There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System - C.580 - : That day, we became light!(Final C.of Volume)

There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System

C.580 - : That day, we became light!(Final C.of Volume)

Chapter 580: That day, we became light!(Final Chapter of Volume)

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However, a dozen was enough.

It might not be realistic to use it to besiege Ji Ruo and win, but if it was just to stall him…

“More people?”

The light giant raised his eyebrows and raised his hand as if he was raising a cup to invite him.”Shadow profound-Three Lives Dust Dream Awakening! ”

Immediately, three shadow giants rose from the ground. Other than the black dots, they were no different from the light giants.

“It still doesn’t seem to be enough…

Ji Ruo looked around and suddenly had an idea.

At this moment, he was still in Charles ‘Mirror Dimension. The ten directions were moving in a geometric shape, like a mirror.

The giant of light’s figure was reflected countless times.

Ji Ruo looked at these lights and suddenly had a new understanding.

Shadow Martial Dao…

The giant of light formed a sword seal and pointed at the sky.

“Hundred Gods Help Me-Break the Demon!”


Hundreds of huge shadow clones rose from the ground, and the battle was reversed again.

Imagine this scene.

Glittering Diga was fighting against Catanjee. Catanjee did not care about martial arts, and instead, he summoned a dozen or so future incarnations with the same strength as himself to help.

Not to be outdone, Glittering Diga summoned hundreds of shadow clones…

A one-on-one fight instantly turned into a group fight.

Not to mention the future bodies, even Charles ‘main body was not calm. “Thank you for helping me understand the new usage of martial arts, hahaha!”Ji Ruo laughed.

Seeing this, Charles knew that he could not hesitate anymore.

In such a situation, he could no longer continue to deduce the divine body of the Super Spirit. He could only proceed to the next step.

He didn’t know what kind of consequences this would cause, because he didn’t have time to simulate life.

The giant of light and its shadow clones were beating him up. Every punch and every kick landed on him, and he could hear countless cheerful laughter. He could not stand it anymore.

“You forced me!”

Charles roared and activated his last trump card!

“Heavens- ”

He wanted to condense another divine persona.

It was the same as the divine persona of the Oversoul, but it was another extreme divine persona.

He had been anticipating this divine persona that began with the word ‘heaven’ for countless years.

Theoretically, there was no possibility of failure!

Charles ‘hand disappeared into the void, and then-

He screamed again. The arm that he had extended into the void was cut off at the root. The cut was as smooth as a mirror, and blood splattered in the sky. “You dare to snatch a god in front of me? Have you asked for my saber?”

An arrogant figure sounded. The giant of light turned around and saw a huge gap in the space. A burly man holding a nine-ringed saber and holding the neck of the God of Light smiled and waved his saber at the giant of light.”Children, well done! There’s no need to worry about Great Xia. We’re here!”

“You, who are you!”

“I’m Luo Chenghuan!” The brawny man swung his saber and said coldly. Remember this! “Also, these few cowards are now under our Great Xia’s protection!”

Charles looked at the Elemental Main Gods in disbelief.””You, you…”

Ji Ruo was amused.

These Elemental Sovereigns had secretly snuck into the Great Xia. Before they had gone, they had been worried that they would be exposed, so they had prepared a backup plan beforehand.

He had originally planned to go to Great Xia to do something big, but in the end…

After they were captured, they were very desperate at first because they had left too much of a backup plan. In theory, there was no possibility of being exposed.

In other words, if they were captured, then so be it. No one would save them, and no one would even notice that they were missing.

However, after getting used to life in Great Xia, it was still alright.

At their level, they no longer had to worry about dying out due to the lack of faith, so it was not a problem for them to stay in Great Xia.

He did not expect that the backup plan they had left behind because of their selfishness had actually tricked Charles. It could be said that they had unintentionally planted a willow tree to grow into a willow tree.

It was like a pleasant surprise.

Originally, Charles could still hold on for a while, but now…

“Master! We’re back!”

“Master, master, we’re here!”

Before the cat and bird arrived, the sound came first.

Other than the Luo sisters, there were also Da Bao and Er Bao, who had crossed the realm together when they fused. They were also Aunt Jing Lan’s two children.

However, they didn’t participate in the fusion. Instead, they were temporarily recruited by Ji Xiaoxiao to help the Luo sisters.

Now was the perfect time to return.

The giant of light was 3,000 miles tall. The two sisters and the two birds were as small as dust in front of it, but the things they were carrying were not small.

A gust of wind blew, carrying a red cloud.

If one looked carefully, they would not see any red clouds. They were clearly countless monster cores!

“So many?”

Ji Ruo was shocked. There were too many of them!

Ji Xiaoxiao laughed.” I don’t know why, but those lava monsters suddenly started to collapse. We almost didn’t have time to kill them. Fortunately, Da

Bao and Er Bao came to help. Haha, old man, open your mouth!””

Ji Ruo subconsciously controlled the giant of light to open its mouth.

Then, the red clouds turned into a warm current and flowed into the giant of light’s mouth.


Countless magic nuclei were first refined by Ji Ruo, and tiny stars appeared behind the light giant.

With the digestive ability of 300 million people, Ji Ruo’s digestive ability instantly broke through the sky.

The thirty-six Star Whirlpools that Ji Ruo had condensed earlier began to grow at a visible rate.

More was good, bigger was stronger!

The Star Whirlpool expanded rapidly. The 36 Star Whirlpools refined countless amounts of Zhen Yuan and were compressed crazily in the limited Star Whirlpool Space.. As the Star Whirlpool expanded, it became more condensed and even materialized!

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