Sword Saints Should Go Tank - C.293 - : The destruction of the God Country

Sword Saints Should Go Tank

C.293 - : The destruction of the God Country

Chapter 293: The destruction of the God Country

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When the moon descended to a certain altitude, Lu Chen’s heightened senses allowed him to sense something unusual.

Lu Chen was familiar with those things. They were prayers, but in those seemingly devout prayers, there was endless fear. At the same time, Lu Chen could also hear the sounds of fighting as if there was a war going on in the moon.

All of this made Lu Chen open his eyes wide and look up at the sky. Under the full view, Lu Chen finally saw something clearly. He saw a blurry creature that was 10000 meters tall in the center of the moon. Just by looking at the creature, Lu Chen felt as if his head was hit by a heavy hammer and blood was flowing out of his seven orifices.

One couldn’t even look at it, which was enough to prove how powerful this creature was. However, such a terrifying creature was constantly hissing.

It was a sound that could make one’s head explode. Just the sound alone made Lu Chen’s seven orifices bleed again.

However, Lu Chen could hear the fear and despair in the terrifying roars of such a powerful creature. It was as if the creature was dying.

Hey, hey, hey, am I hallucinating? how could such a powerful creature die? ”

Everything that happened that night made Lu Chen feel strange and absurd. But Lu Chen’s perception was indeed very high. Even though it felt absurd, what Lu Chen saw was the truth.

As the Blood Moon got lower and lower, Lu Chen finally got a clear look at the moon. After that, Lu Chen realized that the moon was not naturally formed.

With his powerful perception, Lu Chen saw countless strange buildings in the moon. There were also countless praying humanoid creatures on the ground.

He looked at the people who knelt and prayed, felt the terrifying existence in the middle of the Moonfall that he couldn’t look at directly, and the countless people around the terrifying existence that were shining with intense light.

At this moment, Lu Chen finally understood what the Moonfall was. It wasn’t a natural meteor attack but like the stars in the sky-the fall of the divine


a God forcefully crossed the world, and then he was surrounded and killed by our world, or he was lured here. Forget it, no matter what happened, there were gods who started a war, and our border cities were just ants affected by the war.

Through his perception, Lu Chen understood the whole story but he didn’t feel happy. Instead, he said helplessly,

how unlucky. Although this isn’t a natural disaster, it’s more terrifying than one!

Lu Chen was still too weak in the face of such a war. He had no way to deal with it.

However, luck was still on Lu Chen’s side. In other words, the over 100 barbarian geniuses on Lu Chen’s side and the over 100 geniuses in the clouds Plains were still valued by both sides.

Even though they were weak, they were the foundation of the two states. Therefore, just when Lu Chen thought he was going to die, a blood-red sun rose up in the wilderness. Then, a terrifying fist that was as bright as the sun crossed the mountains and rivers and smashed toward the moonset.

At the same time, a sword’s cry came from the clouds Plains and it was heading toward Lu Chen’s direction. The sword Qi was like a line that tore the sky and the earth apart. It followed the fist and attacked Moonfall.

The experts of the cloud plane and the wilderness felt that something was wrong and decided to help Lu Chen and the others.

At the same time, some experts in the blood-red moon also felt that something was wrong. A bell-shaped treasure was thrown to the border city by some existence. With a loud ” dang ” sound, the bell-shaped treasure turned into a huge light shield, covering the entire border city.

The fist of the blazing sun tore a hole in the Moonfall, and the sword Qi from the line between the sky and the sea continued to tear that hole. Then, the bell-shaped light enveloped the entire border city.

The presence of these three elements slightly weakened Lu Chen’s intuition.

At this moment, the blood-colored full moon that was about to shatter landed on the ground.

BOOM! the world was about to be shattered by the terrifying explosion and Lu Chen’s mind went blank.

He was so shocked that he couldn’t think for a long time. After some time, Lu Chen slowly came back to his senses. When he woke up, he immediately looked around and saw that the buildings in the border city were shattered and countless people were lying on the ground. Some of them were even bleeding from their seven orifices.

However, because of the hole created by the fist and the sword Qi, the border city was not directly hit. At the same time, the Golden Bell also blocked the shockwave and sound waves, which prevented the border city from being destroyed. This also made Lu Chen feel relieved.

“I’ve survived, ”

However, just as Lu Chen was feeling lucky, a neigh came from the distance and Lu Chen’s head ached again.

damn it, I’m still in the divine Kingdom. I can’t hear my voice.

As he thought about it, Lu Chen pressed his hand on his head. But the effect was very weak. The voice seemed to be coming from his soul and Lu Chen couldn’t block it.

After a long time, the roaring in Lu Chen’s mind finally stopped. When he was done, Lu Chen opened his eyes and looked around. He noticed that something had changed.

There were black patterns that looked like living vines, spreading in the shadow of the border city.

The black patterns climbed to the houses, trees, and human corpses.

Looking at the black vine-like patterns and the things that were covered by the patterns, Lu Chen felt a sense of danger.

Lu Chen smiled bitterly at the scene.

“Being weak in this world is truly an original sin.”

At the same time, Lu Chen was also thinking that if someone else said that ordinary people could kill gods, Lu Chen would definitely spit at that person.

The power of a world God in this world was beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Not to mention killing a God, ordinary humans could not hear the voice of a God, could not see the God’s appearance, and could not even have any malicious intent towards the specific God in their hearts. There were many restrictions, so how could ordinary humans kill a God?

Other than that, Lu Chen also noticed from the black vines around him that not only did normal humans have to be unable to hear, see, or think, they also couldn’t block the aura of the godhood. If they couldn’t even get close to the godhood, then the talk of killing a God was nonsense.

Yes, aura. Just like how humans had body temperature and a weak magnetic field that would unconsciously send out information to their surroundings, a powerful deity also had an aura.

The difference was that the body temperature and magnetic field of human beings were very weak. They would disappear after leaving the body slightly, and they could not cause any harm to living creatures at all.

However, gods were different. They were the embodiment of rules, perfect creatures. Even if they were in deep sleep, the aura that they unconsciously emitted could distort rules and turn a place into a forbidden land.

This was exactly what was happening. According to Lu Chen’s senses, the black lines were not the God’s attack at all. It was the natural danger that came from the God’s aura. It was just like the sun. Can you say that the sun was attacking you? of course not, but you would die if you got close to the sun. The God was like the sun. When he was alive, he would shine in all directions. Even if he fell, he would still turn an area into a forbidden land.

The natural aura was nothing to the experts who were attacking the gods, but to Lu Chen who was in the flesh and blood state, it was a danger that could destroy everything.

Lu Chen didn’t have the intention to destroy the black marks. He turned around and left.

the War of the Gods is not something I can participate in. What I need to do now is to find a place to wait, wait for the war to end.

this battle will be in our world. With the suppression of the heavens and earth, and an endless stream of experts, we should be the ones to win.

To be honest, it didn’t feel good to just wait, but Lu Chen couldn’t do anything about it.

“I’m still too weak!”

Lu Chen was filled with dissatisfaction and he was ready to find a safe place to hide. However, the aftershock of the gods was too strong. It wasn’t an easy task even if he waited.

When Lu Chen woke up from his coma, the things that were attached to the black lines began to move.

Dead bodies stood up, trees grew eyes and noses, and some trees could even move around.

The most terrifying thing was the unconscious houses. They were also covered by the black lines and had undergone a mutation.

The houses were like haunted houses. Lu Chen could feel a sharp pain in his head just by looking at them. It was his intuition that was reminding him.

While Lu Chen was looking at the houses, the doors of the houses that were attached to the black lines opened automatically. However, it was pitch black inside the houses and Lu Chen didn’t dare to go in.

There were unknown dangers inside the house, and things outside were not calm either. It was like a fairy tale world. Under the influence of the aura of gods, all kinds of absurd creatures were born in this world.

The paper figurines moved here, the stone lions also came to life, and the door panels grew eyes. This was the world in children’s fantasies.

However, this fairy tale world was not a beautiful fairy tale. It was a nightmare fairy tale. The stone lion statue was indeed walking on the earth, but blood was constantly flowing on his body. At the same time, a bridge was erected like a giant, but on the bridge, countless water ghost-like heads were constantly screaming in pain. At the same time, there were empty carriages running without horses. Many clothes with blood on them were swaying in the border cities.

Other than what he could see, Lu Chen could also hear all sorts of strange noises coming from this place that was similar to Nightmare City.

Lu Chen didn’t dare to act rashly, ” f * ck, this world is too dangerous. Also, where are those experts? where did they run off to? ”

While he was thinking, Lu Chen was also avoiding the creatures that were activated by the God’s aura and walked carefully.

Of course, Lu Chen wasn’t walking unconsciously. He was heading towards red butterfly Ji’s house.

after all, I can’t just leave her behind after having sex with her. Besides, I can’t rest by myself. I have to gather those talented barbarians together so that we can survive.

With that in mind, Lu Chen soon arrived at the barbarian’s base.

However, Lu Chen’s head started to hurt when he saw the gate of the encampment that was covered in black lines and was wide open like the entrance to hell.

“This place has also mutated!”

forget it, I don’t care anymore. If he’s Dead or Alive, I have to go in and take a look.

With endless determination, Lu Chen strode toward the pitch-black Gate that looked like the entrance to hell..

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