Night of the Broken Gliph - C.171


Being a capable cultivator was just the basic requirement to enter the Cloud Palace. It was unspoken knowledge that extraordinary and odd skills were needed to be selected by the Cloud Palace.

Alright. Chor Huet Zhin cut off Chor Shing Chit and Chor Chong Hoi with a smile. The quota will go to our little friend Chui, and this is my final decision.

Youre the current clan leader! Chor Chong Hoi turned to Chor Chun Ping anxiously, who shook his head in response.

Little friend Chui it is.

Other than Chor Chong Hoi, Chor Chun Ping and Chor Huet Zhin were clear about Chui Yims intelligence; he had the chance to create a brand new faction after all, and hed definitely stand a high chance of becoming the sixth disciple of the Cloud Palace. But the main character of their discussion was utterly confused.

Hold on, Chui Yim cut them off. I know that the Cloud Palace will be starting their enrollment soon, but whats this Cloud Palace outer sect, and what quota are you guys talking about?

So were giving the quota to a boy who doesnt even know what the Cloud Palace outer sect is? Chor Chong Hoi glared at Chui Yim and left angrily after waving his sleeves. Chor Chun Ping was indifferent to Chor Chong Hois anger. After all, he needed someone with a good brain and the courage to voice their opinions as that would help the clan improve.

Chor Shing Chit turned to Chui Yim and explained. The Cloud Palace stays away from worldly affairs, but theyre an institution after all. They need money for various necessities and cultivation materials. Since they only take in seven disciples a year, most of their income comes from the outer sect.

However, the Cloud Palace is unlike any ordinary primary, secondary or tertiary institutions. Their outer sect isnt open to everyone, and one only has a year to learn with the teachers from the Cloud Palace. Each has a different background and is more than capable of teaching the younger generations. A special lesson is also held monthly that would be taught by one of their seven disciples.

This class is enough to make everyone flock to the Cloud Palace since this is the only chance to meet their seven disciples unless you encounter them by chance outside. Thats the reason behind their limited quotas; forty-two. Most of these quotas are in the hands of various clans and organizations. We, the Chor Clan, are one of the strongest clans in the South, and yet we are allocated only a single quota. Thiss how precious each quota is.

Can those who arent part of the outer sect take part in their enrollment? Chui Yim asked after a short pause.

Chor Huet Zhin nodded. Yes. They only took in five disciples out of the expected seven for the last enrollment. Besides Wat Suen, the other four were from the outer sect. Thats why some call the Cloud Palace outer sect the enrollment preparatory class.

I cant take this quota; its too precious! Chui Yim waved his hand after hearing Chor Huet Zhin, who frowned in reply.

Little friend Chui, I know that youre one great talent, but they are the Cloud Palace outer sect after all. The knowledge taught there will be very beneficial to you, and there arent many institutions as good as them.

No. Firm on his stance, Chui Yim rejected the offer. This quota belongs to the Chor Clan, not me. Ill work hard for the quota if I want it, and this wasnt part of our deal anyways.

Chor Huet Zhin looked at Chui Yim with a complicated expression. He found it pitiful, but he admired Chui Yim more as a result; who would be able to make the same decision after knowing how valuable the allocation was? However, Chor Huet Zhin felt worried that Chui Yim was dismissing the Cloud Palace outer sect as unimportant.

Only one of the five Cloud Palace disciples of this generation wasnt from the Cloud Palace outer sect. Few in history had entered the Cloud Palace without joining the outer sect. The Cloud Palace outer sect was also known as the Cloud Palaces seven disciples stepping stone. Unless you were as monstrous as Wat Suen, being selected by the Cloud Palace was as difficult as reaching the skies.

Since you insist, then we shall leave this matter as is. The outer sect will start their classes a month later, and the Chor Clan already has a candidate. From today onwards, Ill teach you the Bloody War Strike.

What did you say? The Chui boy rejected the outer sect offer?

The others of his generation surrounded a young Chor Clan member in the arena whose face was flushed bright red. Thats an insult! he shouted in his low voice, his eyes widening. I, Chor Kwong Laan, dont need anyone to give me alms!

This youth was Chor Kwong Laan, the most outstanding disciple of his generation in the Chor Clan. He wasnt part of Chor Chun Pings or Chor Chong Hois faction. Instead, he was from Chor Hung Chis faction. If not for the Cloud Palaces outer sect enrollment, hed already be at the Southern Bulwark.

Chor Kwong Laam was sixteen this year. He had reached the one-chambered state at ten, then the two-chambered state at twelve, and he was still cultivating hard.

Insult? Then itd be an insult using the Cloud Palaces outer sect position! the youth next to him sneered. Anyone else would gladly be insulted. Please give that spot to me if you feel insulted. This youth was Chor Fung, the disciple ranked second in their generation.

Chor Kwong Laan snickered in reply. He might not be that intelligent, but he wasnt brainless enough to give the spot to Chor Fung.

Chui Yim, huh? I hope you dont see me at the outer sect, or youll get it from me!

The Evergreen Palace.

The current Emperor Lam was a career-focused man that wasnt interested in women besides the current empress, Lee Fei Yin, his wife in public, and Sit Ting, his secret lover. Besides them, less than five concubines had ever garnered his affection.

Therefore there werent many Lam family members in this generation, so each prince and princess could own a palace to themselves, just like Lam Ming Sum who lived in the Ming Sum Hall.

The highest point in the Evergreen palace was known as the Almighty Hall. A teenager dressed in white entered with a comfortable spring breeze instead of the usual winter chilly breeze, processed by the palaces gliph formation. He passed the gliph formation and looked down at the Evergreen Palace and the world simultaneously. He wasnt using any disguise and allowed his azure hair to dance in the air freely. But he didnt look like he was enjoying himself.

Your Highness, Kam Chin Kee asked His Majesty for a Cloud Palace outer sect allocation, and His Majesty agreed, a teenager dressed in black stood behind him and reported the news to him. The teenager dressed in black was the current crown princes shadow, Yam Chui Ying.

Lam Zaa was slightly taken aback before letting out a laugh. Who does he think he is? Does he think just anyone can become the Cloud Palaces disciple? Doesnt he know that everyone competing against him will be the most talented ones of our generation? Even I, the crown prince, am not confident in succeeding!

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