The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.12 - The Entire Shock of Summer Country

The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse

C.12 - The Entire Shock of Summer Country

Chapter 12: The Entire Shock of Summer Country

The discussion sparked by ViewerNet spread far faster than Jiang Yi had imagined. Or perhaps, he had underestimated the combined effect of ViewerNet’s content and dreamers.

Those simple clips encompassed countless locations and figures from reality. Even people with slightly lower intelligence could guess that this wasn’t some fabricated movie.

No one… or rather, only something not human could gather high-ranking officials from various countries like this.

Naturally, Jiang Yi, playing the role of the “observer,” became the focus of everyone’s attention.

At this moment, he, like the officials of Summer Country at that time, felt that the existence of the observer was almost divine.

“The observer… What kind of existence is this…”

Summer Country, Imperial Capital…

In the power center coveted by all officials, an elderly man in Zhongshan suit sat in his chair, watching “Era of Warriors” on ViewerNet.

He looked at his own image in the video and couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his spine. Because he was very certain that the person in the video, in both words and actions, was so accurate.

The terrain, the buildings, the personnel, even the most precise schedules… There were no errors at all.

It was as if… it really was another version of himself.

“Have you found out?” The old man turned to the personal bodyguard beside him.

“I’m sorry, Chief.” The middle-aged man in the guard uniform shook his head. “No matter how our technicians try to investigate, they can’t find specific information about this website. They can’t even force it to shut down.

“From the current situation, if we want to stop the spread of the website, we can only block the national network signal.”

The old man wasn’t too surprised by this result.

It was more accurate to say that, faced with a mysterious existence like the observer, what Summer Country could find out was the real surprise.

“Have all the people and information in the videos been verified?” the old man asked again.

This time, the guard didn’t immediately answer. Instead, he took out a stack of documents and replied as he flipped through them, “All the Summer Country citizens who appeared in the videos have been registered. All the talents involved in the research of genetic serums have been protected. Overseas talents were all brought back to the country as soon as we received the news.

“As for the existence of Huang, we are still searching.”

After listening, the old man nodded slightly, squinting his eyes, and fell into solitary contemplation.

If everything in ViewerNet was true, then where did ViewerNet come from, and for what purpose was it created?

The observer? ViewerNet?

If there was no connection between the two, the old man would never believe it.

“Could it be… that His Majesty feels that observing the development of humanity alone is too boring, so he lets all the people of this world watch together to add some interest?”

The old man speculated, or rather, everyone speculated like this.

Using mortal thinking and logic to try to fathom the intentions of the observer, who was most likely a deity.

“However, compared to pondering His Majesty’s intentions, the current urgency is still to guard against the arrival of the meteorite…” The old man suddenly smiled bitterly.

If a meteorite really fell on Blue Star, with the current level of technology of the human race on Blue Star, it would be impossible to intercept it successfully.

They could only do as the Summer Country government did in the era of warriors and build a large number of underground bunkers in advance.

The old man sighed deeply, suddenly feeling quite a headache.

In any case, caution, caution, and more caution. There should definitely be no mistakes.

“Chief, although we can’t shut down ViewerNet, we can block and delete related discussions and controversies. Should we?” the guard beside suddenly inquired.

But the old man just shook his head calmly.

“No need. No matter how you try to seal it off, you can’t completely block it. Perhaps, it might even provoke mockery from other countries for closing off and isolating ourselves. Besides…”

The old man paused for a moment, then continued with a meaningful tone, “That observer specifically set up ViewerNet. If we intentionally block the information, it might provoke Their anger, which we cannot afford.”

The guard shivered involuntarily.

To actively provoke a being suspected of being a deity? That was hardly rational.

“Keep an eye on other countries, and at the same time, reduce the volume of exports and increase the import of basic commodities,” the old man stood up, gazing at the scenery outside the window. “This world is about to change.”

Within the 24 hours Jiang Yi spent practicing the refinement technique, the waves caused by ViewerNet and dreamers quickly spread within the territory of Summer Country. Even people from outside the country took notice of this seemingly ordinary little website.

A suppressed storm shrouded the territory of Summer Country, gradually spreading globally, waiting only for Jiang Yi’s next move to ignite it.


Exhaling a hot breath, Jiang Yi stood up from his rented room. In the moment his eyes opened, it seemed as if two rays of light shot out.

After glancing at the system panel, he understood the current development of ViewerNet.

“The authorities have noticed already, much faster than I expected,” Jiang Yi murmured. However, he wasn’t planning to take the next step yet. He would wait for the existence of ViewerNet to ferment for a while before it was the best time to release the diluted virus.

“System, select the initial file and load it.”

[Save point loaded successful, continuing simulation]

With the familiar sound of the system prompt, the scene in front of Jiang Yi changed back to the familiar simulated world, just before the meteorite fell, in a bustling metropolis.

Jiang Yi’s lips curled slightly upwards. In a sense, this was where the dream began.

“I have to prepare for both hands this time…” Jiang Yi said as his hands produced two bottles of Gene Serum Type III.

One bottle, he planned to give directly to Huang, the teenager, allowing this martial ancestor to directly possess the physical qualities of an adult.

The other bottle, he would give to the old man of Summer Country, to have it researched.

“It’s an exciting development,” Jiang Yi said with a smile.

It could be foreseen that this simulation would reach unprecedented heights.

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