A Beautiful Tale Of Flower Stories

A Beautiful Tale Of Flower Stories


Because of you, I can have hope for the future. I'm willing to pay any price for these true feelings.Because of an unfulfilled desire, Yongen appears before Yingzi as a ghost. With Yongen having lost her memories, will Yingzi help her recall her incomplete wish?For a wish, Mari breaks off a sambar deer's antler, which causes her body to change in strange ways. How will Hezhou help her best friend return the antler and make everything right?Lanying is immediately drawn to Yansheng, who is fated to bear her family's curse. How will Lanying give it her all to help the person she loves escape her fate?Mirong and ah-Mao were just online friends at first. After a trip to see different tiger gods, they come to learn more about each other. What will happen between them as they grow ever closer?Four stories, four relationships. They might only have been a brief part of each other's lives, or they might have left a deep imprint in each other's hearts. But it's doubtless that their heartfelt emotions are worth treasuring.

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