Night of the Broken Gliph - C.172


Your Highness is an outstanding talent Yam Chui Ying replied respectfully before Lam Zaa cut him off.

Save it. I know my weaknesses. Lam Zaa waved his hands. I know Im no match for the true elites of my generation. Being unique is the only thing I can depend on since its an open secret that the Cloud Palace takes in unique cultivators.

As for Kam Chin Kee Its not a bad thing that he left. I can now cause him trouble as I like.

Without His Majesty overseeing things, Your Highness is free to act as you wish. Moreover, I speculate that His Majesty might be slightly displeased with Kam Chin Kee, Yam Chui Ying replied, respectful as always.

Dont try to guess my father His Majestys thoughts. Thats not something we can or should do. Lam Zaa shook his head.

Realising that he overstepped boundaries, Yam Chui Ying kneeled with a thud. Ying deserves death.

Get up, Lam Zaa replied calmly. Just never say such things again at least not in the palace. This palace belongs to my father His Majesty Anyways, I heard that Mei Meis going as well?

Yam Chui Ying wiped the sweat off his forehead as he nodded. Yes, after hearing that Kam Chin Kee would be going, Her Highness Mei Mei hurriedly made the same request to His Majesty.

Then What about Ming Sum?

Her Highness Ming Sum does not seem interested in the Cloud Palace. According to our intelligence, shes only interested in becoming a g-chef.

Lam Zaa hummed as he nodded. Is that Chui boy here in South Imperial City already? He asked after some time.

Yes, hes currently staying over at the Chor mansion, and its said that the clan values him so much that they were going to give him their Cloud Palace outer sect quota! Yam Chui Ying found this news unbelievable as well. That was the Cloud Palace outer sect! If it were to be measured with money, even a grade four gliph weapon wasnt enough to exchange for a single place.

That was a chance to be taught by the Cloud Palace, and gliph weapons were just material possessions no matter how powerful they were at the end of the day.

And Chui Yim still rejected it?

We have four quotas for our imperial family, right?

Yes, Your Highness.

Then let it be for now. Well give him our remaining place if Chui Yim comes to me with the badge.

Yes, Your Highness.

Alright, you may leave. I want to practise.

Yam Chui Ying took his leave and shut the door silently, leaving Lam Zaa alone in the room.

Lam Zaa walked to the study table with a piece of white paper and picked up a brush solemnly. It was as if he was holding a sword instead of a brush, the white paper as his foe. He held the brush tightly and slashed it down onto the white paper.

Ink flowed like blood; the entire Almighty Hall was filled with his murderous intent.

Gliphilities are harder to teach. It isnt as simple and straightforward as normal gliphs.

Currently, within the Chor Mansion, Chor Huet Zhin spoke seriously. The Bloody War Strike came to fruition from his and his late friend, Hung Zhins painstaking effort. Chor Huet Zhin couldnt find anyone suitable to pass his gliphility down to. .

I guess its fate that Im teaching my young friend Chui this technique, he thought. He then continued, I can draw a gliph out for you to learn and understand yourself slowly, but I cant do the same with a gliphility.

Gliphilities are dependent on the route of energliph in ones body. The routes vary according to your cultivation method. There isnt an identical route in this world because your bodies have differences even if you use the same cultivation method. Thus, I cant guarantee that you can make full use of the Bloody War Strike, but Ill teach you as much as I can.

Chui Yim nodded. He didnt choose to learn this gliphility for fun; as a human with two lives who had to struggle with his life countless times, he sought to become strong and independent even if he didnt need to attack others.

Even when he broke through his innate chamber, his body would still be too weak to withstand sneak attacks from gliphers of the same stage as him, and hed still be in danger. Thus, becoming a glipher was the quickest way to improve ones strength. Chui Yim still believed that it was possible to simultaneously become both a glipher and a gliphist, just that he rarely voiced his opinion and kept it to himself.

If you want to study the Bloody War Strike comprehensively, its not just a simple method to activate ones energliph. It also requires the circulation of blood and chi. The condition to learn this gliphility is to break through your heart chamber.

Chui Yim laughed bitterly after hearing him.

Heart chamber? Thats my weakness!

The thought of his poor, unhealthy heart being suppressed by the Heavens Flame made him weep tearlessly. But he didnt give up learning the Bloody War Strike just because of that. The Bloody War Strike was too good to miss; a powerful gliphility that could be used both at range and in close quarters. It would be of great use even if Chui Yim only used it for reference and study purposes.

As various thoughts ran through Chui Yims mind, Chor Huet Zhin paid no attention to it and went on. For this strike, activate your energliph with your heart chamber, then gather the energliph into your arm chambers before attacking. Thats the simplest explanation I can give you. This gliphility has extremely high requirements for your body and energy; when you get to a higher stage or get stronger physically, the power of the Bloody War Strike will increase accordingly.

Ill demonstrate the energliph route once. Just try to remember what you can, then you can ask me about what you forgot afterwards.

In fact, Chui Yim definitely couldnt use the Bloody War Strike right now; even if he didnt have a heart defect, the gliphility was so powerful that many conditions needed to be met before it could be used successfully. The cultivator needed to break through his heart and at least one arm chamber to use it.

So Chor Huet Zhin thought that Chui Yim wanted to learn it for research purposes to create new gliphs. It was a route of energliph in a cultivators body, meaning it could be made into a gliph.

However, Chui Yim had been underestimating Chor Huet Zhins renowned gliphility. When this gliphility was first created, the basic requirement was to be of the two-chambered state, but after roughly a century of improvements, it was now a grade four gliphility with an extremely complicated energliph route; even more so than the superior gliphs Chui Tin showed him.

Now, Chui Yim only had all of this information in his head. Chui Yim felt this gliphility was interesting after seeing Chor Huet Zhin use it. Since he thought that it suited him, he requested to learn it. It would be a pity if this powerful gliphility disappeared with Mr Chor!

Even if I cannot use it after learning it, I can teach it to others to ensure that this gliphility lives on.

The day soon ended, and Chui Yim returned to his room with a headache from trying to absorb too much information. At the same time, he had a guest.

Mr Chui, someone is looking for you outside the mansion; an old man who addressed himself as Bak Wun.

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