What to Do When Someone Steals Your Destiny? I'll Just Kill Her - C.70: Changing Strategy


Teacher Zhao looked at the culprit Ding Chong, "Ding Chong, hand over your phone."

"Teacher, I don't have a phone."

Teacher Zhao didn't indulge him and went directly to his seat, finding the phone in the insert of his book.

"The rest of you, take out your phones too."

Anyone who was stared at by Teacher Zhao, whether willing or not, obediently handed over their phones.

With Teacher Zhao's interruption, the matter regarding Kong Lian was temporarily put on hold, and no one discussed it further. Those who were supposed to study, studied, and those who were supposed to do something, did that something.

It was quiet during class, but after class everything was the same as usual. Rumors and gossip spread not only in Class 1 of Grade 3, but also among all the grades and teachers and students of the entire school.

Kong Lian once again gained this kind of inglorious fame.

She didn't dare to go home, and even if she really didn't want to go home, she would eventually have to face her mother's questioning.

"Mom." As soon as she got home, Kong Lian called out timidly.

Ruan Fengru didn't look up, "There is bird's nest stew in the kitchen, go drink it."


She drank the bird's nest anxiously and uneasily, glancing at her mother from time to time, feeling uneasy.

Five minutes later, Ruan Fengru spoke, "Are you done drinking?"


Before Ruan Fengru could speak, she took the initiative to admit her mistake, "Mom, I was wrong. It was because I was mentally unstable that led to this failure. Mom, I will never do it again next time."

Seeing her daughter's fear, Ruan Fengru's voice softened, "It's not your fault, it's because I didn't arrange things well."

If she said Kong Lian was immature and it was normal for her to fail, but her mother was smarter than her father in her eyes, yet her mother still failed when she acted.

Kong Lian thought of a possibility.

"Mom, she is too lucky, I feel like no matter what we do, we can't succeed."

Not only did they fail, but her reputation had become so undeserved.

Not only Kong Lian thought of this, Ruan Fengru also thought of this.

If her daughter's fortune completely changed places with her, then the two of them would no longer have to rely on others to live.

Far from being afraid, Ruan Fengru became more determined to seize Ren Ran's fortune.

"What you said makes sense. Tomorrow I will go ask that expert how to resolve this matter."

As long as her fortune does not decline sharply in a day, their actions will be hindered everywhere.

"Rest well, and try to surpass her in the next monthly exam."


Seeing that her mother didn't punish her, Kong Lian breathed a long sigh of relief.

The next day, Ruan Fengru called the expert, but no one answered the phone.

From morning to afternoon, she would call once every period of time.

Finally, at nightfall, there was a response from the other end of the phone.


Without waiting for Ruan Fengru to speak, a low voice came from the other end of the phone. The three words directly expressed the embarrassing situation they were facing.

"Master, the other party's fortune is too strong. No matter what we do on this side, it always turns bad luck into good luck for the other party."

"Have the talismans been placed?"

"Placed already."

The other end of the phone fell silent. Ruan Fengru didn't dare make a sound.

A few minutes later, there was finally a response from the phone.

"In a few days, I will have someone send a few more talisman papers. You find a way to place these talisman papers in places they live daily and privately, like bedrooms. It would be even more effective if you could get them to carry the talismans with them."

"Thank you, Master." Ruan Fengru thanked him repeatedly, "I'll transfer the fee to you later."

"Mm." The other side responded indifferently, and directly hung up the phone.

Far from being angry, Ruan Fengru immediately transferred 5 million to the other party's account.