There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System - C.581 - : That day, we became light!(Volume Final Chapter)_7

There Is A Huge Problem With My Achievement System

C.581 - : That day, we became light!(Volume Final Chapter)_7

Chapter 581: That day, we became light!(Volume Final Chapter)_7

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Ji Ruo’s previous losses had all been made up for, and it had even exceeded his original limit!

Gradually, other than the Star Jade Dantian, Star Jade Grotto-heaven, and Star Jade Taiji, the 33 Star Jades had finally reached their limit.

Each of them had a diameter of 365 meters, and each of them was a physical Star Whirlpool!

Once again, Ji Ruo felt like he was stuffed.

There were still quite a few monster cores left, so Ji Ruo’s star map began to expand.

That was the natural expansion after the accumulation reached the limit!

Just like how the Star Jade Dantian was formed naturally after the Qi Meridians spread throughout the body, when the 33 Star Jades reached their limit, a strange change occurred.

Sounds like popping beans kept ringing out in Ji Ruo’s body as Star Whirlpools opened up automatically.

However, the capacity of these newly appeared Star Whirlpools was completely inferior to the 33 Star Whirlpools that had reached their limit. They were just opened up, and the amount of true essence they could hold was actually not much.

It was about three times the capacity of a normal Star Jade Realm martial artist’s Star Jade.

Ji Ruo’s Star Whirlpool, like Charles’s, merged into a sea of stars.

All the apertures in his body were opened and transformed into Star Jade. The difference was that the Star Jade Sea of Stars that was opened naturally after reaching the limit like Ji Ruo’s seemed to have some strange…concept?

However, Ji Ruo didn’t have time to study it for the time being because he really couldn’t eat it anymore. However, there was still some Demon Core Scarlet Cloud left!

How many lava monsters did they kill?!

Charles also seemed to know that this thing was ” nutritious.” He activated the ?Hand of Magic Stealing and intended to snatch it. For some reason, the arm that was cut off by Luo Chenghuan did not regenerate, but kept flowing with divine blood.

But even if he only had one hand left, Charles ‘Magic Stealing Hand was still ridiculously strong. With a casual grab, a large piece of red cloud was torn off.

No one could benefit from this but Charles!

Thus, Ji Ruo had no choice but to use the body of the giant of light to absorb the remaining energy of the monster core into the giant of light’s body, allowing the children who were like the cells of the giant of light to absorb it.

300 million was a very huge number. Whether it was the stacking of various basic qualities or endurance, it had almost reached an unimaginable level.

The magic core, Red Cloud, which almost killed Ji Ruo, was absorbed and digested by the giant of light in an instant. Almost everyone received the strengthening of the magic core’s energy. However, after the strengthening was dispersed by 300 million portions, it was no longer obvious.

But it didn’t matter, as long as he could strengthen the system.

Most of the 300 million people were children. This portion of energy could improve their root bones.

That was enough.

Ji Ruo raised his hand and grabbed a straight wooden stick. At the same time, a giant tree with huge green leaves appeared in the giant of light’s hand.

“Feng ‘er, help me! Tornado Slash!”

Ji Ruo shouted and raised his sword.

After being able to communicate with the elements, Ji Ruo didn’t even need to summon the wind. He could just shout.

In an instant, a hurricane rose, and the mountains were blown apart. Charles ‘ugly and huge body flew into the sky uncontrollably.

“You -”

” Children, come and read it out loud to me–” Ji Ruo ignored Charles, who was unable to control himself, and spread his palms like lotus flowers.





After reciting the name of the move, the giant of light suddenly pushed its palms at Charles ‘waist.


The louder the sound, the higher the damage.

The 300 million people shouted in unison, and Charles was drowned by the blue light pillar in the blink of an eye.

On that day, we became light! (End)

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