The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.303


On the day of the blind date.

I consulted with Fleur, Rosalia, and Elsa, but all three were absent.

They said I could do as I please.

When I asked about it...

"I cannot even intervene in a blind date with someone on the level of a goddess or a demon king from another world."

"I won't intervene like Ishtas-sama... Just judge based on their personality."

"Since the underworld dragon Bauer-sama and the demon king Luciferd-sama will be present... Please excuse our absence."

It's true that they're not good with this...

But in a few years, they'll have no choice but to get along with them, right?

Is that going to be okay?

Anyway, they said the meeting will take place in the underworld.

At first, we'll talk one-on-one, and then we'll talk in a group of three.

The order is Camilla-san, Daji-san, and Hera-san.

Originally, Hera-san was supposed to be the most important, but at her request, she was placed last.

All three of them are said to be amazingly beautiful, so I'm really looking forward to it.

* * *

"Grandpa Bauer, I'm here!"

"Really, where do you always come from?"

"It's always the same, but I don't understand..."

"You can really enter the underworld freely, huh..."

"Nice to see you, Serena."

"Ah! Uncle Luciferd and Uncle Skull King, thank you for today. But why are the two of you sitting apart?"

"Well, today is a competition between us and Luciferd, but Serena, don't mind it, just do whatever you want."

"I see, I understand."

"Well then, since it would be embarrassing for us to be seen, we made separate rooms. So, one by one, enter from the left and when the conversation is over, move on to the next door in order."

There are three doors in front of me.

Grandpa Bauer, he likes things like this...

"I understand."

I opened the door on the left and entered.

* * *

Inside the room, there was a beautiful blonde sister with fair skin.

So beautiful.

I didn't know there were such beautiful people in the world...

"Today is our second time, right? My name is Serena."

"Your Carmilla has come to become your wife... huh, the second time?"

"Yeah, the other day, you disguised yourself as an old lady, right? You wanted blood, so I gave it to you. Don't you remember?"

"You found out?"

"Yeah, because I have the blood of a dragon and a goddess, I can see through disguises. You're a vampire, right, Bat-san?"

"Oh, wow, that's amazing... Carmilla the vampire, that's my alias... So, are you going to refuse this proposal?"


"If you can see through my true nature, then you understand what kind of woman I am, right?"

"Yeah, but I don't mind."

"Why is that?"

"Well, you know, I think the past doesn't matter. If we start talking about the past, then someone like Grandpa Bauer has killed countless people, probably in the billions, and many of Skull King's subordinates are people that he has killed, probably in the millions. It's way more than the number of people Camilla has killed."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah, you know? In the past, Grandpa Bauer was eating my Nyoro——oh, I forgot."

"What's wrong?"

...I wonder if Nyoro is angry. I completely forgot about her.

"No, it's nothing... let's get back to the topic. There are people who have killed a lot of people around me... I currently have three fiancées, and I think they have probably killed people, although not as much as Camilla. I really don't know if that's okay. But even if I were to kill people who I don't know at all, I wouldn't feel that bad about it! Honestly, I'd rather have a thousand strangers died than if one acquaintance died... Still, I really don't want to see my lover killing people... so I think it's better if I'm the one doing the killing, rather than my lover or friends... That's what I think."

"Um... what does that mean?"

"I'm sorry for being bad at talking because I'm still a child... To put it simply, I don't mind that Carmilla has killed many people in the past. But if you marry me, I don't want you to kill anyone anymore. If something bad happens to Carmilla, I will protect her... That's the feeling."

"Really? Are you really okay with that?"

"Yeah... So, will you marry me?"

"From the beginning, this Carmilla came to become Serena-sama's possession... There is no way I can refuse... Yes, I definitely won't refuse!"

"That's great then! Instead of an engagement ring, I made something like this... I'm sorry, it's not very well done..."

"Huh? It's a collar, right? Should I wear it... Serena-sama, your desire for control... That's nice... AHH, what is this?! My power is overflowing!!"

"Yeah, you know, there is a legendary ring called the 'Demon King's Ring', so I tried making something similar... I think with this, vampires won't age... What do you think? But, sorry, I couldn't make it as small as the real one, so it turned out this big..."

"This is a substitute for the engagement ring... It's amazing... It's so moving... Thank you so much."

I'm glad she's happy.

"Also, I have one more thing, can you accept it?"

I handed her a ring.

"Haa Haa, it's a ring... What is this?"

I heard from dad that there is candy like this that has become a magic item... I wonder if it's okay.

"It's called Magic Blood Jewel... It's a ring, but it's like candy, so try licking it."

"Like this... Ahh, mmm, it tastes delicious, the best blood!"

"I'm glad. I heard from Uncle Luciferd that you like blood, so I tried coagulating and compressing my own blood to make it. I compressed a lot of blood, so I think it will last for about a month even if you lick it a lot."

"Oh, this won't stop... Um, let's go to the bedroom now... I'll serve you wholeheartedly for about a month."

"I'm happy, but I'm still a kid, so that's okay for now."

"Is that so? I'll do anything for you, so please tell me... I'm your Carmilla after all."

"Yeah, then let's consider it an engagement."

"Yes, I'm your Carmilla from now on."

I'm glad I'm not hated.

Carmilla is really beautiful and interesting, so it's good.

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