Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.13 - Zhang Ziqin: This Time, Let Me Pursue You

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.13 - Zhang Ziqin: This Time, Let Me Pursue You

“No, it’s not like that.” Zhang Ziqin panicked internally, meeting Lu Li’s gaze that seemed to carry a hint of mockery, she quickly explained.

“I just wanted to ask if there’s anything you need help with. I have many projects on hand; we could collaborate.”

“I have no money, don’t fantasize about getting money from me that doesn’t belong to you.” Lu Li turned his head away, no longer looking at Zhang Ziqin’s stunningly beautiful face. No matter how beautiful, the person before his eyes was repulsive to him.

Looking at the woman before him, he sneered disdainfully: “So, seeing me as the General Manager of Lu Corporation, fully in control of Lu Corporation, you couldn’t resist trying to get new orders from me?”

“I can tell you directly, I, Lu Li, won’t be your lapdog anymore, don’t even think about getting any benefits from me.”

“If there’s nothing else, please leave. Lu Corporation does not welcome you.”

Seeing herself in the position of General Manager of Lu Corporation, she ran over immediately.

The former me actually harbored the illusion that such a woman could genuinely fall in love with me, as laughable as expecting Lu Ya to show me real familial affection.

Both blinded by their own interests.

When those two glasses of red wine were splashed on his face in front of everyone, he saw the truth, not to mention the many things that happened afterward.

His cold words were like a vast chasm separating them, leaving Zhang Ziqin truly panicked. Biting her lips, her eyes reddened, every word from Lu Li felt like a slap to her face.

She now clearly understood how she appeared in Lu Li’s heart.

A woman constantly asking him for money, scheming for the benefits of Lu Corporation, keeping him hanging yet dismissive of him, a green tea b*tch.

Lu Li had given up on her, Lu Li no longer loved her.

“No, Lu Li, I really came to help you. I’ve prepared several project proposals, just take a look, I’m willing to give you fifty percent of the profits!” Zhang Ziqin was frantic inside, she had been reborn.

Everything hadn’t even started yet, but Lu Li had given up on her.

“There’s no need to look, Miss Zhang, please leave. Also, don’t come to Lu Corporation again, I don’t want to see you.” After speaking, Lu Li picked up a document.

Seeing this woman was just to see if she had any more tricks.

He had thought about continuing the act, then secretly causing Zhang Corporation to go completely bankrupt, shattering Zhang Ziqin’s lifelong wish.

But he couldn’t. Acting like a lovestruck lapdog in front of this woman, just the thought disgusted him.

“Lu Li…” Zhang Ziqin was almost in tears.

“We haven’t gotten to the point where you can call me by my first name directly. Please refer to me as Manager Lu in the future.”

“Someone, show the guest out.”

Zhang Ziqin stood frozen in place, feeling as if the knife in her heart was cutting through her insides once more. She remembered Lu Li from her previous life, the one who was repeatedly rejected by her, displaying a disappointed yet forcibly smiling expression, her heart felt as if it was pierced by thousands of arrows.

Is this what it feels like to be rejected?

Not until she was politely shown out by the secretary did Zhang Ziqin snap back to reality.

Returning to her car, tears fell like broken strings, the pain as if her heart was torn apart. She didn’t blame Lu Li; it was all her doing.

In her previous life, all she thought about was how to expand Zhang Corporation, letting her deceased parents see their daughter could make it on her own. Facing Lu Li’s kindness time and time again, she always took his sugar-coated bullets and fired nonexistent grenades back at Lu Li.

Reborn again, she could see the disappointment in Lu Li’s eyes, but each time she told herself, once Zhang Corporation was on the right track and thriving, she would make it up to him.

How long had Lu Li pursued her? It seemed to begin in high school, right? Eight years of pursuit, all she gave Lu Li was coldness and heartbreak, no one can endure that kind of emotional abuse for so long.

Afterward, she reached a cooperation with Ye Chen, and since then, Lu Li’s pursuit of her became as mechanical as completing a task.

She still deluded herself, thinking it was normal for men to sulk, and that she could just coax him later.

As her future man, not trusting her just because she cooperated with Ye Chen, having no magnanimity at all.

And all her self-righteous thoughts.

But now, she truly lost Lu Li.

It hurts, it really hurts.

Her heart felt as if it was torn apart, Zhang Ziqin no longer had the demeanor of an ice queen CEO. Her beautiful face twisted, resembling a hysterical shrew.

She now felt the pain Lu Li once endured, such pain Lu Li bore for over a decade, Zhang Ziqin couldn’t even begin to understand how he managed.

“Lu Li, I now feel the pain you once bore, I accept it. No matter what you do to me, I accept it, I owe it to you. From now on, let me be the one to pursue you, whether it’s for a decade or two, even if it costs me my life, I won’t give up.”

Biting her lip tightly, Zhang Ziqin solidified her determination.

She deserved it; she owed Lu Li so much, why should she expect Lu Li to accept her without any reservations?


In her previous life.

At the Zhang family estate, how could Lu Li possibly miss a banquet organized by Zhang Ziqin?

Lu Li patted his cheeks; everything would come to light today, whether his years of effort could change the so-called plot was to be determined today.

Taking a deep breath, he got into the car. As for his sister Lu Ya, he had lost all hope.

Zhang Ziqin represented his last hope.

For so many years, whether it was acting or truly falling for Zhang Ziqin, Lu Li no longer understood his own state of mind. Perhaps it was because he was too deep into the role.

Like an actor unable to step out of character, showing the best side within the plot, the bitterness in his heart, he could only swallow down.

Everything seemed like a dream.

Over the years, he was like a puppet tightly controlled by the system. If he truly changed the so-called plot, regardless of what his dog system did, he would do everything in his power to pursue what he wanted.

The Zhao family estate, it wasn’t Lu Li’s first visit. He was very familiar with it, even indifferent to the contemptuous gazes of some Zhao family servants, as if saying someone like him was dreaming of “a toad lusting after a swan’s flesh,” plaguing their miss. All of the dignity had long been lost in his prolonged puppet-like existence.

Today was his last chance.

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