Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.12 - Zhang Ziqin Comes Looking, Get Out

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.12 - Zhang Ziqin Comes Looking, Get Out

“Lu Ya had a decent eye for talent, probably the only use she had as an adopted daughter. I won’t be changing your positions, but it’s best you don’t harbor any unnecessary thoughts. The incident with Jiang Ting will be deemed an accident, a pitiful accident.”

“Do any of you wish to become the next ‘accident’?”

Lu Li spoke these words casually, even with a hint of a smile on his lips, but his words sent a shiver down the spine of everyone present.

As his words fell, the executives in the office felt a chill run down their backs. Who could have thought that the young master Lu Li, always seen as a wastrel and lapdog by the outside world, could possess such a terrifying side?

Exchanging glances again, their dissatisfaction had faded.

They weren’t as foolish as Jiang Ting to get involved in the grudges of a grand family like the Lu family.

One misstep could lead to their demise.

Wasn’t Jiang Ting the best demonstration?

“Lu as the General Manager of the Lu Corporation is only natural. We’re just employees; how could we have any objections?” The deputy general manager stood up and bowed respectfully to Lu Li, expressing his submission.

The rest hurriedly followed suit, today they truly understood what real family disputes were like.

“Good, that’s settled then. As for today’s matter, let it end here. If anything unfavorable leaks outside, none of you will be able to escape.” Smiling briefly, Lu Li rose from his chair and exited the room.

Not until Lu Li had left did the oppressive atmosphere in the room slightly ease.

“My god, is this the power of a real family’s young master? Weren’t they saying Lu Li was just a wastrel?”

“Better not say that anymore. You’ve seen the methods of Manager Lu Li. This likely also reflects the intentions of the Lu elders. After all, Lu Ya was just an adopted daughter.”

“You changed your tune pretty quickly, huh?” someone mocked.

“You’re welcome to keep your opinion, but if you want to die, don’t drag me into it,” the previous speaker retorted without hesitation.

“Enough!” The deputy general manager suddenly slammed the table and called out in a low voice, surveying the room.

“Regardless, the situation is set now. We’re just employees; let’s just focus on our jobs and not get distracted by other things.”


“And, let today’s matter stay buried. Otherwise, we’ll all go down together!”

Standing up: “The young master of the Lu family, truly a scion of a grand family. Fires, car accidents, I’m sure none of you wish to experience it firsthand!”

The room suddenly became solemn; honestly, who would seek death?

They all knew Jiang Ting, who could have thought such a beautiful and promising woman would suffer such a fate overnight.

With such a ‘role model’ at hand.

All from notable backgrounds, who would dare to provoke further?

“In short, let’s just work hard from now on. Manager Lu has acknowledged our abilities,” the deputy general manager concluded.

He, for one, had no intention of rebelling.

After settling everything, Lu Li headed to his office, packing up everything related to Lu Ya and ordering it to be thrown out.

His hatred hadn’t clouded his judgment, in fact, it made him exceptionally lucid. Whether it was killing Lu Ya or dealing with Jiang Ting, it wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Both of them, one the family’s adopted daughter and the other Lu Ya’s assistant, were quietly taken care of without causing any ripples.

But the enemies that followed wouldn’t be so simple.

Zhang Ziqin, the head of Zhang Corporation, Liu Menghan, the young mistress of the Liu family…

None were simple characters. He could kill them, but what would follow? Endless troubles. These women were ones he had to deal with, but with flexibility.

Lu Ya and Jiang Ting he could suppress, these few he couldn’t.

“Manager Lu Li, Miss Zhang Ziqin has come to visit, shall we let her up?” The front desk called, it seems the previous few had already been warned.

Very sensible.

“Let her come up!” He told the front desk.

Taking away what Zhang Ziqin cherished most and then disposing of her seemed quite interesting!

Mentally torturing a person is far crueler than physically harming them.

Silently picking up a document on the side, he began working, indifferent to the various voices within Lu Corporation. The people Lu Ya brought in had been dealt with.

A new king, new followers. They were Lu Ya’s supporters before, now with Lu Ya out, facing Lu Li, they needed to show full enthusiasm.

Otherwise, the next to be made an example of might be them.

Inadvertently, they too were drawn into the family struggle.

Probably cursing Lu Ya in their hearts by now.

Such an incapable person, easily dealt with, shouldn’t have stirred trouble, damn it.

Zhang Ziqin also arrived at the door of Lu Li’s office, took a deep breath, and opened the office door.

“Get out, knock on the door.”

Before Zhang Ziqin could even step in, a cold voice came through, causing her heart to panic, she had never heard such a cold tone from Lu Li before.

“Calm down, calm down, nothing has happened yet, Lu Li hasn’t been disappointed in me yet, everything can still be salvaged.” Biting her lip, Zhang Ziqin comforted herself internally.

Closing the door, she knocked again.

Only after receiving permission from inside did Zhang Ziqin breathe a sigh of relief and slowly opened the door to enter.

“Lu Li, I went to the Lu family estate, and they told me you’ve started taking over the company, why so suddenly, I had no idea.” A smile appeared on her face, trying her best to appear natural.

But upon seeing Lu Li again, Zhang Ziqin couldn’t suppress the turmoil in her heart, wishing she could rush up and embrace him right now.

He was still alive, vividly appearing before her eyes.

Her gaze softened looking at Lu Li, as if admiring her most cherished treasure.

“Miss Zhang is here to manage the Lu family affairs?” Lu Li’s eyes slightly lifted, his smile ambiguous.

This was the first time this woman had come looking for him of her own accord, huh.

When I was tirelessly following you, you didn’t care, and now that I’ve stopped being a lapdog, you come knocking on my door. Lu Li understood Zhang Ziqin’s mindset; it was just that her

always-following lapdog wasn’t around, making her uncomfortable.

Truly… disgusting!

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