Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.48 - Is It Humiliation? Any Problem with That?

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.48 - Is It Humiliation? Any Problem with That?

Zhao Shaotian and Zhao Lu walked in, led to the dining room of the Lu family estate, only to see the man smiling exceptionally gently, and Chen Xiaoyi sitting opposite him, who had almost dominated the recent fate of Zhao Corporation.

This incident has indeed made Chen Xiaoyi’s name well-known!

Everyone knows that a business genius is by Lu Li’s side.

And this business genius has an unclear relationship with Lu Li.

“Speak, you have two minutes.” It didn’t really matter whether they spoke or not; Lu Li had no intention of letting Zhao Corporation off. The humiliation of the last life lay like poison at the bottom of his heart, and all those who humiliated him had to be dealt with to ease the pain.

Zhao Shaotian was slightly taken aback by Lu Li’s words, unsure of how to present his well-prepared speech.

Taking a deep breath, he humbly bowed: “Master Lu Li, please spare Zhao Corporation and the Zhao family. I apologize for my foolishness and disrespect towards you. I beg you, please spare the Zhao family.”

At this point, Zhao Shaotian had nothing else to say. All the humiliation was suppressed in his heart, now the most important thing was to save Zhao Corporation.

Even his father could only bring Zhao Lu along, what else could he do!

“Done?” Lu Li leisurely swallowed his food.

“If you’re done, leave. Don’t spoil my appetite.”

Zhao Shaotian’s face turned ugly. It was clear Lu Li didn’t intend to let the Zhao family off, determined to torment Zhao Corporation to death!

“Master Lu Li, could we move to a private place? My father has a few more words for you.” Zhao Shaotian hurriedly said, glancing cautiously at Chen Xiaoyi. He couldn’t care less now, Zhao Lu was today’s biggest gift, meant to express Zhao Corporation’s apologies.

“Say whatever you have to say, Xiaoyi is my person.” Lu Li said leisurely.

Hearing this made Chen Xiaoyi, who was slightly upset by Zhao Shaotian’s words, instantly beam with joy.

“Lu Li says I’m his person, is he confessing to me? Uh… feeling shy!”

Zhao Shaotian’s face turned awkward, saying it in front of Chen Xiaoyi meant completely losing face for the Zhao family!

But at this moment, what other choice did he have.

“Master Lu Li, all faults are on the Zhao family. We are willing to pay any price to appease you. Zhao Lu, greet Master Lu Li properly.” He glared fiercely at Zhao Lu at the end.

Zhao Lu’s face turned extremely ugly. Seeing her brother signaling her, she took a deep breath, calming her emotions. This time, she had no choice. The feeling of being sent off like goods was truly disgusting.

“Master Lu Li! Hello!”

Lu Li ignored Zhao Lu’s gesture, turning to Chen Xiaoyi: “See, sometimes there are many underhanded tactics in this circle. This tactic is called ‘selling women for glory.'”

Chen Xiaoyi was no fool; with things having reached this stage, how could she not know what the Zhao family was up to? Seeing Zhao Lu, who had a first-class figure and temperament, she couldn’t help feeling tense.

“Shameless, it’s just too shameless. Offending Lu Li, they actually want to use such a despicable method to make amends? Disgusting!!” She wanted to bite someone in anger.

But hearing Lu Li’s words, Chen Xiaoyi couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Zhao Shaotian and Zhao Lu’s faces turned even uglier, seemingly not expecting Lu Li to openly bring up such a matter, stepping the Zhao family’s face into the mud completely!

“Lu Li, are you humiliating me?” Zhao Lu paused for several seconds, stepping forward angrily and glaring at Lu Li.

“Look! This state is called ‘not recognizing the situation.'” Teacher Lu Li seriously lectured his good student Chen Xiaoyi, who, being a top student, listened especially attentively.

Zhao Lu’s beautiful face twisted, her eyes filled with anger, glaring fiercely at the man before her.

Being sent off like goods, offered to a man known in Hangzhou as a ‘debauchee,’ was such a disgusting act. Even if the truth proved this man was not a debauchee, she couldn’t accept it. For the sake of the family, she had gritted her teeth and endured, constantly telling herself it was like being gnawed by a dog. What she didn’t expect was that she wasn’t even liked by this Lu Li, who even publicly humiliated her.

Her resentment soared.

“Lu Li, are you humiliating me?” Zhao Lu asked hatefully.

“Yes! Any problem with that?” Lu Li’s handsome face revealed a shallow smile, mocking the female protagonist before him.

Not hiding his contempt for this woman at all.

How did this woman humiliate him in the last life?

Ah! It was by standing behind the protagonist Ye Chen, looking at himself with a mocking face, spouting words that were irritating to hear.

With Zhao Shaotian’s standby support.

Feeling his slightly quickened heartbeat, was this the thrill of revenge?

A tit for tat, indeed a satisfying feeling!

“Lu Li! Don’t go too far.” Zhao Lu, already humiliated, felt that being touched by Lu Li was a defilement to herself. Now, being humiliated, her temper flared uncontrollably.

“Tsks, tsks, tsks!”

Such a foolish thing could actually be the female protagonist, purely relying on the so-called protagonist’s friend’s sister status and that face, right?

“Time’s up, security, please escort these two members of the Zhao family out.” Lu Li no longer felt like bantering.

“No, Master Lu Li, please listen to me, my sister, she’s just… she’s just…”

Zhao Shaotian was panic-stricken, trying to say something, but the security personnel didn’t give him a chance, forcefully leading the two out.

“What’s wrong?” Lu Li asked Chen Xiaoyi.

Chen Xiaoyi looked puzzled, also looking towards Lu Li: “That woman, is she an idiot?”

Not recognizing the situation at all?

Under such circumstances, she still had the courage to yell at Lu Li, the man who could decide the fate of Zhao Corporation.

Is she crazy?

“Just a spoiled woman. With that temperament, she could play a major female lead role in a TV drama!” Lu Li joked.

Chen Xiaoyi couldn’t help but laugh, seemingly commenting on those melodramatic TV shows.

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