Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.4 - Lu Ya: If Only My Brother Could Be Happy, That Would Be Great

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.4 - Lu Ya: If Only My Brother Could Be Happy, That Would Be Great

“O n e . . . ”

“Put down the gun, I choose you, I choose you, Mom chooses you.” Mom’s mental defenses completely collapsed, she didn’t understand why her son had suddenly changed so drastically.

But she knew if she hesitated any longer, she would lose her son forever, her own flesh and blood.

“We will kill Lu Ya, put down the gun!” Dad’s eyes also flashed sharply, his tone grave.

No matter what, he couldn’t accept losing his son.

After all, Lu Ya was just an adopted daughter.

“Now, go get your weapons, I want to confirm this whore’s death with my own eyes.” His tone was cold, like a sage detached from the mundane world, yet also like the most terrifying ghoul.

“Xiao Li! What’s wrong with you?”


Another shot to his own leg, Lu Li seemed to feel no pain at all, smiling at them: “The next shot will be aimed at my head.”

“No, no, we will handle it right away, we will handle it right away.” Mom, wanting to approach but anxious she might lose her son in the next second, frantically nudged her husband: “Hurry, go, do you want to see your son die in front of you?”

Lu Ya paid no attention to what her parents said, stiffly raising her head, staring blankly at Lu Li’s familiar face. He was smiling, yet it seemed to convey endless sorrow.

As if he had no more attachments to this world.

That indifference, deeply stabbed Lu Ya’s heart.

She understood, her brother must have been reborn too.

Her brother was always the young master of the Lu family, he never needed her to make up for anything, didn’t need her protection, only her death could bring him the greatest comfort.

Tears of sorrow slid down her cheeks, had her brother’s disgust for her reached such a level without her realizing it?

It was all because of her, all because of her!

So much was left unsaid, so many regrets unaddressed, she had a chance to start over, but the best outcome was to let her brother vent his resentment with her life.

She was ready to meet her end.

It’s all karma, isn’t it?

Since you want my life, then take it!

I just hope it can make you stop hating me.

Her pale face showed a trace of a smile at this moment of life and death.


“I don’t like seeing you smile, making it seem like killing you brings you joy.”

Feeling the sharp pain on her face, Lu Ya knew her cheek had been torn. She understood what her brother needed.

No matter what, if it could make her brother happy, she would do anything.

“Please, Xiao Li… Mr. Lu Li, don’t do this, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, please.”

Her most humble gaze kneeling before Lu Li, Lu Ya embraced Lu Li’s legs. If this could ease her brother’s heart, she was willing.

“…” That’s more like it.

Lu Guofu also returned with Mom, they looked at Lu Li, as if making a final confirmation.

But Lu Li never looked up at them, enjoying Lu Ya’s humiliating state. So, the so-called female lead could also end up like this!

Really… so lowly!

Others’ opinions, even his parents’, he no longer cared about.

Thanks to this woman for everything she brought him in his last life.

She made him develop a heart of stone, thanks to Lu Ya’s ancestors!

Not hearing any word from Lu Li, Lu Dongfu finally understood Lu Li’s determination, heaving a long sigh, raising the weapon in his hands with his wife.

I’m sorry, Father, Mother, sorry Xiao Li…

I’m at peace!

“Ha ha ha ha ha, I knew it, I knew it, what adopted daughter, what Miss Lu of the Lu family, just a dog raised by your Lu family, you are a family, what am I, how dare I try to take over the

company, it was what I deserved.” She laughed pathologically.

She knew, this was what her brother wanted to see.

She was willing to pay any price if it could ease her brother’s pain.

Lu Guofu frowned, his last bit of hesitation broken.


A sharp gunshot sounded, Lu Ya’s rebirth was declared dead half an hour later.

No accidents, no fake death, just… death.

Lu Guofu heaved a long sigh, no matter what, she was the daughter he had raised, even if it were a cat or dog, years of companionship would have created affection: “Alright, everything is

done as you said, Xiao Li, do you need anything else?”

Maybe adopting Lu Ya was a mistake, now it even caused his own son to harbor grievances.

“I want complete control of the company, and all of Lu family’s power to obey me.”

“Agreed!” Without a moment’s hesitation, Lu Guofu nodded.

He didn’t know why his son had suddenly changed so drastically, but this was a change he was pleased to see.

Just Lu Ya, dead is dead!

“That’s settled then.” Those women, he wouldn’t let any of them go.

Watching Lu Ya lose signs of life, Lu Li felt the grievances of his last life quietly dissipate a bit.

“Son, son, let’s go to the hospital, your leg.” Mom, wiping away tears, approached, worriedly looking at the blood oozing from Lu Li’s leg, anxiously said.

“…I will.”

They made their choice, and that’s good.

His gaze lingered on his parents, completely unable to understand their thinking in the plot, was finding an adversary for their son fun?

Not to mention Lu Ya was a white-eyed wolf.

Living off the Lu family, using the Lu family’s resources, and when ambition rose, she really thought she deserved to inherit the Lu family, conspiring with the protagonist to kill her brother.

Truly a good wolf!

And truly the protagonist’s good dog.

Thinking about it was sad, living together for over a decade, the Lu family raised that Lu Ya for so many years, only to breed resentment.

Raising her until she thought inheriting the Lu family was her divine right.


Such a thing should be dealt with by the people she trusted most collectively.

The protagonist hasn’t appeared yet, but the murderous intent can’t be hidden!

Before the big show, killing an annoying person to boost the mood is also okay, right?

In front of his parents, Lu Li directly treated the wound on his leg, the Scumbag System gave him abilities, but he had never been able to use them.

His skilled demeanor stunned them both for a moment.

Though they didn’t say it, they had accepted that Lu Li was a wasteful young master, but today’s Lu Li showed them a side they had never seen.

As everyone can probably tell, I don’t really understand why in the last life, after being murdered, insulted, and having everything taken away by the closest people, the antagonist could still maintain an outsider’s mentality.

What I wanted to portray is the most normal reaction of a person after experiencing those things.

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