Mythical Era: I Evolved Into A Stellar-Level Beast - C.7 - Jane Aiken


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At dinner that evening, Doris Raven asked Jack Clark about his cultivation progress for the day.

His younger brother, Glenn Clark, was also curious.

However, since it was only the first day of learning and Jack had just started with the basic Foundation Establishment Cultivation Methods, he simply mentioned a few things and ended the topic.

After dinner, Jack took a bath and returned to his room, sitting cross-legged on the bed, starting his meditation.

As he closed his eyes in concentration, a faint lotus flower slowly emerged in his dark mind's eye.

According to the post, the First-grade Lotus Platform Meditation Method is a process that continuously purifies and condenses Spirit Power when visualizing this lotus flower during meditation.

Condensing an ordinary person's loose and intangible Spirit Power into a 'real' existence that can weakly interfere with matter is the key to Guiding Qi into the body for Foundation Establishment.

As for what Guiding Qi into the Body is, the post did not elaborate, but it mentioned that once they reached this step, school teachers would naturally tell them.

There are twelve petals in the lotus flower, and Jack had spent half an hour in the afternoon meditation class to condense more than half of a petal.

Now, as he continued to cultivate, the petal slowly became more complete.


After more than half an hour, Jack slowly opened his eyes, his expression somewhat tired, but satisfied, as he had completely manifested a petal of the lotus flower.

However, this time his skill proficiency only increased by 4 points, one point less than in the afternoon, he wondered if it was because it was his first time cultivating with the help of the meditation chart.

But at this rate, even if he only gets 4 points each time and cultivates twice a day, he expects to make a breakthrough in about ten days.

Moreover, after this cultivation session, his Spiritual Attribute increased by 0.1 again. freeweb novel. com

Next, Jack practiced the Body Casting Skill in his room.

Although there was no Essence Blood Stone light to help, with the attribute page present, Jack was still keenly aware of the Qi Blood within his body while practicing the Body Casting Skill.

In physical cultivation, he controlled the Qi Blood with his Spirit Power, which subtly strengthened his physique where it passed and took thirty-five minutes for the first round.

Then he practiced it again, taking thirty minutes this time, with skill proficiency increasing by 2 points.

However, this time his physical attribute only increased by 0.1, half the effect of carrying Qi Blood for one turn in the afternoon.

After practicing twice consecutively, Jack was exhausted, feeling drained both physically and mentally.

His physique was still too weak, he was unable to carry Qi Blood for two turns.

With a sigh, Jack drank some hot water and fell into a deep sleep on the bed.

He was very motivated towards this Cultivation Method that could grant him transcendent powers.

Even if he started slower due to his physique, it didn't matter, he had the attribute page to fix his skill proficiency, and there would be gains as long as he worked hard.

If it wasn't for the fact that cultivating once was so exhausting and required a long recovery time, he would have wanted to cultivate twenty-four hours a day.

The next day, Jack had just walked into the classroom when he saw everyone discussing their cultivation progress.

Some asked how many petals the other has manifested in meditation, while others were concerned about how to practice the Body Casting Skill faster and more enduringly, feeling that the process of cultivation was difficult.

There were also a few girls who, from their complaints, seemed to have given up on cultivation.

Each time they practiced, they felt sore all over, exhausted, and saw stars in their eyes after meditation, nauseated and wanting to vomit. These issues clearly indicated a lack of cultivation talent.

Jack took his seat, and Justin Welan in the front row leaned over and asked, "Jack, how's your progress with meditation and the Body Casting Skill?"

"Not bad," Jack replied casually.

Justin persisted, "How much is not bad?"

"You guess."

"We're good brothers, and you're making me guess? It's just the progress of the Foundation Establishment Cultivation Method," Justin complained with a heartbroken expression.

"You didn't say either, so why don't you go first and tell me your progress?" Jack remained unmoved.

"What's there to hide?"

Justin humbly replied, "My talent is very ordinary. I've only managed to meditate to the third petal, and the Body Casting Skill can barely be practiced for half an hour to carry two Qi Blood turns."

"Last night, I only practiced six times, and then I was so tired that I went to sleep."...Suddenly, Jack didn't feel like talking to this guy anymore. 𝐟𝗿𝗲𝗲𝘄𝗲𝐛𝐧𝐨𝘃𝗲𝗹.𝗰𝐨𝐦

It took half an hour to transport two turns with the Body Casting Skill, which meant it could be cultivated once every fifteen minutes, and up to six times in a row. The Meditation Method was also twice as fast as his.

Justin asked curiously, "Jack, what about you?"

"I'm way worse than you; I only completed the first petal for the Meditation Method, and it takes me thirty minutes to transport one turn of Qi Blood." Jack's progress seemed average in comparison to Justin, so he didn't hide anything.

But after hearing this, Justin hesitated for a moment, "That doesn't sound right, Jack. I remember it took you almost an hour yesterday to barely complete one transportation cycle, didn't it?"

"Maybe it's because I was inexperienced during the first cultivation, but I got much better at it during the second cultivation at night," Jack casually replied.

"...I see." Justin nodded thoughtfully.

The morning cultural class went by in a flash.

At noon, Jack picked up his meal at the canteen and found a corner to sit down. Before he started eating, Justin excitedly followed him over.

Justin said excitedly, "Jack, the ranking of the entire grade of freshmen has been released. Can you guess our class leader Sherry Lesser's ranking?"

"There's a ranking for this too?" Jack was a bit confused.

Though he had heard about college campus beauty rankings, he didn't expect there to be a ranking for high school freshmen after just being introduced to cultivation.

"Jack, don't underestimate this ranking."

Justin shook his head, "Our martial arts high school has over 1800 freshmen this year, and all of them are practicing the Foundation Cultivation Method. Only geniuses can stand out."

"Moreover, the ranking only records the top 100, and it's not easy for anyone to get on the list."

"For example, Jane Aiken from Class 1 has visualized eleven petals already, and she can transport seven turns using the Body Casting Skill within half an hour. She is ranked first."

"I think in a day or two, she will be the first one to succeed in foundation building."

"...Alright, I'm a loser." Hearing about this exaggerated progress, Jack didn't know what to say.

It took him half an hour just to barely transport one turn, while other people can do seven turns in the same amount of time. Their Lotus Platform Visualization had even reached the stage of manifesting eleven petals.

The gap was so huge that Jack couldn't even feel jealous.

Seeing that Jack didn't say anything, Justin, who thought Jack was feeling down, quickly comforted him, "Jack, don't be discouraged; this is just the foundation-building stage."

"Cultivating quickly in the Foundation Cultivation Method doesn't mean they have a high compatibility with True Martial Arts."

"Even if we are slower than them in foundation building by ten days or half a month, as long as the compatibility with our cultivated True Martial Arts is high, we can quickly catch up with them."

"There's compatibility in True Martial Arts? What's that?" Jack was a bit surprised.

"Uh... Actually, I don't know much about it either. My brother just mentioned it to me casually before."

Justin coughed, "Guess what ranking Sherry Lesser has?"

"Hahaha, you'll never guess it." Not waiting for Jack to guess, Justin started laughing and eagerly said.

"Sherry Lesser is only 67th, 67th, can you believe it? I'm dying of laughter."

"That woman was so arrogant yesterday, and I thought her talents must be amazing, but she's only ranked 67th."

"Hahaha... Jack, you should have seen how long I laughed when I saw the ranking."


Jack glanced at the young girl who had been walking past them and suddenly stopped behind Justin. Seeing her increasingly cold expression, he subtly changed the topic.

"Justin, how did you know about all this? The cultivation progress seems to be known only by the individual. And who ranked them?"

"You didn't know?" Justin looked surprised.

"The freshman ranking is displayed on the school's official website. Everyone who follows the website knows about it."

"As for the cultivation progress, they revealed it themselves when other people asked them in the morning, and someone compiled and ranked them."

"Although the ranking is not very accurate and keeps changing every day, it also shows their potential talent, and many teachers are paying attention."

After finishing, Justin shrank his neck mysteriously, "Strange, why do I feel a little cold..."