There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System - C.579 - : That day, we became light!(Final C.of Volume)

There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System

C.579 - : That day, we became light!(Final C.of Volume)

Chapter 579: That day, we became light!(Final Chapter of Volume)

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The giant of light’s figure was also reflected by countless spaces, densely packed and indistinct.

It was neither advancing nor retreating.

Charles turned around and fled. His figure was also reflected, as if he was running in all directions at the same time. Ji Ruo couldn’t chase after him.

But could this stump Ji Ruo?

“Charles! If I call you, you don’t have to answer!”

With a loud shout, the Light Giant lifted its foot and kicked. The giant shoe under its feet broke through the air, revealing its shining big feet.

The giant shoe completely ignored the chaotic space at the moment and flew straight towards Charles ‘ugly face.

Ji Ruo was about to follow the giant shoe out when he suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

He had mastered all of Ultraman’s combat techniques!

Although most of them were just some ways to use energy, there were also Ultraman who were especially good at physical techniques!

Ji Ruo remembered that there was an Ultraman who was very good at kicking.

Thus, Ji Ruo flew up and chased after the giant shoe, using Leo’s Flying Kick!

The giant shoes opened up a path, and Leo’s Flying Kick followed closely behind. His shining big feet stepped into the giant shoes smoothly. As expected, the shoes and kicks landed on Charles ‘ugly face one after another. The giant shoes smashed him down, and the Flying Kick directly kicked his ugly face!

The giant of light stepped on Charles and said proudly,””What do you think of my second kick?”

Tossing Shoes to Ask for Directions + Leo Flying Kick. One kick dealt two damage. It was a martial technique-Double Kick!

“You, you, you-”

Charles had been using ‘you’ for a long time, but nothing came out.

He had been simulating life, trying to predict Ji Ruo’s actions.

However, it was obvious that he had not succeeded even once.

Every time he started the simulation, the future giant of light would never touch him.

It was still alright just now. When the light giant first appeared, Charles could still foresee some things. Although every future light giant would more or less have contradictions, he could still foresee it.

But now, Charles didn’t know what had happened all of a sudden. He had started to ” not see ” again.

The direction of this battle was completely unknown to Charles.

This feeling was very bad, especially since ” He ” was a guy who relied so much on the ” Fantasy Creation.Life Simulation Scroll.”

He couldn’t see the future, which drove him crazy.

It was fine before, but now, Charles couldn’t take it anymore.

‘ Why?!” He roared in a low voice, somewhat on the verge of collapse.” Why?!” Why can’t I see your future? Why are you fighting so fiercely now when you clearly didn’t do anything in the future?

Why is your current thinking completely different from your future thinking?!! ”

“Hahaha! Why?”

The light giant controlled the eight-point light wheel and kept cutting Charles

‘divine body. He explained for the first time,’”‘ During the holidays, I always thought,’I must do my homework today, but I didn’t do it every day until the

last day of the holidays. Isn’t that natural?

Even when he returned to school, he was still making up his mind. How could you foresee something that even I didn’t know?

I’m making up my mind every moment!”

“Why, why didn’t you do it even though you’ve already made up your mind?”

“Who knows? Who knows? Who knows? Who knows? Who knows? Who knows? Who knows? Who knows? Who knows?””The giant of light chuckled.

“What the f * ck? Did you use this method to break his prophecy?”Liang Shixian was dumbfounded.

This was too ridiculous!

However, thinking about it carefully, this was indeed something Ji Ruo could do…

“What else?” “I don’t know what he’ll foresee, so I can only use this method.”” “Stupid method…” Liang Shixian pursed his lips into a thin line of thin air.

I can’t even think of a stupid way!

“But Jiruo, there are so many children here. Can you teach them something good…”

“Hey, don’t be afraid. It’ll be fine as long as this part is edited later.”

” This is a live broadcast. What’s there to cut…”

The giant of light crushed Charles, making the children who came to help excited.

As expected, the Armored Warrior would not be defeated!

As long as there was enough light!

They were so excited that they couldn’t control themselves because they had experienced the process of the giant of light beating up Charles.

They had personally experienced all the battle techniques, martial arts, and the ways to use energy. Ji Ruo had helped them build a solid foundation in martial arts.

His future achievements might not be limitless, but it was still a bright future.

It was a pleasant surprise.

Ji Ruo had also noticed this, so he tried his best to lead the children to experience all kinds of martial arts, strengthening their impression and understanding.

As a result, Charles was even more miserable.

“Ahhhh! I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”

Charles roared, using the escape technique of the gecko tail and the technique of the cicada shell to temporarily escape from Ji Ruo’s control.

‘ He ” frantically simulated life, creating new timeline branches one after another, and they were based on this moment.

“Stop him!”

Through the Magic Stealing Hand, Charles pulled himself from these new timeline branches and asked them to help resist Ji Ruo, buying him time to evolve the Super Spirit Divine Body.

Once the evolution was successful, then…

Because it was rather rushed,” He ” had only simulated a dozen different versions of the future.

Most of the futures were repetitive, and there were no new timeline branches..

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