The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.11 - Tremors in the Real World

The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse

C.11 - Tremors in the Real World

Chapter 11: Tremors in the Real World

It’s normal to dream, or rather, it’s strange not to dream at all. But Lu Yuan had never experienced such an extremely bizarre dream. It wasn’t because the dream itself was strange, but because everything that happened in the dream was too real!

From the falling meteorites, to the overwhelming tide of ferocious beasts, to the human warriors standing tall with their swords… All sorts of scenes flowed through Lu Yuan’s mind, incredibly vivid. It felt as if he had experienced it all himself, almost like… another version of himself in another world!

“Wake up, Lu Yuan. How could such a thing happen? You’re just an ordinary person.” A young man with heavy dark circles under his eyes sat up in bed and slapped his cheeks. He picked up his phone from the bedside table, opened the browser, only to find it automatically redirected to a new website he had never seen before.


Viewer? Whose viewer? A new movie website? With doubts in his mind, Lu Yuan clicked into one of the few works on the website. However, as soon as he entered, he was instantly captivated by the content of the work. It was shocking. Because he found that the content of the movie was exactly the same as the dream he had before, or even more detailed!

From the falling meteorites, to the global spread of the virus causing rapid evolution, to the destruction of human nations, and the remaining population surviving in underground bunkers. Finally, humans developed genetic serums, allowing them to become warriors capable of fighting ferocious beasts. But it was too late, way too late. Faced with ferocious beasts that had evolved to an unimaginable level, humans didn’t even have the qualifications to survive, and were completely wiped out in a violent tide of beasts.

“What the hell, human extinction?” Lu Yuan couldn’t help but exclaim in shock. The exquisite imagery made him involuntarily immerse himself in it, feeling stunned and shocked by the outcome of human extinction.

“Is this a movie?

“No, wait, what kind of movie could invite that old man, and even the prime ministers and presidents of several other countries to act, and…” Lu Yuan stared at the screen of his phone, feeling a chill run down his spine as he looked at the ferocious beasts.

In the dream, his ending was being torn apart by the ferocious beasts, which was undoubtedly tragic.

“What the hell is this, why is it exactly the same as my dream?” Lu Yuan was somewhat uncertain and startled, subconsciously feeling that this “ViewerNet” was extremely eerie. But his curiosity urged him to continue watching.

He clicked on the second saved clip: “Earth Breeding Ground”.

This was the sequel to the first clip, depicting a hundred years of free life for ferocious beasts on Blue Star after the extinction of humanity. They fought each other in the bloodiest ways, evolving through battles.

“Is the theme of this clip the battle between ferocious beasts?” Lu Yuan’s expression was very interested, or rather, every man would be interested in battles between such massive creatures. It was the hidden desire for violence and bloodshed deep in their bones.

At this moment, Lu Yuan saw something he never expected. In the outer space of Blue Star, a shuttle-shaped spacecraft slowly emerged. The camera directly entered the interior of the spacecraft, completely replaying what the alien creatures had said before. The origin of the virus, the reason for the rapid evolution of global flora and fauna… All the confusion suddenly became clear.

“Damn, this… is amazing!” Lu Yuan was so shocked that he couldn’t finish his sentence. If this was just a dream, then the worldview of this dream was too vast. Seeing this, Lu Yuan couldn’t bear to blink, afraid that he might miss some incredibly exciting scenes.

Because from now on, all the clips played were various high-definition videos of monster battles. The surge of excitement from the visceral punches made Lu Yuan’s heart race. He wished he could turn into that devouring beast, wielding the Three-Clawed Jiao Dragon and smashing it fiercely on the ground.

After watching all the clips of “Earth Breeding Ground”, it was over an hour later, including the earlier clips of the end of the world. Lu Yuan had watched for over three hours straight. He subconsciously rubbed his sore eyes, feeling extremely tired.

“Is there one more left? Uh… forget it, I’ll watch it next time.” Lu Yuan hesitated for a moment, but ultimately chose not to open the saved clip of “Era of Warriors”. Not only because he was too tired, but also because he didn’t want to finish it all at once.

Compared to games and movies available on the market, the video quality on this ViewerNet was exceptionally high, almost as if it had actually happened in reality.

Subconsciously, Lu Yuan opened his WeChat app, wanting to share his discovery with many movie enthusiasts. However, as soon as he opened his phone, he found that everyone already knew about this website.

“Damn, these video clips are so realistic. I even saw my hometown in there!”

“What about you? I saw myself inside, it was so tragic. I was bitten to death by the neighbor’s mutated dog.”

“I don’t know what the author was thinking, making the monsters so powerful. Luckily, the Era of Warriors at the end was good, so I won’t criticize him.”

“Criticize? I think you’re just afraid of missing out on the sequel!?”

A large number of group discussion messages flashed before his eyes, with many people mentioning seeing themselves inside, and some even said they had similar dreams. Lu Yuan frowned slightly, feeling that this was not as simple as a coincidence.

Under normal circumstances, even a country couldn’t achieve this. It was unimaginable, almost like… a scene from another world. As if he had thought of something, Lu Yuan gasped for air. He exited the chat app and returned to the ViewerNet, clicking on the last clip, “Era of Warriors”.

“If my experiences in the dream match the video clips, then the me who became a warrior in the dream should appear in here.” Lu Yuan’s eyes were abnormally excited, dragging the progress bar to the later part of the video.

Carefully searching among the numerous warriors in the video, he finally found his own figure.

“!!!”, Lu Yuan’s pupils shrank slightly.

The next moment, there was a sudden knock on his house door.

“Hey? Little brother, are you home? I’m here to check the water meter.”

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