Super Card System - C.517: Empress Nami

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C.517: Empress Nami

After dealing with Vice Admiral Momonga, Ian and his group faced another issue: the entire ship was filled with petrified Marine soldiers.

It was impossible for Ian to leave these Marines on board, so he found a place to haphazardly settle them down. After the situation was resolved, Boa Hancock would come to find them and lift the petrification.

Simultaneously, under the cover of night, the Ark Maxim drew near to the navy vessel.

A gangplank was set up from the ship, and a large group of people arrived on the navy vessel. Law led his Heart Pirates, Urouge brought his Fallen Monk Pirates, along with members of the Straw Hat Pirates; their numbers were almost sufficient.

“Go to the cabin; there should be spare uniforms for these Marine soldiers!” Ian commanded. “Everyone, quickly disguise yourselves.”

As Ian had mentioned, inside the marine ship’s cabin, indeed, spare uniforms for the Marine soldiers were stored. Regular sailors from the pirate crews disguised themselves as ordinary Marine soldiers, while Luffy’s group disguised themselves as Marine officers.

After each person completed their disguise, they gathered on the deck for Ian’s inspection.

Urouge’s wings were a bit of a hindrance, so Ian instructed him to cover them with a large coat. Enel didn’t want to wear the uniform, so Ian instructed him to remain in the cabin for the time being.

Luffy also emerged wearing a Marine officer’s uniform, but he still had a pair of sandals on, looking somewhat out of place. Chopper transformed into a human form to wear the uniform, appearing quite sturdy but overly hairy. Then there was Brook, a skeleton—Ian couldn’t figure out a solution and pondered whether to disguise him as a deceased Marine soldier…

Sanji, Zoro, and Trafalgar Law, on the other hand, looked quite convincing in their Marine uniforms, exuding a dignified presence. Initially engaged in a playful competition, the three were comparing who looked more dashing in the uniform. But at that moment, Sanji suddenly let out a howl, and his legs turned into noodles as he rushed toward the cabin!

He slid to the ground and, with arms outstretched, gazed adoringly at Nami, who had just stepped out. In a rather exaggerated manner, he praised her, “My goddess! Have you finally descended to this world!?”

Ian, captivated by this exaggerated display, couldn’t help but look over. He saw Nami dressed in a white Marine uniform with a coat draped over her shoulders, black gloves on her hands, a longsword at her waist, walking gracefully step by step.

Even Ian couldn’t help but be impressed!

Nami in uniform looked absolutely fantastic! Her orange hair was styled in a bun at the back of her head, adorned with two pearl earrings on each earlobe. Radiating both grace and youthful energy, she bore some similarities to Tashigi and Kuina that Ian had seen before, yet she carried her unique charm.

“How do I look, Big Brother Ian?” Nami leaned against the mast, one hand on her hip and the other hand supporting herself on the mast, striking a pose, and asked Ian.

“Absolutely magnificent!” Ian exclaimed, giving her a thumbs-up. “You seem to fit perfectly in the Marine attire.”

Meanwhile, Sanji was utterly enchanted by Nami’s attire…

Nami, upon hearing Ian’s praise, appeared delighted and mischievously stuck out her tongue, saying, “Actually, I did consider becoming a Marine back then…”

It’s true, Nami’s mother was once a Marine.

After trying on the Marine uniform, Nami boldly grabbed the uniform, pulled it off, revealing her sexy bikini top, and said to Ian, “Okay, bring it here!”

Ian nodded and opened a small box he had brought, retrieving another set of clothing from inside.

In Ian’s plan, there was no intention for Nami to dress as a female Marine. On this ship, within Momonga’s team, there were no female Marines present. As the only female among the group, Ian intended to disguise her as something else.

The Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock!


The small box Ian brought contained Boa Hancock’s outfit and earrings, along with a black wig. Ian planned to head to Impel Down, but he didn’t intend for the real Boa Hancock to accompany him. In Ian’s strategy, he didn’t plan to sneak in alone; he intended to launch a full frontal assault.

With so many people with him now, sneaking in stealthily would be truly beneath them.

Having already discreetly swapped Vice Admiral Momonga and changed all the ship’s soldiers, once they attacked Impel Down, the marine Headquarters would immediately be alerted. This would implicate Boa Hancock!

Therefore, Ian decided not to let Boa Hancock join the action personally. Since they were planning a direct assault, Boa Hancock’s involvement would risk her Shichibukai title being revoked. Ian decided to keep Boa Hancock behind and, wait until Momonga’s deadline was about to end, have her contact the Marine Headquarters to inquire why their arranged ship had disappeared!

By then, the entire incident would be disassociated from Boa Hancock because they would realize that both Vice Admiral Momonga and the Pirate Empress heading to Impel Down were all imposters!

Even if the Marines suspect Boa Hancock is Ian’s accomplice in attacking Impel Down, without evidence, they can only gnash their teeth in frustration!

Boa Hancock aided Ian, so naturally, Ian had to consider her situation. He might forgo his Shichibukai title, but Boa Hancock needed hers.

As for whether Nami disguising as Boa Hancock will raise suspicions, Ian has no worries at all. People everywhere talk about the Pirate Empress’s beauty, but how many have actually seen Boa Hancock?

Nami was already a beautiful young woman. Dressed as Boa Hancock, if Ian said she was, then she was!

Moreover, even if there are suspicions, it won’t matter. Ian has Nami disguised as Boa Hancock to deceive the patrols around Impel Down’s perimeter and the guards at the gate. Once the gates of Impel Down are open, the rest will be manageable…

After all, Ian’s visit to Impel Down this time was different from the original one when Luffy went. He had two objectives this time: to rescue Jinbe and Ivakov and, well, he intended to kill…!

Whom? The group of villains who would be taken from Level 6 by Blackbeard Teach!

The story had changed. Ian wasn’t certain if Teach would consider Impel Down, but he knew he had beaten Teach to it this time. If, during the attack on Impel Down, he eliminated all those dangerous pirates detained there and destroyed the facility, even if Teach did arrive at Impel Down, it would all be for naught!

This move, no matter how you looked at it, wouldn’t result in a loss!

Meanwhile, when Ian devised the plan to attack Impel Down two days ago, he also contacted Fujitora and the rest of his crew, urging them to join him and rendezvous before heading to the Edd War Zone in the New World to officially partake in this war!

During this time, Nami had completed her transformation into Boa Hancock. Wearing the wig and adorning Boa Hancock’s signature serpent-shaped earrings on her earlobes, she exuded an aura remarkably similar to Boa Hancock’s in the attire.

Sanji’s infatuation with Nami wasn’t without reason. Nami was truly a model of perfection—statuesque, slender-waisted, with long legs, and, notably, a generous bust! Regardless of the clothing she wore, it showcased a unique form of beauty.

Now, in Boa Hancock’s attire, her every move exuded a mature charm, remarkably bearing an uncanny resemblance to Boa Hancock.

The subtle exposure of her fair skin under the skirt’s hem was enough to render Sanji utterly transfixed, leaving his nosebleed staining the floor.

What’s more, Nami naturally carried herself with a queenly air. Her usual commanding presence within the Straw Hat Pirates now seemed to echo a resemblance to an Empress after donning Boa Hancock’s attire…

Seeing Nami’s transformation, Ian felt considerably reassured. It appeared to be a more reliable plan now.

“Let’s move out, advancing under the cover of night!” Ian declared. “By tomorrow noon, we’ll arrive at Impel Down…”

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