Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.33 - Lu Li and Cao Yingying’s Previous Life 2

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.33 - Lu Li and Cao Yingying’s Previous Life 2

“Grandfather’s birthday banquet is not a marketplace. If anyone wishes to make noise, feel free to walk out the door,” Cao Yingying said coldly, with a frosty expression.

She turned her gaze towards Lu Li, “Although Mr. Lu made a mistake in selecting the gift, he did put effort into it. Mr. Lu, on behalf of Grandfather, I thank you for your thoughtfulness.”

She bowed slightly to Lu Li, her smile free of any disdain.

She could understand the discomfort in Mr. Lu Li’s heart amidst the public mockery. After being pointed out about the antique issue, he didn’t say anything. He didn’t justify himself or curse anyone, silently bearing the humiliation from everyone.

What strong willpower it must take! Clearly, Mr. Lu Li has realized his mistake.

That Ye Chen clearly had some previous grudges with Mr. Lu Li. He could have picked another time to bring this up, but he chose such a public occasion, using the most humiliating way to

point it out, turning his and Grandfather’s birthday banquet into his stage for revenge!

Lu Li was somewhat surprised as he looked up at this supporting female character.

He hadn’t expected that Cao Yingying, the only woman in the plot not pursued by Ye Chen, who would be considered a ‘hard to calm’ character in any novel, would actually speak up for


Ye Chen became anxious, “Miss Cao, I am standing up for Grandfather Cao. His birthday banquet, and Lu Li actually brought a fake antique, this is an insult to Grandfather Cao.”

“Thank you, Mr. Ye Chen, for your concern about my grandfather, but I think I understand my grandfather’s feelings better than you,” Cao Yingying said, her tone somewhat cold, with a

distant smile.

Whether Mr. Lu Li’s action was an insult to her grandfather, Cao Yingying didn’t believe Lu Li did it intentionally, but the current Ye Chen was clearly insulting Mr. Lu Li.

Publicly executing him in front of everyone.

【Host, a deviation in the plot has been detected, please correct it as soon as possible, please correct it as soon as possible.】The system’s voice echoed in Lu Li’s mind.

Lu Li gave a bitter smile, so it’s the same after all. What can be done about it? Since the Zhang family’s banquet, he knew, there was no hope left. His fate was to be humiliated here, to finish

the plot and leave this crappy world!

Lu Li wouldn’t think he could change the plot just because this supporting female character, Cao Yingying, said a few words for him. Things that eight years of effort couldn’t change,

everything would return to the starting point.

“I’m sorry, Grandfather Cao, Miss Cao, my mistake has turned Grandfather Cao’s birthday banquet into this. I, Lu Li, apologize to both of you.” There was no nobility, his numb heart didn’t

even feel any humiliation.

After simply saying these words, Lu Li turned his head and left, as if he didn’t belong to this place, dejectedly walking out of the room. Cao Yingying wanted to say something, but she didn’t

say anything in the end.

She and Lu Li weren’t familiar.


Their second encounter was in a jewelry store, Cao Yingying came with her best friend, but that day, unfortunately, they encountered a robbery, and several men with knives barged in.

“Hand over all the money in your hands.”

Cao Yingying frowned, born into the Cao family, even though she appeared delicate, in reality, a dozen ordinary men couldn’t get close to her body.

At that moment, she suddenly saw a familiar figure, it was Lu Li from the banquet that day.

“Kid, hand over the money,” the robber threatened fiercely.

As Cao Yingying hesitated whether to help, Lu Li decisively took out his wallet, took out the ID, and threw it to the robbers.

This act made Cao Yingying frown.

But looking at Lu Li, he was still as numb as he was at the banquet, as if nothing around him could touch him.

The robber got even more aggressive, waving the knife in front of Lu Li, “Kid, you seem quite wealthy, huh? Got a lot of money in your card, right? How about, accompany us to the bank,


Greedily eyeing Lu Li.

“And that girl, you come too, or don’t blame me if my weapon gets personal,” pointing at Cao Yingying, his eyes full of malice.

Cao Yingying frowned, already preparing to make a move, this robber had already made her unhappy.

Going out for shopping and encountering this.

“Just take the money and leave, don’t do anything meaningless,” Lu Li suddenly spoke up, his tone very calm, like a warning and a reminder.

“Ha, kid, now you’re teaching me a lesson, looks like today if I don’t let you see some color, you won’t recognize the knife in my hand,” the robber sneered, continuously moving the knife.

“Today, you and that woman, both of you will accompany me, you withdraw money for me, and that woman entertains me, otherwise…”


Before the robber could finish, Lu Li suddenly made a move, his swift and decisive actions even made Cao Yingying admire.

He kicked the knife out of the robber’s hand, knocked the robber down with a kick, and hit the robber’s face, stomach, one punch, two punches, three punches, all solid hits.

But his gaze was still numb, that look as if he had no hope for this world made Cao Yingying can’t help but wonder, what exactly had this man experienced.

The robber was knocked down, and Lu Li was taken away by the police who arrived later.

They were also taken to the police station as involved parties to provide statements.

When coming out, Cao Yingying saw Lu Li again, he was following behind a lady named Lu Ya, that seemed to be his sister, with Lu Ya’s face full of contempt looking at Lu Li.

“How much trouble do you have to cause before you’re willing to stop, huh? Do you know I have a big deal to discuss today? Coming to pick you up at this time is just wasting my time,”

Lu Ya’s scolding was harsh.

“Does she not know what Mr. Lu Li did today?” Frowning, Cao Yingying stepped forward.

“Mr. Lu Li, thank you for your help. If it weren’t for you, I might have been in trouble today,” interrupting Lu Ya’s scolding, Cao Yingying thanked Lu Li.

Of course, this was a lie, even without Lu Li, she wouldn’t have had any trouble.

Lu Li turned his head, obviously surprised to see Cao Yingying, he had no idea who the robber was referring to just now, and never expected it to be Cao Yingying.

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