Incompatible Interspecies Wives - C.97: No Favoritism (3)

Incompatible Interspecies Wives

C.97: No Favoritism (3)

Ner decided to look for Berg herself.

As she passed by, she grabbed the attention of Jackson and asked where Berg was.

Um... Jackson?

Oh, Ner-nim.

Have you seen Berg by any chance?

The vice-captain was over there washing up...

Jackson blinked momentarily before continuing.

No, hes finished now. If you go that way, youll find him.

Thank you.

Ner headed in the direction Jackson pointed.

She passed several temporary quarters.

Turning by the last quarters, Ner finally found Berg.

Ber- Ah!


But at the sight she discovered, Ner sank to the ground.

Berg was alone, pouring water over his bare body.

Fortunately for her, he had his back turned.

Though she had heard he was done washing, it must have been the playful prank of a mischievous mercenary.

He must have thought she and Berg had gotten physically close, so in a way, it was a light-hearted joke, perhaps.


Though Ner couldnt see Bergs front, her heart started racing again.

Steam rose from his wet body.

But Berg seemed unfazed by this.

He continued to pour water over himself naturally, washing his body.

Go and rest, Ner. Ill come find you soon.


Ner sat down with her face buried in her hands... the urge was hard to resist.

It was pure curiosity.

She peeked at Berg again as she lowered her hands slightly.

Berg seemed unaware that she was still watching him.

She cleared her throat, trying to play it off casually.

...Im fine. It was just a shock. Oh, Ive seen the top half before anyway.

Berg shrugged his shoulders as if to say he didnt care.

Ner, who had been sneaking peeks, finally started to gaze at him openly.

Like his upper body, his lower body was also marred with scars.

It seemed to tell the story of his tumultuous life.

And the more she saw of his bare body, the more the physical differences stood out.

It was awkward to see him without a tail.

It made her freshly aware that he was of the human race.

She also became acutely aware of the difference between men and women.

...If she had not rejected him, would she have embraced that body?

At that thought, her heart skipped a beat again.

Arwin said the full moon hadnt come yet, but Ner felt it in her body.

There must have been some mistake.

The fact that she was thinking such pointless thoughts meant it was definitely her mating season.

Berg then started to dry off with a towel.

As he turned his head halfway, he caught Ners vacant stare and smiled.

...Youre staring quite openly.

At his words, Ner turned her head sharply away.

Her face reddened.

Ner cleared her throat, changing the subject.

You know... dont you think you wash up too thoroughly every morning? It would be enough to do it at night.

Berg was unaware that her question was tinged with her own shady desires.

Ner was dissatisfied that her scent seemed to fade slightly after such washes.

It was hard to reapply her fragrance every other day.


Berg didnt respond.

He simply continued to dress himself.

Soon after, he shook his head and approached Ner.

As he neared, Ner stood up to match his approach.

She held her ground.


Even as Berg moved closer, she didnt avoid his movements.

She just stood firmly in the path he intended to walk.

Ner herself couldnt understand why she was behaving this way.

But she was pleased with the unfolding situation.

By not avoiding him, she faced him.

Their gazes met and held.

Berg, with a hint of bewilderment... looked down at Ners neck.

He clamped his mouth shut and slowly raised his hand to her neck.

With a click of his tongue, he asked.

...Does it hurt?


Ner smiled at his concern.

She felt a light sensation of warmth, and said,

...Not at all.


I was looking for Arwin.

I was concerned about the way she had looked since early morning.

She didnt seem to be in good spirits.

Ner was next to me, arms linked.

So I asked her.

Have you seen Arwin?


She hesitated for a moment before answering.


I scratched my cheek.

Then I went around asking the other members until I finally found Arwin.

At last, I spotted her from behind.


I called out to her from a distance.

Arwin quickly turned her head at my call.


She spotted Ner and me.

After alternating her gaze between us... she turned her head away sharply.


I was puzzled.

It became increasingly clear.

She was upset about something again.




My question was answered on the road back to Stockpin.

After the meeting ended, all the mercenaries headed towards their respective bases.

On that journey home, I kept approaching Arwin to examine her face closely.

Ner was following us from behind.

Arwin persistently turned her head away from my gaze.

She wouldnt even let her expression show.

Finally, I sighed and asked her.



Her response was cold.

It was the same last time too. Just say it.

Arwin seemed to take offense easily, upon closer observation.

...I dont know what youre talking about.

Her reply came off as brusque again.

Clearly miffed, but pretending otherwise in a childish way.

I stared at her for a while before playfully muttering under my breath.


What...! Ha! Berg...!

At my words, she burst out, beginning to vent her anger.

The sight of her like that was amusing and I couldnt help but smile, which caused Arwins stiff expression to start softening, almost in disbelief.

She couldnt hold back a smile either.

...Really, when Im with you...

She whispered.

So, what is it?

I persisted.

Arwin let out a long sigh.

Then, she made an expression that seemed to apologize.

It also looked like she was embarrassed to be complaining about such things.

...I hate feeling discriminated against.

She whispered it, not looking at me, speaking as if the words were slipping away.

Shouldnt I be treated similarly, no matter what?

What are you talking about?

What will others think? Theyll look down on me. Im supposed to be an equal wife, but the difference is too apparent.


Arwins expression grew troubled.

Is there anything else?


Even the mercenaries probably know. That youve been neglecting me lately.

I tilted my head. Was that the case?

Arwin added an explanation as if reading my thoughts.

You only talk to Ner. You fight for Ner. You get hurt for Ner. You only wear Ners ring on your left hand. You only bear scars from Ner. The archery you promised to teach me... you dont even show me anymore... What do you think everyone assumes?


Its not that I mind you taking care of Ner, but please consider my reputation. I dont want to be the subject of false rumors. I dont want to live being ignored.

After listening, I felt persuaded.

It seemed I understood why Arwin had been in such a bad mood.

It wasnt jealousy... but it resembled it.

I chuckled at this familiar situation.

It had been a long time since Id felt this way.

I took a deep breath to clear the air.

Arwin had a point.

Lately, I did seem to have been focusing only on Ner.

I whistled loudly to call ahead to Hyung as the mercenary group halted, and Adam Hyung looked back at me.


Hyung, Im going to step out of the formation for a bit.


Hyungs face crinkled in confusion.

Ill be back by evening, just keep going.

Where are you headed?

I looked at Arwin and made an excuse.

...I took care of everything this time. I need a break too. Ill catch my breath and be back.


He sighed at that.

Adam Hyung, Quick-witted, also gave Arwin a glance.

He seemed to realize that something was up.

Fine. Take care of it. Just make sure you come back safely. Ill assign an escort-

-I dont need an escort.

...Just make sure you come back safely then.

With that, he turned his head back.

I asked Baran to pack Arwins bow for me.

Arwin blinked in confusion, unable to keep up with the sudden turn of events.

Ner asked from the side.

Where are you going?

Just. It seems I havent spent much time with Arwin recently.

I spoke honestly to Ner.

Can I come too?

Stay here. Ill be back by night.

Ner attempted to follow, but I had to decline her request.

It would defeat the purpose if I took Ner along when this was for Arwin.

Besides, Ner didnt know how to shoot a bow.

Now was the time for refusal.

Once the bow and arrows were ready, I turned the horses head.

I took the reins of Arwins horse too.

Lets go.

Just like that, impulsively, we broke away from the column.

Arwin looked at me with disbelief.

...Is this alright? To leave so suddenly?

I shrugged.

If you dont like it, we can turn back.

She paused, then shook her head.

...No, I dont dislike it.

I examined Arwins expression again.

This time, she didnt turn away.

Seeing a smile beginning to form on Arwins face, I felt at ease.

So, what are we doing?

I responded to Arwins question.


Learning archery was pointless if one didnt put it into practice.

Just as a weapon, it seemed wise to learn the ways to take a life.

After all, it would serve as self-defense.

The End of The Chapter

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