The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.302


◆◆The Underworld◆◆

"Grandpa Bauer."

"I always wonder where you come from, considering this is the Underworld. Even the Dragon Lords can't enter here of their own will..."

"You always say the same thing, but I don't understand."

Originally, only those I invite or the deceased can enter the Underworld.

If someone can enter so easily, Serena has the potential to become an Underworld Dragon. At the age of 12, he might even have the potential to surpass the Dragon Lords in the future.

But no one would believe it if I said that this child would one day become one of the pillars supporting this world...

However, someday, he might even surpass Ceres and maybe even Ishtas.

Of course, I might not die, so Serena might never become an Underworld Dragon.

But after a thousand years, I might be able to entrust the rule of the Underworld to him as my proxy.

"So, Grandpa Bauer, about my arranged marriage partner?"

"Oh, that matter? I talked to the Skull King, and it's been decided that it'll be the goddess of the otherworld... I don't understand because I'm a dragon, but she's a very beautiful goddess named Hera, and Skull King says she's perfect for Serena's taste."

"A goddess, huh? Just like Mommy Ishtas."

"That's right."

She's probably not a goddess of monotheism, so she doesn't have the 'omniscient' abilities like Ishtas.

But, her divinity is quite high.

And even though Serena is still just a child, he has the power to easily destroy countries.

He himself is good without any problems, but it would be troubled if someone were to use him.

Therefore, I chose someone as Serena's partner not only based on his preferences, but also based on his taste.

That goddess, the motherly goddess, will surely lead Serena in a good direction.

"So, when am I going to have a meeting?"

"In that case, let's decide on the date after discussing with Luciferd and having a joint meeting. It'll probably decide within a week, so look forward to it."

"Yeah, got it."

Serena is a pure "mass of power". Choosing her was the right decision.

* * *

◆◆Magic Country◆◆

"Uncle Luciferd, I came to play."

It's amazing. This is the Demon King's castle, normally no one can enter. Yet he arrived directly at the throne without anyone noticing.

"You came well, Serena. Is it about the matchmaking today?"

"Yeah, I was wondering what kind of person she is..."

"One of them is a beautiful blonde, quite interested in you. She said she wants to become Serena's bride right away."

"Oh, really? I'm looking forward to it... Oh, so there's another person?"

"Yes, from Shizuko's motherland..."

"Oh, really? Someone from Mother Shizuko's country? Exciting~"

"Oh, Serena, that's...the other party refu——"

"Hey, they're called Japanese, right? It's rare to meet people with dark eyes and black hair, so I'm really excited... Thank you, Uncle Luciferd."

"Oh, please look forward to it."

Wait, if the other party sees him with her own eyes and say "I reject"...

"Well then, Uncle Luciferd, see you later."


No, it's not good if I don't at least bow to the other party and have a meeting.

* * *

◆◆Demon of Another World◆◆

"I refused."

"I apologize, but the other party insisted, and I can't refuse due to the power dynamics, Miss Daji."

"I don't want to go there! I hate it!"

"Please, I'm begging you! You can refuse after accepting the meeting..."

"But... I'm scared to tell the truth..."

"Scared? It's true that he's an amazing powerhouse, but he's just a 12-year-old child, while Daji, who has lived for over 1000 years..."

"No, he's a bundle of violence... unlike me, he can destroy not just countries but the whole world head-on if he wanted to... it's scary."

"Miss, who have been called the Nine-Tailed Fox and have ruled through fear, should understand, shouldn't you? Can you be okay leaving such a being aside?"

"What do you mean?"

"Miss Daji should understand what would happen if you refused when someone like that comes begging with their head bowed, right? What would you do if it were you?"

"After torture... I would be killed..."

"It's fine if I was the one who refusing... but wouldn’t it be better if you refused yourself? Miss Daji.”

"Ugh, ugh... I..."

"There's probably no choice but to accept... beings like us can't go against those higher up... at best, we can try to be charming and get them to treat us nicely, that's all..."

"Baird-sama... somehow..."

"Give it up, my power is barely enough to defeat Miss Daji. To think I could handle someone that frightens Miss Daji to that extent... and there's no obligation to do so."

"S-so, I can't refuse... I can't refuse..."

I understand why she's so scared up to this point. A demon king as strong as Lucifer is bowing to me, asking for a favor. This is what will happen... and...

"Hehehe... I can't wait for the marriage with Serena-sama... When is it? When will the wedding... When can I get married?"

What's going on here? The symbol of terror, the true ancestor vampire, Carmilla, has gone mad.

"Miss Carmilla, it's still just an arranged meeting..."

"Hahahaha, don't worry! I welcome any conditions! Even if that child tells me to lick his feet, I'll gladly do it... And if he tell me to be his night companion, I'll move my hips like a prostitute!"

"Miss Carmilla?"

She, who enjoys virgin blood and has killed hundreds before, is saying this...

"Please make sure you get it together...If you don't get it together, I don't know what I'll do, you know? Hehehehe."


They are certainly two great beauties, but... famous villains... one instills fear and the other is ridiculously loved. Who are they...

* * *


"Is this Serena's potential fiancé? Are you really serious?"

"Ceres, it was recommended by Bauer-sama and Luciferd... There's no mistake... Look, there's even a goddess."

Well, she is indeed a goddess, but she's Hera! And Camilla and Daji? They are all certainly beautiful, but what a joke.

"Ishtas... this is pitiful."

"Ceres, why do you say such things? The goddess, overflowing with motherhood, and these beautiful women, they are amazing people. This goddess has higher divine status than me..."

But the goddess Hera... perhaps scarier than the underworld dragon Bauer-sama...

I'm sorry, but neither I nor Zect can do anything. Do your best, my son...

Oh? Come to think of it, the two people with me now were originally bad girls...

I wonder if he does have a bad girl killer skill?

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