Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.3 - Don’t Disgust Me, Sharp Person

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.3 - Don’t Disgust Me, Sharp Person

The idea was beautiful, but as she hurried to her brother’s room, eager to see her dearly loved brother, she was greeted by the sound of a gunshot. Without any hesitation, Lu Ya rushed in, only to be met with a pair of eyes filled with disgust.

Her own brother was looking at her with such eyes!!

Even in their previous lifetime, when their relationship was almost irreconcilable, her brother had never looked at her like this!

Lu Ya didn’t notice the gun aimed at her, she nervously took a few steps forward, wanting to touch Lu Li’s face with the back of her hand to see if he was beside himself.

That look…

That look…

It was as if he was looking at the most disgusting thing in the world, how could such a look appear in her brother’s eyes when looking at her.

It must be her illusion.

“Xiao Li, what’s wrong with you, are you sick? Let your sister check on you.”


“Ah!” In pain, Lu Ya clutched her shoulder, unable to believe that Lu Li had shot her.

She couldn’t believe that her own brother had actually shot her.

Her heart trembled wildly, the intense pain made her unconsciously step back, unable to accept the Lu Li in front of her.

Holding her shoulder, Lu Ya forced a smile: “Xiao Li, the gun must have misfired, right? The quality of these things is not good, you have to be careful, you can’t end this.”


“Ah!” Lu Ya knelt on the ground, another shot went through her leg, the intense pain made her uncontrollably kneel.

“Xiao Li, move the gun away, it’s dangerous.” Lu Ya couldn’t accept the man in front of her, her lips trembling without her noticing.

This sounded somewhat self-deceptive, the odds of misfiring twice are practically zero, but she still clung to that one in a million hope.

“Look at that cheap face of yours, as if saying ‘come and get me, anyone will do’.” The former Lu Ya, an adopted daughter, ambitiously showing off in front of him.

Although as someone who replaced the original, I shouldn’t have such thoughts, but this body and its blood relation to the parents are indeed there, I guess I spoke up for the original!

Lu Ya’s gaze flickered, unable to believe the words coming from the Lu Li in front of her, mumbling: “Xiao Li…”


The bullet grazed Lu Ya’s cheek and flew into the wall behind her.

“Don’t call me with such a disgusting name, you whore!” A traitorous dog, a woman who could join the protagonist in opposing the Lu family that raised her for many years.

Truly disgusting!

Lu Ya bit her lip hard, the physical pain was nothing compared to the pain in her heart, Lu Li’s disgusted look, his indifferent, disdainful, and revolting tone, was like a knife to Lu Ya’s heart.

Is this the price she has to pay?

The price for everything from her previous life?!

If so, she was willing to accept it.

“Xiao Li, what happened?”

“Xiao Li, put the gun down!”

The parents hurried over, their eyes widening at the scene before them.

“Oh, everyone’s here!”

“That’s perfect, I really wanted to ask you, was it amusing to bring such a thing to trouble your own son?”

Pointing the gun at Lu Ya, who was kneeling on the ground bleeding profusely, Lu Li’s voice was very cold, even somewhat desperate. He had died once, mocked, insulted, cursed by everyone, and then died.

What do you think Lu Li should care about now?

“Xiao Li, are you dissatisfied with your sister? Let’s talk, don’t use the gun!” Mom looked nervously at Lu Li.

Dad had a serious face, not knowing what he was thinking.

“Since you’re all here, let’s do a multiple-choice question.” He smiled at them, his eyes devoid of any light.

The gun once again aimed at his own head.

“Xiao Li!!”

“Xiao Li!!!”

Seeing the parents’ terrified expressions, a sense of satisfaction flashed through Lu Li’s heart: “Do you want this whore, or your own son? Don’t worry, if you choose this whore, I’ll disappear from this world immediately.”

Really, there’s nothing left to care about, if there really is, it’s only the unforgettable hatred.

Just the thought of those damned female protagonists living happily tears me apart!

“Xiao Li, put down the gun, what exactly happened, let’s talk.” Dad Lu Guofu looked nervously at his son. His daughter’s condition worried him, but his son’s state was really wrong.



“Ah! Xiao Li.” That was Mom’s scream.

“……” Lu Guofu looked horrified at his son.

“Do you think I’m joking with you? Just a simple multiple choice, A or B, is it that hard? Do you want me to choose for you!” Looking at his own pierced thigh, Lu Li’s face didn’t change at all, even colder.

Once again, the gun aimed at his own head, his face even had a smile, but his eyes were unfathomably cold.

“Xiao Li!” Don’t hurt yourself, it doesn’t matter what happens to me, I know my sins, but please don’t let yourself get hurt!

Lu Ya shivered all over, her heart aching unbearably, she would rather the bullet had hit her again.

“Father, mother, please disown me, disown me.”

Looking at Lu Li in despair, Lu Ya pleaded with her parents.

“Wow, what a bitchy thing to say, and then? These two old things disown you and then start resenting me, dissatisfied with me, what a plot.” Lu Li praised.

“Xiao Li!” Mom looked horrified at Lu Li.

“Oh, and don’t get it wrong, I mean, your son and this whore, only one can live today, choose quickly, ten seconds, if you choose me, kill her, if you choose her, I’ll end myself immediately.”

“Ten, nine, eight…”

“Xiao Li, what exactly happened, why do you want to do this, what did your sister do to you?” Dad’s eyes also flashed with horror.

“Seven, six, five…”

“Xiao Li, I’ll die, I’ll die, mom and dad, kill me, kill me quickly!”

“Four, three, two…”

No matter what they said, Lu Li’s countdown never stopped.

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