I want you to draw my character, so I DMed you." One day, the illustrator Murasame-sensei suddenly receives a DM. The client, Minami, is an extremely attractive and extremely unstable girl. As Minami becomes more and more famous as a VTuber, Murasame-sensei develops feelings for her that maybe he shouldn't…?!

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