The Best Actor Insists On Living With Me! - C.40: : Dignitaries (2)


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After the successful audition, it was only logical to begin discussing the next steps, such as the salary, schedule, and—the screen credit.

The matter of screen credit can seem both insignificant and significant. It is said to be important, but in truth, it is not as crucial as a solid piece of work and a well-established character.

In Wang Ju!s film, the top billing was reserved for Bo Yan, with the focus being on the leading lady and her supporting counterpart. Though one was the lead and the other the supporting actress, there wouldn’t have been much dilemma if the supporting actress’s role was played by Li Yiru.

But unexpectedly, a thorn in the side appeared: Xia Siyu.

Xia Siyu had been in the industry for six years, starring as the lead in all eight films she did. Despite the lack of awards and a not-so-great personal reputation, her box office numbers were still impressive. Some audiences, who had been enthusiastically discussing her “glorious deeds” online just days ago, would go to watch her movies with mixed feelings only to find themselves genuinely moved.

If Shang Feifei hadn’t won the Best Actress award, her momentum might have been slightly weaker. But now, having won the award and being the lead, this delicate balance was shattered.

In truth, Xia Siyu had no issues with the screen credit. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have set her sights on the supporting role, ignoring the competition for the lead.

However, her personal feelings about it didn’t matter; what counted was her team’s stance.

Especially her agent—Qin Baizhou.

Qin Baizhou was a true example of personal inspiration. From an ordinary star scout to the owner of Huixing Company, it only took him a few years.

Seven years ago, he discovered Xia Siyu and introduced her to the entertainment industry. Three years ago, when Xia Siyu was mired in a scandal, vilified by the entire internet, he and some partners established Huixing Company, signed her on, and started crafting a new image for her— embracing her notoriety all the way to the top, ultimately turning her into an A-list celebrity.

Even though Xia Siyu received a lot of criticism, her popularity remained high. Sponsors and investors always wavered between signing her and rejecting her.

But no one could deny that she was a star, a big star.

Whenever she attended events and was simply put in a crowd, all the cameras would automatically focus on her, ignoring everyone else. Even on trending social media lists, she would dominate, with others barely visible.

But without Qin Baizhou behind her, without his support to fall back on, she would lose half her luster; perhaps she would have been chased out of the entertainment industry three years prior.

Xia Siyu’s decision to take the supporting role was spur of the moment. Due to the time crunch, she even drove herself to the audition, not informing Qin Baizhou nor even having time to tell Wei Jingjing. At this point, she was left alone here.

When asked, she remembered to make a phone call: “I’ll communicate with my agent first.”

Shang Feifei wasn’t in a hurry at all. She came prepared, and negotiations regarding salary and schedule could be handled by her team. Issues with screen credit and others didn’t require her to charge into battle personally; she could leave them all to her management company.

Bo Yan’s side had already settled on the matter and didn’t care much. He was just watching Xia Siyu with a slightly narrowed gaze. 𝐟re𝚎𝘄𝚎𝐛𝚗o𝚟el.c𝐨𝚖

So the biggest problem rested on Xia Siyu’s shoulders.

The call was made to Wei Jingjing, but Wei Jingjing didn’t pick up.

Just as Xia Siyu was feeling puzzled, a call came in—it was from Qin Baizhou.

The moment she answered, before she could explain her situation, Qin Baizhou’s voice came through, calm and gentle, “Siyu, come out. I’m waiting for you outside..”