Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.34 - Lu Li and Cao Yingying’s Previous Life 3

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.34 - Lu Li and Cao Yingying’s Previous Life 3

Lu Ya was also stunned.

She only thought whether her brother had caused some troubles, but she didn’t expect that he actually made Cao Yingying, the prized daughter of the Cao family, to thank him personally.

Then, had she misunderstood Lu Li before?

“No thanks needed, I wasn’t doing it for you,” Lu Li’s tone was very stiff, speaking the truth.

He didn’t even care about himself, why would he care about a woman who had nothing to do with him.

Hearing this, Lu Ya was so angry she almost hit someone. This was a golden opportunity to connect with the Cao family’s daughter, which could be hugely beneficial for the Lu Corporation, yet this kid…

“Anyhow, I still want to thank Mr. Lu Li. I will personally visit tomorrow to express my gratitude for Mr. Lu Li’s help,” Cao Yingying didn’t mind and showed a graceful smile to Lu Li.

After Cao Yingying left.

Lu Ya excitedly grabbed Lu Li’s shoulder, “You little rascal, you actually helped the Cao family’s daughter, do you know what this means…”

Before Lu Ya could finish, Lu Li slapped away the hand on his shoulder and left directly.

He didn’t notice the pained and regretful look in Lu Ya’s eyes behind him.

Perhaps Lu Ya’s scolding had a deeper meaning—’Why get involved in such things, couldn’t you avoid it? What if you got hurt?’

But those words turned into cold scoldings at the moment of speaking.


Back at home, Cao Yingying found information about Lu Li.

According to the information, this man named Lu Li was always called the loyal dog of President Zhang Ziqin, but after being publicly humiliated by Zhang Ziqin along with Ye Chen and Lu Ya at the Zhang family’s banquet, he seemed to have changed.

This explained why Lu Li was so indifferent; he was trapped by love!

Betrayed jointly by family and lover.

And that Ye Chen… must be the man who publicly embarrassed Lu Li at Grandfather’s birthday banquet!

With just a thought, Cao Yingying sensed Ye Chen’s intentions.

Her eyebrows couldn’t help but furrow, completely unable to understand the mentality of Lu Ya and Zhang Ziqin. A man so devoted, humiliated publicly by an outsider at the banquet, and

they didn’t show any reaction.

Especially since one of them was Lu Li’s sister by law.

The other was the woman Lu Li had pursued for eight years.

Why were they so heartless, even if not speaking for Lu Li, but they shouldn’t look at him with such eyes!

Thinking of Lu Ya scolding Lu Li before, Cao Yingying’s expression was somewhat strange.


The next day, Cao Yingying went to the Lu family’s mansion. In the vast mansion, only Lu Li received her.

Without dressing up, not even a decent lunch was prepared, and Lu Li was responding to her questions intermittently, looking very impolite.

As if he had seen through the mortal world.

This was very different from the people she usually interacted with.

Until she was about to leave, Lu Li suddenly looked up.

“Strychnine, serpent skin, tortoise shell…” A long list of medicinal ingredients came out of Lu Li’s mouth. He looked up at Cao Yingying, “Combined with traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, it could improve your grandfather’s leg condition, showing effects within a month.” (tln : The author is making things up, don’t take it seriously)

Lu Li didn’t know why he suddenly felt like speaking, maybe because at that banquet, this girl didn’t join others in mocking him!

The whole world, under the lead of the protagonist Ye Chen, mocked you, only she was the exception.

Cao Yingying looked at Lu Li in surprise, but saw him still with an indifferent expression, even making one doubt if it was Lu Li who had spoken before.

But Lu Li didn’t speak anymore, as if everything hadn’t happened.


“Girl, where did you get this weird remedy from? Stop troubling Grandfather, alright? Grandfather’s legs are beyond help,” Grandfather Cao looked helplessly at his granddaughter.

“Grandfather, just give it a try, it won’t take much time,” Cao Yingying said with a light smile, not knowing why she believed it, maybe it was truly a shot in the dark!

A month later, against all expectations, Grandfather Cao’s legs actually gained some sensation and reacted to external stimuli.

Cao Yingying was overjoyed.

Grandfather Cao was extremely happy, “Girl, where did you get this medicine from? It’s actually effective, you must thank that doctor properly!”

Cao Yingying hesitated to mention Lu Li’s name, simply brushing it off.


When she visited the Lu family’s mansion again, she didn’t see Lu Li. Facing the eager Lu Ya, Cao Yingying briefly greeted and then excused herself.

She couldn’t understand why a man as devoted as Lu Li had such bad luck, loved by none, and even his relatives were so mercenary.

Luckily, she saw Lu Li again the next day.

“Thank you, because of your prescription, my grandfather is now getting better.” Tucking her hair, Cao Yingying’s smile was sincere and beautiful.

But Lu Li was still indifferent, “Got it, if you came just to say this, you can go back.”


Following that, not knowing why, perhaps wanting to thank Lu Li for his help with her grandfather, or maybe feeling a bit defiant.

Despite being superior to Zhang Ziqin in everything, that Lu Li actually ignored her so.

Gradually, she realized Lu Li had always been like that, still confessing to Zhang Ziqin, but his words lacked emotion, as if acting, becoming a specific character at a specific time.

Other times, Lu Li always liked to be alone and quiet.

“Hello, is anyone here?” She asked with a gentle smile.

Lu Li looked up slightly, not understanding why this woman kept approaching him, but stood up anyway.

“No one’s here now.” He didn’t want to have any involvement with the female lead outside the plot anymore.

Lu Li wouldn’t narcissistically think Cao Yingying had a good impression of him. With the lesson learned, he wouldn’t have any more of those false illusions.


“Yingying, do you like that boy from the Lu family?” Grandfather Cao, who could now stand up, watched his granddaughter with a mischievous smile, teasing her.

“Grandfather… Not at all!” Cao Yingying was flustered by the sudden question, her cheeks blushing.

“Ha ha ha, these days you’re dressing up, making up, even asking Xiao Zhang to help you match clothes, I, this old man, have never seen my Yingying so concerned before!” Grandfather

Cao’s teasing gaze made Cao Yingying’s face turn even redder.

“That kid is not bad, young yet knowledgeable in medicine, will be a good match in the future. If my Yingying likes him, then go for it bravely,

I don’t believe my Yingying would lose to that ignorant girl Zhang Ziqin.” Grandfather Cao was very open-minded; the Cao family didn’t need a marriage alliance.

As long as Cao Yingying liked him, that was good enough.

“Grandfather, you knew?” Cao Yingying was surprised.

“Ha ha ha, you little girl thought you could hide it from me, you’re still too green.”

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