Mythical Era: I Evolved Into A Stellar-Level Beast - C.6 - Heavenly King


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The studying pressure in this world is not significant, high school starts cultural classes at half past eight in the morning, martial cultivation classes at 1:30 in the afternoon, and school ends at four in the afternoon.

After school, you can participate in club activities or go home.

As the school bell rings, the school suddenly becomes noisy, with thousands of students pouring out of the various teaching buildings.

Soon, students can be seen everywhere playing soccer, basketball, tennis, and even crowding the corridors, while those who go to club activities are even more lively and boisterous.

For most high school students, cultural classes are boring, martial cultivation classes are difficult, and club activities are more interesting.

Especially for those sophomore and senior students who have chosen cultural classes without cultivation talent, they exude a youthful atmosphere.

They sing praises of youth and enjoy the relaxed campus life.

Compared to the lively literature area, the martial sects area is much quieter, with each individual training in the cultivation room, creating a feeling of two completely different worlds.

Jack Clark walked out of Building B with a single shoulder bag, rubbing his shoulders.

From the excitement of True Martial to the present physical soreness and mental exhaustion, it took only a few short hours.

The meditation method doesn't need any explanation, as it consumes mental energy, but at least it helped him enter directly with the school's assistance, and his first attempt at the class was average.

However, the progress of the Body Casting Skill was too slow.

It wasn't until school was over that he could barely complete the eighteen positions, feeling the so-called Qi Blood under the glow of Essence Blood Stone, and his overall progress in the class was the worst.

Not counting the fastest one, the slowest one also completed the first rotation in more than thirty minutes, while the others were in more than twenty minutes.

And during the one-hour Body Forging Cultivation Class, the fastest person practiced four times before stopping, and their practice duration became shorter and shorter.

After his practice, he felt a shortage of Qi Blood and some physical difficulty in keeping up.

In other words, his spiritual cultivation talent was decent, but his body had a weak physique, and his talent was poor.

Or maybe his spiritual talent was actually quite good, even considered upper-middle-class under the circumstances of soul splitting, if his soul was complete...

Jack looked up at the burning sun and a faint smile appeared on his face, "It's okay, being able to cultivate is enough, and my overall situation is not much different from my expectations."

He had anticipated this situation, although he had also fantasized that he was a genius.

But reality is cruel, his overall cultivation talent is very average, ranked in the lower-middle-class among the forty-person class, let alone among the thousands of students in the whole grade.

However, if talent is not enough, cheating can make up for it.

Thinking about this, Jack called up his attribute page with a thought.

Physique: 7.1

Strength: 7

Agility: 6

Spirit: 10.1

Talent: Soul Split

Cultivation Methods: Lotus Platform Meditation Skill[Progress 5/100], Body Casting Skill[1/100]

Avatar's Body: ...

On the attribute page, the Meditation Method and Body Casting Skill he learned today were added, with a progress note behind each.

In addition, both his physique and spirit attributes have increased by 0.1, probably due to the effects of cultivation. He didn't expect that even the basic cultivation methods would have the effect of enhancing attributes.

Moreover, Jack tested that once the cultivation method is recorded by the attribute page, his body will not forget it.

For example, when he practiced the Body Casting Skill for the first time, he had to stop after ten positions due to too much pain and discomfort. freew ebnov el

After a short rest, when he started practicing again, his body smoothly performed the first nine positions without any difficulty.

This proficiency and ingrained phenomenon in his body after learning brings Jack much closer to those 'geniuses.'

Moreover, clearly seeing his cultivation progress gives him more motivation to practice.

"No rush, take it slow."

With a relaxed smile on his face, Jack walked out of the school at an unhurried pace.The weather in September was hot, but the city's greening was well done. Jack Clark walked under the shade of trees on the pedestrian walkway, facing the market with a gentle breeze.

At this time, vehicles come and go on the street, with tall buildings lining the roadside. Many billboards feature celebrity advertisements, and various goods fill the shops on both sides, making the place bustling.

While passing a junction, the hungry Jack Clark bought a fried egg pancake and a bottle of juice.

Back home, at five o'clock.

First, Jack took out some fish meat to defrost in the microwave, then prepared the vegetables for dinner, blanching and slicing the twice-cooked pork and crushing ginger, green onions, and garlic.

After completing these tasks, he took out the defrosted fish meat and cleaned it before cutting it into small pieces for ease of eating.

In the second-floor room, the Six-legged Salamander, controlled by Jack's consciousness, gnawed on the fish meat. It had grown to 18 centimeters long and twice as thick.

Accompanied by the digestion of the food in its stomach, the Six-legged Salamander grew visibly thicker and longer, completely defying the biological growth rules after eating to fullness twice.

Its Evolution value had also accumulated to 5 points.

As long as it continued to eat for another two or three days, the Salamander Avatar would be able to start its first evolution, which Jack was looking forward to.

The well-fed Salamander Avatar lay lazily on the table, showing human-like laziness on its face. Jack then turned on the computer to search for information about True Martial.

He didn't know if it was because he burned too severely at that time, almost burning 'him' to death and causing brain cell damage, but in the past few days, Jack found many memories had become blurred.

Only some memories, including his mother, brother, and daily habits, were clear, making him feel like a cultivation novice today.

Normally, in this world where martial arts prevail, even if his family was ordinary and couldn't access high-end information, he shouldn't be ignorant of common knowledge.

Now, with Jack's precise search on the internet, a large amount of information about True Martial appeared, including its origin and development history.

He also found the information he wanted to know about the divisions of the True Martial Realm. It was known as the True Martial Nine Layer Heaven.

The First Layer was the lowest, and the Ninth Layer was the strongest, but how it was strong was not explained in detail.

Besides that, there were many videos of martial arts hall masters performing on the internet.

Some people performed punching through walls, jumping dozens of meters high between skyscrapers, or being enveloped by flames outside their bodies.

There were also scenes of body-refining practitioners who were able to withstand submachine guns, sniper rifles, and even survive rocket bombardments without injury.

After browsing the exciting videos, he remembered the main task and searched for an introduction to foundation building in high school with a high like rate.

"Currently, high school foundation building is divided into Meditation Methods and Body Casting Skill."

"The Body Casting Skill was simplified and developed by True Martial Heavenly King ten years ago. He combined the essence of various martial arts schools and explored the mysteries of the human body."

"This method can help ordinary people stretch their fascia, dredge their meridians, transport Qi Blood, and maintain a state of full Qi Blood in a short period."

"Studies have shown that the Body Casting Skill has good effects on people under 20 years old, and the best results are during high school."

"With the Lotus Platform Meditation Skill, one can quickly build a foundation, which has increased the number of cultivators in the country by more than ten times in the past ten years, significantly enhancing the national strength."

"Unfortunately, the Lotus Platform Meditation Skill has only one grade, suitable only for foundation building. It doesn't compare to the Grade 9 Divine Lotus Meditation Method of Sky King Denny Kaye..."

Below this post, there is the user's classification of talent.

He believed that, under the cultivation of Meditation Method and Body Casting Skill in high school, students who completed the Foundation Establishment within a week had top-notch talent, within half a month had average talent, and within a month had subpar talent.

As for those who completed the Foundation Establishment in more than a month and within two months, he didn't recommend them to continue the cultivation path.

Because, with the assistance of various school resources and systematic cultivation, people who take more than a month just to establish their foundation have no cultivation talent at all.

Even if they forcefully cultivate, they will have no hope of breaking through the Third Realm in their lifetime.

And in the cultivation path, like sailing against the tide, one would only retreat if they didn't advance.

Instead of spending a lifetime of energy on cultivation, only for their Qi Blood to deteriorate and live a lonely life in old age, it's better to be an ordinary person and enjoy life.

"True Martial Heavenly King, Sky King Denny Kaye."

After reading this post, Jack Clark was most impressed by these two people's names.

He didn't know what kind of people they were or how strong they were to create such foundation-building methods that benefitted countless people.