Sword Saints Should Go Tank - C.294 - flipping the table

Sword Saints Should Go Tank

C.294 - flipping the table

Chapter 294: Chapter 294 flipping the table

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He didn’t want to leave red butterfly Ji behind and he didn’t think the Barbarian geniuses would be killed without a trace. Lu Chen strode into the house that was covered in black patterns.

As soon as he stepped in, Lu Chen felt like he had seen through something and entered a whole new world.

However, the feeling quickly faded away and Lu Chen’s attention was attracted by the situation inside the room.

As soon as he entered the room, Lu Chen felt that his surroundings were pitch black and he couldn’t see anything. Fortunately, Lu Chen had intuition and the darkness didn’t make him feel fear.

Through his intuition, Lu Chen noticed that the room wasn’t empty, but they weren’t the Barbarian geniuses that Lu Chen expected to see.

When his eyes got used to the darkness, Lu Chen opened his eyes and saw a group of human-shaped creatures in black robes kneeling on the ground and praying.

It was a prayer that praised darkness, despair, nightmares, and fear.

When he heard the voice, Lu Chen’s heart was filled with all kinds of fear and despair.

However, before Lu Chen could use the Conqueror’s haki to counterattack, the [ corrosive Puli Meng ] in his ghost hand appeared in Lu Chen’s heart and absorbed all the fear.

although the erosion of platymond has given me a lot of trouble after absorbing a large amount of fear, it has become stronger and stronger after upgrading.

While Lu Chen was sighing, the black figures all turned to look at him. “Blasphemer, kneel down and accept the punishment of our Lord!”

“Those who don’t respect God will sink into pain.”

God said that if you don’t praise my name, I will be eaten by crows and bitten by poisonous snakes.

Figures that seemed to be cursing and praising at the same time rang out in the room.

But it was not an ordinary voice. As the voice rang out, Lu Chen felt a force forcing him to kneel down. At the same time, he felt pain in his body. There were even crows in the darkness and black Vipers circling and hissing on the ground.

But before Lu Chen could react, PU limeng of corrosion came out.

Then, without Lu Chen’s restriction, all the curses on Lu Chen’s body were devoured by the second ghost.

At the same time, the corrosive Puli Meng also hissed at the Black Crows and Vipers. Then, a miraculous scene happened. After the corrosive Puli Meng hissed, the Vipers didn’t bite Lu Chen’s body. Instead, they turned around and attacked their master.

“How is that possible?” no, it can’t be. Why would my Lord’s sacred object attack us? ‘

The hexes were useless, and the creatures they had summoned had backfired. The black figures could not believe it, but no matter how they struggled and begged, they were still bitten by the venomous snakes and pecked by the  crows.

In the next moment, the Vipers and crows drilled into Lu Chen’s second ghost God’s body and merged with it.

As the crow fused with the venomous snake, Lu Chen could clearly feel that the second ghost God’s aura had grown stronger.

This made Lu Chen happy, but at the same time, he felt a headache coming.

it’s still a weak will. If my will is strong enough, I can even absorb all the fear and nightmare power in this divine Kingdom, allowing the corrupted Puli Meng to inherit most of the power of this God. If that really happens, the second ghost God will definitely regain its ghost god status and possess the power to shake the heavens and earth.

Unfortunately, that was just wishful thinking. Even though Lu Chen could make PU limeng devour a large amount of the aura of fear, there was only one result. After devouring a large amount of the aura of evil, PU limeng would be resurrected as a ghost while Lu Chen’s will would be completely destroyed. Of course, Lu Chen wouldn’t allow that to happen.

if it wasn’t for the erosion of Puli Meng’s will, I wouldn’t have become a God by absorbing the power of fear from this godhood alone. Instead, the dead godhood would have been revived in my body.

It could only be said that without enough will, even if there was a huge opportunity before him, it wouldn’t be able to devour it. Lu Chen had no choice but to stop the second ghost from devouring the aura of despair.

Of course, even if he couldn’t devour it, Lu Chen wouldn’t abandon the second ghost.

enter my body and absorb all the curses cast on me. However, you can not actively devour the aura of this world.

In the end, Lu Chen came to this decision.

with the second ghost God’s protection, I should be much safer this time. Speaking of which, the second ghost God is used to weaken the enemy’s skills, but in the real world, it has become my Guardian. It can absorb almost all the curses placed on me. Weakening other people’s skills has become a skill to protect me. This is really amazing.

The skills in the game and the skills in real life were completely different.

Just like that, under the protection of the second Demon God, Lu Chen pushed open the door in front of him and walked into the second room.

It was as if he had opened the door to a whole new world. When Lu Chen opened the door, before he could even see what was inside, a ‘Chi Chi’ sound was heard in the room.

A large number of Flying Daggers were tainted by the black patterns and they flew toward Lu Chen who opened the door.

“This kind of attack can’t hurt wuwuwu, break!”

Lu Chen didn’t pay much attention to the flying Daggers in the beginning. His strong defense made him fearless.

However, as soon as the thought appeared in his mind, Lu Chen’s intuition started to work. At the same time, an image was also projected into his mind.

In the image, the dagger was extremely sharp and it pierced through Lu Chen’s body. Of course, this wouldn’t have surprised Lu Chen. His Constitution was high and as long as he could defend his vital points, it wouldn’t matter even if he was stabbed dozens of times.

But in the image, Lu Chen saw that the knife wound had a rancid smell. At the same time, the black lines on the flying knife were also spreading toward Lu Chen’s body.

Because of this, Lu Chen knew that it wasn’t a good thing to be injured by the flying Daggers.

Since that was the case, Lu Chen didn’t dare to take the attack head-on. Instead, he prepared to defend and attack.

But as Lu Chen swung his sword, what happened next made him squint his eyes.

“Damn it, these Flying Daggers are actually like flying swords, they can turn freely.”

Flying swords were different from a normal swordsman’s cultivation method. Because they didn’t need to be controlled by a human body, they could change directions more freely. Half of the swordsman’s fame came from their flying swords that could kill enemies from thousands of miles away.

Of course, the daggers in front of Lu Chen weren’t flying swords. They weren’t enhanced by the sword will but they were still very difficult to deal with.

“Ten thousand phenomenon heavenly attraction!”

The daggers were flying around like swords. Lu Chen reached out his hand and pulled the daggers to his left hand.

As one of the guiding laws of the universe, the gravitational force was indeed strong. Under Lu Chen’s forceful grab, the flying Daggers couldn’t escape at all and were soon caught in his hand.

Of course, the weapons also injured Lu Chen’s ghost hand when he grabbed them. The black marks then spread on Lu Chen’s body. However, Lu Chen only sneered at all these.

if you hurt other parts of me, I might not be able to deal with it, but netherclaw’s level is not easy to be eroded.

Just as Lu Chen expected, the ghost hand’s counterattack made Lu Chen feel at ease. When the curse of the flying Daggers entered Lu Chen’s ghost hand, his hand didn’t seem to be injured at all.

At the same time, the black patterns disappeared the moment they appeared on Lu Chen’s ghost hand.

The black lines were unable to activate the ghost hand. Instead, the ghost hand emitted a suction force that sucked away all the evil Qi on the flying knife.

However, this didn’t make Lu Chen happy. He could feel that after absorbing the aura of the evil, the ghost hand had become stronger.

After a long while, Lu Chen sighed,

forget it. It’s good that netherclaw absorbed the aura of the evil. I’m a great swordsman now, and my will will will also improve. From now on, I can not only rely on the tyrant aura to suppress netherclaw, but I can also rely on the sword will.

While he was thinking, Lu Chen’s movements were also very fast. After he destroyed the flying Daggers, he raised his feet and walked toward the door. “I remember that the courtyard is behind this door.”

With that thought in mind, Lu Chen opened the door and the scene behind the door made him squint his eyes.

“Although I had expected this, this is still really bad!”

When he opened the door, Lu Chen realized that it wasn’t the courtyard behind the door but another room. The space inside the room was already messed up.

Moreover, every room had an evil that had been activated.

At this moment, a set of heavy armor was standing in the middle of the room.

When Lu Chen saw the armor, the armor also saw Lu Chen. After a moment of silence, the armor clanked and ran toward Lu Chen.

Lu Chen didn’t Dodge. Instead, he raised the meteorite huge sword and swung it at the armor, ” “Die!”

The sword was like a Thunderbolt with a majestic aura. In Lu Chen’s hand, the meteorite huge sword was like a war hammer. It was unstoppable.

Of course, the armor wouldn’t let Lu Chen’s attack go. As Lu Chen’s arms were too long, the armor had no choice but to raise its shield to block the attack.

However, as soon as Lu Chen’s sword came down, a loud ‘boom’ came from the house. The metal shield in the armor’s hand was twisted and shattered by a huge force.

And this was not the end. After the longsword smashed the shield, it continued to hit the armor.

crack! Crack! Crack! a series of cracking sounds echoed in the room. Under Lu Chen’s attack, the armor was shattered into pieces and the metal fragments were sent flying in all directions.

With one strike, the evil that was activated by the aura of the divine Phoenix was annihilated.

After the armor was destroyed, the room shook violently. Then, Lu Chen saw a door in front of him on the opposite wall.

he actually took the initiative to come out of the door. However, I don’t want to take the ordinary path!

Lu Chen didn’t walk toward the door. Instead, he raised his right leg and stomped on the ground.

“The earth is shaking!”

When other people were dealing with a haunted house, it was like a game of chess. One by one, they would find the weakness of the evils and slowly force their way through. However, Lu Chen, who was confident in his strength, was going to flip the chessboard and destroy the entire haunted house.

you have a lot of rooms, right? you can move your rooms freely, right? break them all for me!

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