The Best Actor Insists On Living With Me! - C.39: : Dignitaries (1)


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Li Yiru felt extremely aggrieved, especially since Xia Siyu had just admitted to “bullying by power” on the spot. How could she just let it go, “Not only do you bully by power, but the words you speak are like farts. You said it yourself, that you would never work with Bo Yan in this lifetime. How many days has it been now? Have all your words gone to the dogs?”

As Li Yiru said this, Bo Yan just happened to come out. She quickly sought him as an ally, “Teacher Bo, I hope you can carefully consider your partner for the next film project.”

Bo Yan didn’t make any statement, nor did he show any expression, just looked at Xia Siyu.

Because of the recent argument, quite a number of people had gathered around, even Shang Feifei, who had been watching the drama unfold from the sidelines, arrived shortly after.

Xia Siyu was not only unfazed but even more smug, “l don’t care who the male lead is. It’s not that I want to work with him, I just want this role. What’s that saying in the fan circles? ‘Secured the role, laugh at the mad dogs.’ It’s because you’re ugly and delusional, isn’t it? If you’re not satisfied, why don’t you snatch a role yourself!”

Others might not know, but Bo Yan’s frown had visibly deepened after he heard her words.

He called out in a steady voice, “Xia Siyu!’

Everyone turned to look at him, while Xia Siyu turned her head slowly. Her lips were still bright red, and her slightly curled long hair naturally cascaded down her shoulders, with a look of disdainful, light laughter on her face. He said coldly, “Come inside to discuss the movie. And you, Shang Feifei.” After saying that, he turned and went inside.

Xia Siyu was not afraid at all, nor did she feel she was in the wrong. After all, she had rightfully and openly snatched the role she wanted during the audition, relying on her own abilities without resorting to any underhanded tactics.

In this day and age, even if you’ve signed a contract, joined the crew, or even officially announced the wrap, nothing is guaranteed until the film is released. You know, after capital gets involved, they could even edit you out until you’re not visible in a single frame before the premiere, turning the female lead into a background wall. What then?

She held her head high, unapologetically displaying the triumph of a victor. Even in flat shoes, she walked with the posture of high heels, even deliberately cueing Li Yiru, “Please make way, we don’t need idlers blocking the path.”

Li Yiru didn’t move, and Xia Siyu didn’t care, forcefully shouldering her to the side, making Li Yiru step back a step or two.

Xia Siyu might look like just a female star, but for a previous film, she had learned boxing and had been exercising to lose weight. Li Yiru, who merely relied on starvation to get thin, couldn’t withstand a bump like that. f𝐫eewe𝚋nove𝗹.𝗰o𝚖

Having shouldered past Li Yiru, Xia Siyu showed no intention of apologizing, just turned her face and marched inside, leaving the crowd of onlookers behind.

Shang Feifei, who followed after, watched her back and narrowed her eyes slightly.

She had stealthily observed Xia Siyu’s audition. Although she couldn’t see much from a distance, she heard Xia Siyu’s words, “l don’t know, Director Wang, what kind of scene are you hoping to see from me?”

There was nothing wrong with the words themselves, but the tone and voice were strikingly similar to—that woman who was with Bo Yan when she called him that day!

Considering that before, Bo Yan and Xia Siyu had firmly stated they wouldn’t work together, and yet today she showed up for an audition.

Bo Yan, Xia Siyu?

What is their relationship?