Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.49 - The Undercover Female Lead

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.49 - The Undercover Female Lead

Chen Xiaoyi was amused by Lu Li again, looking at him somewhat sentimentally: “Miss Zhao Lu is also a great beauty, and yet you’re not interested.”

“Do you want me to be interested? I can call them back right now,” Lu Li joked.

Watching one’s enemies, those who humiliated oneself in the last life, being humiliated in front of oneself, is truly a delightful thing!

“Uh…” Chen Xiaoyi wanted to scream ‘what does that have to do with me,’ but for some reason, she didn’t say it out loud, her gaze towards Lu Li carrying a hint of tenderness.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Lu Li laughed heartily: “After a good meal, my little employee should hurry over and massage my back, help me digest.”

“Uh… is that what a little employee is for?” Chen Xiaoyi glanced at Lu Li leisurely, the humble little employee, Xiaochen, thinking slanderously.

Yet, when Lu Li called, she very compliantly followed, gently pressing on Lu Li’s shoulders.


“What’s wrong?” Ye Chen, waiting for Youmeng’s arrival, saw Zhao Shaotian and Zhao Lu returning with dark expressions, feeling puzzled.

“Lu Li refused us,” Zhao Shaotian said, his face especially grim.

“Hmph!” Zhao Lu coldly snorted in annoyance.

“The lady with the face of a flower, actually despised by that waste, Master Lu of the Lu family. What a Lu Li, daring to look down on me.” Her heart was full of anger.

Ye Chen’s face lit up with joy.

“Didn’t expect Lu Li to be quite sensible.”

“What’s so funny? Are you happy that our Zhao family is about to be ruined?” Zhao Lu glared at Ye Chen petulantly.

Being messed around by Lu Li had already made her unhappy, and now she directed all her displeasure at Ye Chen, looking at him with disgust.

“Miss Zhao, rest assured, the Zhang family won’t be ruined,” Ye Chen said with a smirk at the corner of his mouth.

“What are you, don’t bloody talk nonsense here,” she coldly snorted disdainfully.

“Enough, Zhao Lu, haven’t you made enough trouble?” Zhao Shaotian suddenly exploded in anger, glaring furiously at Zhao Lu: “Are you satisfied now? You’ve angered Lu Li, and the Zhao family is about to be ruined. Do you think you can still be the miss of the Zhao family?”

“Why didn’t you speak properly just now, don’t tell me you don’t know what Lu Li’s attitude means for the Zhao family.”

Pointing at Zhao Lu’s nose, Zhao Shaotian cursed.

“It’s not my business in the first place. You, Zhao Shaotian, caused the trouble, and when you couldn’t solve it, you wanted to send me to someone else’s bed. Zhao Shaotian, you’re not a man,” Zhao Lu looked at her brother with scorn.

“You…” Zhao Shaotian was furious, raising his hand as if he wanted to slap his sister.

He could accept his sister’s willfulness at any other time, but this time, it was about the life and death of the Zhao family. Zhao Lu’s behavior before was like pouring oil on the fire.

“Alright, alright, it can’t change anything now. Don’t worry, I assure you the Zhao family will be fine,” Ye Chen timely stopped Zhao Shaotian, assuring him confidently.

“It would be best if something happened, let Zhao Shaotian bear it,” Zhao Lu said venomously, turning her head and walking away.

“…” Zhao Shaotian’s face turned ashen, wounded by his sister’s words.

“Alright, in the end, it’s all because Lu Li is too petty. What’s the big deal? He made such a fuss over it. It’s only natural for Miss Zhao to react this way,” Ye Chen consoled.

“Ye brother, it’s useless to say anything now. The Zhao Corporation is doomed,” Zhao Shaotian said with a grim face, full of despair.

“Don’t worry, the Zhao Corporation will be fine!” Ye Chen assured him confidently.


Youmeng soon arrived in Hangzhou, reaching the location designated by Ye Chen.

“Ameng, you arrived so quickly.”

“Speak, what kind of task is it?” Youmeng’s gaze, unseen by Ye Chen, flashed with thick murderous intent, fleeting.

Youmeng understood Ye Chen’s possessiveness towards those around him. Ye Chen appeared to be a gentleman but was filled with malice inside. Regarding herself, this guy always treated her as his forbidden fruit!

This attitude disgusted Youmeng, her everything already belonged to her big brother.

She knew what Ye Chen thought, but considering she could make money from him, she chose to ignore it, after all, she wouldn’t really be taken advantage of.

Now knowing Ye Chen was the murderer who killed Lu Li, Youmeng’s hatred for Ye Chen deepened.

“You girl…” Ye Chen chuckled, shaking his head. He knew Youmeng wasn’t interested in him, but that didn’t stop him from treating Youmeng as his woman. In his view, Youmeng becoming his woman was just a matter of time.

“I originally wanted you to kill a second-generation rich kid named Lu Li, but now the situation has changed. Just infiltrate his side and find some dirt on his company,” Ye Chen said. There’s no need to trouble oneself over a waste like Lu Li. Killing him is easy, but the aftermath would be troublesome.

Fortunately, Lu Li knew his place and didn’t keep Zhao Lu, so let him live a little longer.

Hearing Ye Chen tell her to kill Lu Li, Youmeng’s gaze dropped, murderous intent almost driving her to act. Fortunately, his latter words cooled her down slightly.

She couldn’t kill Ye Chen now, not with Tianlong’s people possibly swarming in, potentially endangering her big brother.

The best method was to unite with those women like in the last life and take down Ye Chen together.

But that wasn’t an option now.

She had to go it alone.

“Undercover? Got it!” Youmeng nodded, brushing it off. Being closer to her big brother would allow her to protect him better.

This time, she absolutely wouldn’t let anyone harm her big brother.

“Be careful not to let Lu Li take advantage of you. That guy is no good,” Ye Chen added. Lu Li was tricky; all those women seemed bewitched by him, one after another siding with him.

If it wasn’t necessary, he really wouldn’t want to send Youmeng to Lu Li’s side.

“Okay, I got it.” If it wasn’t for needing to maintain a facade with this guy, Youmeng found him revolting, barely restraining her murderous intent.

The tone that treated her as his possession was particularly nauseating to Youmeng.

Without further ado, Youmeng stood up and left.

“This girl…” Ye Chen smiled but didn’t mind. In his view, Youmeng would eventually be his woman.

He knew Youmeng’s capabilities; probably just two days were needed to find dirt on Lu Li, and naturally, the crisis of the Zhao family would be resolved.

Miss Zhao would have to regard him with new eyes.

Ye Chen also coveted the voluptuous Miss Zhao.

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