What to Do When Someone Steals Your Destiny? I'll Just Kill Her - C.71: Two Mothers and Daughters


On the weekend, Ren Suya 'dragged' Ren Ran out of the house.

"Studying every day makes one stupid. Come on, today mom will accompany you to go shopping."

Ren Ran looked at her mother helplessly. It wasn't that she was accompanying her, it was clearly that she wanted Ren Ran to accompany her shopping.

"Fine, fine."

The driver sent them to the famous commercial district in Hai City. As soon as they entered the mall, Ren Suya took her to the stores she often visited.

The salesperson saw her and enthusiastically came up to receive them.

"Mrs. Ren, you're here."

As soon as they sat down, the waiter immediately brought her favorite tea, snacks, and a bouquet of blue witch orchids that she liked.

"What new products do you have this season?"

"There are some that are particularly suitable for you."

Ren Suya waved her hand, "The protagonist today is not me, it's my daughter. You guys pick out some clothes suitable for her."

Just as she finished speaking, as if thinking of something, she said, "Forget it, just follow the usual rules. Bring out all the new products this season and let her choose for herself."

"Okay. We'll arrange it right away."

One by one, the fitting models walked out of the back room and displayed the clothes in front of them, showcasing the effects from all 360 degree angles. 𝚏r𝐞𝗲𝚠eb𝚗o𝐯el.com

As a guest, you can call for a stop at any time and have them showcase the parts you want to see.

"Ranran, what do you think of this outfit?"

Ren Ran shook her head, "The logo is too big, no good."

An oversized logo is absolutely satisfactory for people who like to buy them to show off. For Ren Ran, who is used to being low-key, an overly conspicuous logo is the biggest failure.

Ren Suya knew her daughter's taste and instructed the salesperson, "Don't bring out the ones with huge logos."

"Got it."

The salesperson immediately arranged it.

Ren Ran was not interested in these clothes at all. She felt that shopping was just a waste of time. She would rather do a few more test papers than sit here bored.

Just as she was feeling bored, a white dress with small floral prints, simple yet stylish, came into view.

"This one's not bad."

Seeing that her daughter finally showed some interest, Ren Suya said, "Get all the size S of this series."

The salesperson smiled and responded, "Okay."

Ren Ran shook her head. "How many colors does this dress come in?"

"Three colors, yellow, pink, and white."

"Three size S, one size L. The L one in yellow."

At the same time, in the next booth, Ruan Fengru and her daughter Kong Lian were also picking out clothes, and happened to pick the same dress.

"Let's go with this one."

Just as the salesperson was about to go get the clothes, she informed them that the last few size S dresses had been taken by Mrs. Ren.

The salesperson went to Ruan Fengru and said, "Mrs. Ruan, we're out of size S here in the store. We'll need to get it transferred from another store, which will take a day. I'll have someone deliver it to your door once the clothes arrive."

"Sold out? What are you showing us?" Kong Lian had already been in a bad mood recently. Encountering this now made her even more dissatisfied and she retorted.

The salesperson could only tell the truth, "Mrs. Ren from the Yaxing Group just came by with her daughter and happened to take all the sizes of this dress."

When Kong Lian heard it was that mother and daughter pair Ren Ran, she became even more upset.

That mother and daughter came specifically to spite them.

A flash of sly light flashed through Ruan Fengru's eyes as she smiled and said, "Was that Ms. Ren Suya?"


"She's still in the store?"


"She and I were good friends in college. Go ask her if she has time, I'd like to catch up with her."